Activation Error Code: 0x87e107f9

The 0x87e107f9 error message appears when activating the Windows 10/11 OS. An unactivated software copy will only give you access to a limited number of features. Users can’t set or change the wallpaper if this activation error occurs. Besides, it will prevent you from customising the lock screen or icons. Thus, try to fix the 0x87e107f9 error at the earliest possible.

An unactivated Windows device is more vulnerable to security risks. It won’t receive the recent security patches and disable antivirus programs automatically. Therefore, if you want to use the antivirus software, find out the source of the activation issue. Usually, it occurs due to system file corruption. So, removing the problematic files from the PC will fix the activation error. 

Did you enable the Windows Defender Firewall? Then, it could restrict the computer from activating the Windows OS. Thus, we would recommend disabling the Firewall to update the software without hassle. Still experiencing the activation issue? Follow this guide to overcome the 0x87e107f9 error.

What Causes the Activation Error 0x87e107f9?

Windows 10/11 device fails to activate due to several reasons. Do you use a faulty or incompatible motherboard? It could prevent the computer from activating the Windows OS. Users can’t upgrade the latest software due to the installation of third-party security programs. Besides, an incorrect product key can generate this problem in Windows PCs. 

Here are a few more reasons why the 0x87e107f9 error occurs in Windows devices:

  • Temporary files and folders
  • Corrupted SoftwareDistribution folder content
  • Incorrect device configuration
  • Malware or virus

Easy Fixes for Activation Error 0x87e107f9

The background apps can hinder the Windows activation process. This is the primary reason you should close all the apps when installing the OS. Press the Windows and I keys together and select “Privacy” when the Settings window opens. 

Head towards “Background apps” and move the slider from left to right. Now, tap on “Update & Security” and try to activate the Windows OS. If the device is still displaying the error message, then follow these solutions:

  1. Use the Windows Activation Troubleshooter tool

If you recently made a hardware modification, use Activation Troubleshooter to reactivate the OS. However, you must log in to the Windows device as an administrator to use this tool. Then, hold the Windows and I keys together and select “System”. Opt for “Activation” when the Status page opens on the Windows screen. 

Tap on “Troubleshoot” and select “activation error” from the drop-down list. The Windows Activation tool will detect the issue and resolve it immediately. Restart the Windows 10/11 computer after 3-4 minutes and access the Settings app. Click “Update and Security”, choose “Activation”, and install the latest OS without glitches.

  1. Reactivate the Windows with a Product Key

Windows users can reactivate the OS using the product key. However, this solution will only work if you haven’t replaced any hardware. Didn’t you change the hard drive or motherboard recently? Then, follow these instructions to activate the OS without receiving the error message: 

  • Hold the Windows and X keys simultaneously and select “System”. 
  • Move towards “Activation”, search for “Change product key”, and click “Change”.
  • Enter the 25-digit product key and choose “Next” afterwards.
  • Windows will check if you have provided a legitimate product key. 
  • It will reactivate the Windows OS after 2-3 minutes.

How to find the Windows 10/11 Device’s Product Key?

Every Windows device has a unique product key. Users can find that on the product label or card that comes with the laptop or computer. Additionally, you can get the product key using the Command Prompt tool. 

Write “wmic path softwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey” and press Enter. It will show you the current Windows 10/11 product key.

  1. Use Command Prompt to Activate Windows

Users can reactivate the Windows 10/11 OS from the Command Prompt tool. However, you need to note down the MAK (Multiple Activation Key) beforehand. Windows users can find it on the “Licensing and user interface” page. Once you get that, press the Windows and X keys together and select “Command Prompt”.

Write “vbs-ipk <xxxxx> and hit the Enter button. Here, “xxxxx” denotes the five-digit MAK key. Windows will install the latest OS after entering the above command line. Write “vbs – ato” when Windows completes the software installation process. Press the Enter button and close the Command Prompt window afterwards. Restart the computer, and won’t further display the 0x87e107f9 error message.

  1. Activate Windows from a Smartphone

Are you experiencing issues with activating Windows with the product or MAK key? Try to install the latest OS through the phone by contacting the Microsoft Support team. However, you need to open the Command Prompt tool before that. Press the Ctrl, Shift and Enter keys together and click “Yes” when the UAC window appears. 

Write “slui.exe4” in the cmd window and wait until the installation window opens. Choose the correct region from the drop-down list. Look for the Microsoft support number and dial it immediately. Microsoft will send an installation ID on the phone, and you need to enter that on this page. 

Tap “Enter confirmation ID” and wait until Microsoft sends the confirmation message. Enter that on the next page and select “Activate Windows”. Reboot the Windows 10/11 computer after a few seconds and check if the error is resolved. If you are still facing the activation issue, verify the installation/confirmation ID. Re-enter these details to resolve the activation error code 0x87e107f9.

  1. Utilise the Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant Feature

Windows users can run Microsoft Support & Recovery Assistant to fix the activation issue. It can identify the source of the 0x87e107f9 error and resolve it without hurdles. Here’s how you can install and use this Windows tool:

  • Open a web browser and access the Microsoft site to download this tool.
  • Double-tap on the installation file and select “Windows” when prompted.
  • Click “Next” and choose “I installed Windows but can’t activate it”.
  • Opt for “Next” when the new window opens and let this tool diagnose the problem.
  • It will display the potential causes behind the activation error.

This tool will provide you with a solution list to fix it. Choose any troubleshooting tips and restart the device after a few minutes. Hold the Windows and I keys together, and tap on “Update and Security” afterwards. Select “Activation” and install the recent Windows OS without receiving any error messages. 

  1. Run the SFC Tool 

The 0x87e107f9 error occurs for installing corrupted system files on Windows devices. Thus, repair these files using the SFC tool and eliminate the activation error. Hold the Windows and X keys together and opt for “Command Prompt” from the list. Press the Ctrl, Shift and Enter keys simultaneously to run this tool as an administrator. Then, write “sfc/scannow” and hit the Enter button.

SFC will scan for the problematic system files and replace them with their cached copy. Turn off the Windows 10/11 device after 3-4 minutes. Restart the computer and access the Settings app. Select “Update and Security” and choose “Activation” to install the OS without issues. 

Alternative Fixes for Activation Error Code 0x87e107f9

If the above solutions didn’t work, run the DISM to fix the activation issue. Additionally, Windows users can remove the temporary folders using the Command Prompt tool. Scan for viruses or malware by using the built-in Windows Security tool. Furthermore, you can also reset the Windows 10 or 11 settings to resolve the activation issue.

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