Disable the PIN Login on Your Windows 11 System

The PIN is not the only option for signing into your Windows 11 system. You can switch a password as the login method or remove the security from your device. Either way, you would have to remove the PIN login option first. Then, you can start creating a new password for your Windows 11 system right away.

Disabling the PIN login is sometimes a bit complicated, but you can still do it yourself. You can try any of the methods listed below to remove your Windows 11 PIN login. This task should not take much time if you apply the right method for your case.

5 Ways You can Remove Your Windows 11 PIN Login

Do you have multiple Microsoft accounts on your Windows 11 device? If yes, you cannot remove the PIN using any account you want to. So, you must log in to the right account first to proceed with removing the PIN.

Some users might have created a local account instead of a Microsoft account on their PCs. If you have done the same, you can remove the PIN login option quite easily. You need to follow one of the following steps:

Removing the PIN From a Local Account

Have you set up a local account on your PC during the Windows 11 setup? Then, you do not need to use a PIN to log into the system. Instead, you can use a password that you might find much easier to remember. In this case, we must focus on removing the PIN from your device first.

Open the Settings menu on your PC and go to the Accounts section. Click on Sign In Options and expand the Password option listed there. Select the Add option next to ‘Use a password to sign in to Windows, apps and services’. Then, opt for changing the password and click on Next to continue with the procedure.

The aforementioned steps will open a new window titled ‘Create a password’. Leave the ‘New password’ and ‘Confirm password’ fields blank if you want to remove the security. You can also keep the ‘Password hint’ field empty or enter anything in it. Then, click on Next and then on Finish to complete the procedure and exit the Settings.

Restart your system to register the changes and check whether they have been applied. You do not require to enter a password or PIN to access your Windows 11 system.

Use Keyboard Shortcut to Initiate PIN Removal

You must try this method if you want to disable PIN login quickly on your PC. As you might know, pressing the Ctrl, Delete, and Alt keys simultaneously brings out various options on your screen. And, that includes the Lock, Switch User, Task Manager, Change Password, and Sign Out options. In this case, you must click on the Change Password option and proceed with it.

The next steps in this method are the same as those in the previous method. You have to leave the ‘New password’ and ‘Confirm password’ fields empty to disable security. Then, confirm your choices and restart your PC after completing this procedure. The system would not ask you for a password or PIN after that.

Use the Computer Management to Disable PIN Login

The previous methods are the simplest ones for disabling PIN login on Windows 11. So, you try them out first before you move on to other methods. If both of them do not work, there are other ways to disable PIN login. In such cases, you must try to turn this feature off through the Computer Management section.

Right-click on the Start icon to find and open Computer Management on Windows 11. This will take you to a new window with various administrative tools for your PC. Click on the System Tools option, expand the Local Users and Groups and select Users.

Right-click on your device’s user name on the right panel and select the ‘Set password’ option. Go through the error message that appears on your screen properly before clicking on Proceed. Do you want to prevent any loss? Then, you should try another method for disabling the PIN login on Windows 11.

Leave the ‘New Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ spaces blank if you have decided to proceed with this method. Click on OK at the bottom to disable the PIN login on your Windows 11 PC. You might want to make sure this login method is disabled once you are done.

Disable Windows Hello Sign in

You can also alternatively disable the Windows Hello sign-in for Microsoft accounts to remove the PIN. Use the shortcut Windows + I and open the Control Panel to try this method. Open the Accounts section given there and select Input Options on the left panel. Then, scroll down on the right panel to find the ‘Require Windows Hello Sign In for Microsoft Accounts”. You would find it enabled and must disable it to remove the PIN.

Turn off the requirement for Windows Hello Sign In and scroll up to find the Windows Hello PIN. Click on the Remove option for this PIN and confirm your decision. Then, provide your Microsoft password in the next window to complete the procedure.

What if the Remove Option is Grey?

Click on the forgot PIN option if the Remove option is greyed out on your device. This will open a new window, where you must click on Continue to set a new PIN. In this case, you need to keep the fields for the new PINs blank. Then, click on Cancel instead of OK and close the window that pops up.

Cancelling the new PIN creation should remove the older PIN from your PC. You can then access your PC without a PIN every time until you create a new one. Also, consider setting up another login method to optimise your device’s security.

Use the Command Prompt to Remove the Login Password

Are you experienced using command lines on your PC? Then, you can also use the Command Prompt to remove your Windows 11 login PIN. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator to try this method immediately.

First, you must bring up the list of all accounts with the “net user” command. Then, check the results to find your device’s username and use it in the upcoming command. To select an account, you must enter “net.user username” in the Command Prompt. Also, replace the “username” in the command with your actual username.

Your PC should remove the PIN after you enter the second command. So, exit the Command Prompt and check whether you can access the system without a PIN.

Why Should You Remove the PIN Login?

The most common reason to remove the PIN login is to set up another sign-in method. You can achieve that easily after removing the PIN with the aforementioned methods. Many PC users might want to remove this login method simply for quicker access to their devices.

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