Black Screen of Death Xbox One

The black screen of death error on Xbox One is the result of repeated power surges. Many experienced this glitch on the console after the recent Xbox Insider update. Players who registered to this program face issues when accessing online games. Thus, consider downgrading to the previous build to fix the black screen issue. 

Sometimes, you can experience a screen problem due to a glitch in the console dashboard. This occurs when the Xbox One fails to load the dashboard after waking from Sleep mode. Close the game window and re-access it to eliminate the black screen of death error easily.

Similar to a PC, gaming consoles like Xbox One operate a full system check on every hardware unit. If any of the hardware components fail to run the startup process, a black screen might appear. Besides, faulty updates are a potential cause behind this complex Xbox One error. 

Now, let’s find out all the reasons and solutions on how to fix black screen of death Xbox One.

Why is the Xbox One Screen Black?

Like BSoD, the black screen of death error prevents users from using the console. There are various possibilities for this critical Xbox One error. A bug in the online game restricts the console from working properly, resulting in a black screen. 

Here are the common reasons behind this Xbox One glitch:

Incorrect Hardware Configuration

Users buy hardware irrespective of whether it will be compatible with their Xbox One. A black screen might appear if the hardware configuration doesn’t match the console. Thus, ensure to get compatible hardware for the controller to avoid screen problems.

Software Corruption

The black screen error might occur for installing corrupted Xbox One software. An out-of-date OS can also prevent the console from turning on. Check the Xbox One’s software version and update it if required.

Faulty HDMI Connection

You might have connected the Xbox One console to a TV via a faulty HDMI cable. This is why the device faces issues with displaying anything on the screen. Besides, a damaged HDMI port can generate a black screen error on Xbox One. 

Problematic Game Files

Having incomplete game files can lead to a black screen of death error. Besides, the game might repeatedly crash for missing the required files. Uninstall and reinstall the Xbox One game to fix this complicated problem.

Poor Wi-Fi Connection 

There is a high possibility that the Xbox One is connected to an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Lack of internet connectivity can hinder Xbox’s performance, leading to a black screen error. Moreover, router malfunctions can also trigger network issues on the console. 

Easy Troubleshooting Tips on How to Fix Black Screen of Death Xbox One

There are multiple ways to resolve the black screen error from the Xbox One. However, you must first check all the cables and ensure they are secured properly. Disconnect and reconnect the console’s cable and check if that fixes the glitch. 

If the Xbox One screen remains black, try out these solutions:

1. Use the RT and Y Key Combination

Press the Xbox One’s “Power” button to restart the device. When the gaming console starts, check if the pins are moving on the screen. If yes, press the RT and Y keys simultaneously to gain control over the console. 

Press the RT, LT and Y keys together to refresh the console dashboard. Additionally, this key combo will restart the Xbox One and remove the black screen.

2. Power Cycle the Xbox One

You can fix the black screen of death error if you power cycles the Xbox One once. Press and hold the “Xbox” button for 10 seconds to turn off the console. Unplug the Xbox One-associated cables for 30 minutes. Press the “power” button for 30 seconds to drain the residual power.

Reconnect the HDMI and power cables of the Xbox One in the right port. Press the Xbox button on the controller to turn it on. Access the game where you were experiencing the black screen issue. 

If the dashboard is still crashing and the screen is turning black, the cables might be faulty. Replace the Xbox One cables to overcome the screen problem. 

3. Turn off the Live Mode

The Xbox One displays a black screen when it fails to connect to the online servers. However, you can prevent this problem by switching from “Offline” to “Live” mode. Turn on the console and press the “Xbox” button afterwards. 

Go to “Profile & System” and tap on “Settings”.Navigate to “General” and select “Network Settings”. Choose “Go Offline” and close the Xbox Settings window. Tap on the game that you would like to play on the Xbox one. The game won’t further crash or show the black screen of death error.

4. Return to Xbox One’s Home

The temporary game cache and memory errors can result in a black screen of death error. However, you can fix that by resetting the Xbox One memory. It will also boost the gaming console performance and resolve screen freezing issues. 

Find the “home” button on the Xbox One. It is located at the edge of the gaming console. Press the “Home” button for 5-6 seconds and wait until the device turns off. Wait for at least 4-5 minutes and press the “Power” button for 5 seconds. The Xbox One will restart, and the black screen error will be resolved. 

5. Use the Blu-Ray Disc

Xbox One supports the latest Blu-Ray discs. Thus, you can play popular games via the disk or can even watch movies. However, many experienced black screen errors when connecting Blu-Ray discs to Xbox. Usually, this error occurs when using a high video frequency. Thus, change it to overcome the Xbox One problem.

Press the Xbox button on the console to access the “Guide”. Navigate to “Profile and System” and select “Settings”. Head towards “Display & Sound” and locate “Video Output”. 

Select a lower video frequency and click “Save” afterwards. Open the Xbox One game and play it without experiencing any glitches.

6. Run the Xbox Troubleshooter

Xbox One has a built-in troubleshooter, which allows for fixing technical issues. You can use this tool to eliminate the black screen of death error. Press the Xbox One’s “Power” button to turn off the device. Unplug all the cables from the gaming console.

Reconnect the Xbox One cables after 8-10 minutes. Press and hold the “Eject”, “Xbox” and “Pair” keys together to open the startup window. Hold the “Eject” and “Pair” buttons simultaneously and select “Startup Troubleshooter”.

You will get three options in the “Troubleshoot” window – Reset, Offline system update and Turn Off. Choose “Offline System Update” if the black screen error occurs for an outdated OS. However, you must opt for “Reset” if you’ve experienced a screen glitch due to misconfiguration.

Lastly, Use an AVR on the Xbox One ….

Are you still wondering how to fix black screen of death Xbox One? Well, you can fix the issue by using an Audio/Video receiver (AVR). Turn on the television first and when it displays a picture, turn on the AVR. Turn on the Xbox One afterwards and select the correct input source.

Connect the AVR and Xbox One via an HDMI cable. Reboot the AVR and press the “Xbox” button on the gaming console. Select “Display & sound” from the “Settings” window. Tap on “Video Output”, choose “TV Connection”, and click “HDMI”. Once done, access any Xbox One game and play it without a black screen issue.

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