CS: GO Black Screen

The CS: GO black screen on startup error is usually caused by corrupted or outdated data. Several factors can trigger this problem, such as an out-of-date graphics driver. A corrupted or missing game file can prevent the multiplayer game from turning on. Moreover, an incorrect CS: GO launch option can also generate this startup problem.

Do you play this first-person shooter game in full-screen view mode? It could often restrict you from playing the game properly on the gaming PC. Besides, you can encounter this problem if CS: GO is incompatible with a Windows device. Ensure to check the system requirements before installing this online game. 

CS: GO’s startup window won’t open if it doesn’t have administrator privileges. If the game shows a black screen on startup, the GPU might be overclocked. Sometimes, the multi-core rendering feature can lead to a black screen error.

Now, try out these effective solutions on how to fix CS: GO black screen on startup:

Troubleshooting Methods on How to Fix CS: GO Black Screen on Startup

Resolving the CS: GO black screen on startup is pretty easy. Close the game window and open it after at least 2-3 minutes. Join a match and play against the opponent team without experiencing any problems. 

However, if the black screen error persists, implement these solutions to resolve it quickly:

1. Add the Launch Options in CS: GO

If you use Steam to play CS: GO, adding the right launch options can fix the black screen error. Access the “Steam Library” and locate “CS: GO” from the game list. Right-click on “CS: GO” and select “Properties” when the pop-up menu opens. 

Choose “Set Launch” from the next window, type ”autoconfig” and press “Enter”. This launch command will reset the changes that you made in the CS: GO settings. After that, enter “windowed” and tap on “OK”. This command will disable the CS: GO “Windowed” mode and help you to run the game without glitches.

2. Verify the Integrity of the CS: GO Game File

Verify the CS: GO game file and repair it to fix the black screen error. Open the Steam application and head towards “Library”. Scroll down to the page and right-click “CS: GO” from the list. Choose “Properties” and navigate to “Local Files”.

Opt for “Verify Integrity of Game Files” when the next window opens on the PC screen. This Steam feature will verify and check if the installed CS: GO files are missing/corrupted. It will repair the problematic game files within 5-6 minutes. 

Restart the Windows 10/11 PC and access the Steam app. Try to run CS: GO and it won’t display a black screen on startup. If the error persists, open File Explorer and go to the drive on which CS: GO is installed. 

Right-click on the game and select “Properties” afterwards. Locate “Compatibility” and ensure everything is unchecked. You can now play the CS: GO deathmatch without startup issues.

3. Install the Latest Graphics Card Driver Update

If the CS: GO black screen error occurred due to an outdated graphics card driver, update it. Press the Windows and X keys together and select “Device Manager” from the pop-up menu. Double-tap on “Display Adapters” and select the right graphics card driver name.

Choose “Update driver” and click “Search automatically for driver” when the next window opens. Windows will look for and install the latest graphics driver for the device. 

Restart the computer when the update is complete. Open Steam and run CS: GO, and check if the black screen error is resolved.

4. Stop Overclocking the GPU

Overclocking the GPU can boost the online gaming experience. However, the Windows computer might overheat when this feature is on. As a result, a black screen appears when you try to open CS: GO. Thus, disable the overclocking feature to overcome this complicated error. 

Press the Windows, and I keys together to access the Settings app. Head to “Update & Security” and go to “Recovery”. Select “Restart” and click “Troubleshoot” when the blue screen appears. 

Opt for “Advanced Options”, select “UEFI Firmware Settings” and tap on “Restart”. The Windows PC will restart with the BIOS menu. Go to “Performance” and locate “Overclocking”. Disable this feature and click “Apply” in the BIOS menu. Restart the computer and access the CS: GO startup window without issues.

5. Disable Multi-Core Rendering

The Multi-core rendering feature can cause issues when displaying pictures on the startup screen. Thus, consider disabling this CS: GO feature to fix the problem. Open Steam Client and go to “Library” to locate “CS: GO”. Right-click on the game name and choose “Play Game” from the pop-up menu. 

Select “Options” when the CS: GO window launches. Choose “Video Settings” and move towards “Advanced Game Options”. Click “Multi-core Rendering” to disable it and select “Apply” afterwards. Restart CS: GO and go to the game lobby without experiencing a black screen error.

6. Disable the Overlay Feature

A popular game streaming app, like Discord, has a built-in overlay feature. Besides, NVIDIA GeForce also has an overlay program. If you run these apps simultaneously when playing CS: GO, startup issues may occur. Thus, you must disable the overlay feature from these apps to fix the problem.

How to Disable the Overlay Feature in Discord?

Open Discord and tap on its gear icon. Choose “App Settings” and select “Overlay”. Turn on “Enable in-game overlay” and head towards “Games”. Choose “CS: GO” and finally toggle off the “Enable in-game overlay” feature. Reboot the Windows 10/11 computer, and the black screen won’t appear on the CS: GO startup window. 

How to Disable the Overlay Feature in NVIDIA GeForce Experience?

Open the Nvidia GeForce Experience app and access its “Settings”. Head towards “Genera” and disable “In-Game Overlay” afterwards. Restart the gaming device to apply changes and launch CS: GO. The game will start without causing technical glitches.

7. Close the Background System Resources

If CS: GO is showing a black screen on startup, check out the system sources that are running in the background. The background processes can overheat the CPU and cause a black screen error. Therefore, gamers must close all the system resources to resolve the startup error.

Press the Ctrl, Shift and Esc keys together to access the Task Manager window. Head towards “Background Processes” and select the task that you want to close. Once selected, tap on “End Task”. Close the Task Manager window and try to open CS: GO, and check if the issue is fixed.

Lastly, Update the Windows OS ….

There is a high chance that the Windows OS build is outdated. This is why CS: GO is showing a black screen on startup. Access the Settings app by pressing the Windows and I keys together. Go to “Update & Security” and tap on “Windows Update”. 

Opt for “Check for updates”, and if an update is available, click “Download and install”. Wait until the Windows OS update is complete. Restart the PC and open the CS: GO startup window without glitches.

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