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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a free-for-all browser game that Pokemon fans will surely love. It is a fan-made game published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. You can see a wide range of Pokemon in this game and make them battle other Pokemons. Moreover, you also need to evolve them to make them more powerful.

The earlier versions of the game did not require you to evolve your Pokemons. But, you need to do that in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Are you wondering how to evolve Togepi in the game? Then, this information should be quite useful to you. You must find Togepi in the game first before you can start evolving it.

How to Find Togepi in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Have you not captured Togepi yet? Then, you must look for it in various parts of the game world. You can mostly find it in the Bathers’ lagoon in Cobalt Coastlands. A lot of players have found Togepi at this location. If not there, you should find it in the Cotttonsedge Prairie located in Crimson Mirelands.

What if you cannot find Togepi?

Finding Togepi might not be as easy as it might seem to you. But, it is also not very difficult. Did you fail to find it in the aforementioned locations? Then, you must revisit them after returning to Jubilife Village. You might have better luck finding Tegopi at those locations this time.

How to Catch Togepi when You Find it?

Many players have ended up scaring Togepi on finding it. And, you would want to avoid that mistake to catch it in your first attempt. All you need to do is apply the right strategy to catch Togepi.

Do not get too close and always use stealth while approaching it. Use a stunning item if you have one and capture Togepi while you have the chance. Needless to say, you must apply this strategy to catch other Pokemons as well.

How to Evolve Togepi after Capturing it?

Evolving your Togepi requires quite some time and effort. You need to increase your Friendship with it to a suitable level. Then, you would automatically find the option to evolve the Togepi into a different form.

You can evolve Togepi into Togetic, and then to Togekiss. So, you need to focus on evolving it into Togetic first. Evolving Togetic to Togekiss is more complicated that evolving to Togetic as we shall see.

Take the following steps to evolve Togepi into its final form:

Evolving Togepi into Togetic

As mentioned above, you must increase the Friendship level with Togepi to evolve it into Togetic. And, there are various ways to achieve that. You must apply the following steps as frequently as possible to speed up the evolution:

Leveling Up

Increasing your level is a good way to evolve your Pokemons in the game. It serves two purposes at the same time – raising your level and evolving your Pokemon. And, all you need to do for that is complete the quests you receive. The main story quests have a lot of experience points (XP) to offer you. Also, you must not neglect the side quests either.

The faster you complete quests, the faster you gain XP. And, that lets you level up more quickly and evolve Pokemons within a fairly short time. You must also take other necessary steps to evolve Togepi into Togetic.

Winning Battles 

Do you regularly get Togepi to fight with other Pokemons? If not, then you must start doing so as soon as possible. After all, that is an effective way to speed up Togepi’s evolution into Togetic. Apart from getting into battles, you must also make sure to win them. So, you must carefully choose Pokemons for Togepi to fight based on their levels.

Breaking Rocks

Large rocks blocking your path are quite common in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. And, you can make your Pokemon break these rocks to make way. Doing that will help you increase your Friendship level with the Pokemon. So, these large rocks do not only block your way, but they also help you move forward in the game, Thus, your Pokemon evolves.

You must make Togepi break rocks apart from the other steps mentioned above. This should help you speed up its evolution to Togetic.

Shaking Trees

As you might know, you can get Pokemons by shaking trees in the game. Apart from that, making your Pokemon do so will increase your Friendship level. So, you must also make Togepi shake trees that you find across the map.

Now, this will help you find new Pokemons as well as evolve Togepi. And this is yet another good way to speed up your Pokemon’s evolution.

Do you see the PokeBall next to Togepi glowing? If yes, then that means it is ready to evolve. So, click on the evolve option and confirm your decision to proceed. Once Togepi has evolved into Togetic, you can continue its evolution to Togekiss.

Evolving Togetic into Togekiss

Some Pokemons must hold an Evolution Item to evolve into their final form, and Togetic is one of them. But, which item do you need for evolving Togetic? In case you are wondering, you need a Shiny Stone for that.

As for how to find them, there are two ways– in Space-Time Distortion events or through purchase. If you prefer the former, you need to venture more through the game map. Space-Time Distortion events would appear randomly while you do that.

Do you prefer to purchase a Shiny Stone? Then, you must spend 1200 Merit Points as of now. Returning the satchel of another player is a good way to earn merit points if you need more.

Evolve Other Pokemons You Have

You can evolve your other Pokemons the same way you evolve Togetic. So, you can apply the aforementioned steps for pretty much all of them. Most Pokemon will gain enhanced abilities after you evolve them. Further, they also gain a new and often better appearance.

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