If you are a mac user, you must have noticed that MacBooks have a tiny hard drive that can fill up immediately, even today. And if you have been a Mac user for a long time, this simple issue can prove a troubling one in its due course.

Fortunately, there are quite a few easy ways to free up space on your computer. You can always free up disk space by only doing a cursory find and delete for large files and other files that may have been lying around in your downloads folder. But, that will not make much of a difference because you’ll still be running on low disk space.

To reclaim your hard disk space, you have to dig a little deeper – to clean out temporary files, cache memory, removing duplicate files, deleting attachments, or emptying trash from your computer. Here you’ll find the easiest ways to reclaim the lost space on your hard drive. Let’s start digging in.

Find and Remove Unwanted or Duplicate Files

One of the most common things that can take up heaps of your drive space are duplicate files on your hard drive – this is true for a user working on the same Mac for a long time. However, if you want to efficiently clean up the space on your Mac, follow these tips and get the best results out of your attempts.

You can find many apps on the internet that can assist you in resolving this issue. You can buy these apps from Apple’s AppStore, or you can use the free trial version after you scan for duplicate files on your Mac with a duplicate finder app. You can check the disk space capacity and see the difference between its present and previous versions. Additionally, you’ll find that your computer is working faster than before.

Empty your Trash Can

When you keep deleting files on your computer, they are not getting deleted. Those files still occupy valuable space on your hard drive. When you delete a file, it transfers itself to a new location – your trash can. Until you altogether remove those files from your Trash can, you are not clearing up extra space on your device. Hence whenever you delete something, make sure that you delete the same files from your trash can.

To empty your trash can, hover your mouse on the trash can icon on the main screen, right-click on the icon, a list of options will appear in front of you – select empty Trash. It will delete all the unnecessary files lying on your device permanently from your Mac, and you will end with free space on your Mac.

Remove Apps You Don’t Use Anymore.

You can easily fix the low space issue by uninstalling the applications that you do not use or haven’t used in a long while. It will not only free some extra space on your hard drive but also help in improving the processing speed of your Mac.

The Bottom-Line

Mac’s are prone to the low disk space issue. However, this problem can be easily fixed with a little effort. Follow the above-mentioned resolutions, and you too can get out of this trouble, easily.