We have almost come to the end of 2020 and businesses (small, medium or big) are seriously compassionate about the significance of SEO-friendly websites. And whatever business you are in, you must understand the real potential of this business will be felt online. 

People always first think of the web for researching products and services. Only in Google 63,000 searches are recorded each day and it makes it more than 2 trillion searches per year. 

Yes, it is massive and thus we should understand the potential and core values of SEO in your website.

Building a website would not only do the job in 2020 if you are thinking to boost your business and skyrocket your sales. There are still many who don’t consider the effect of the layout of their website should keep SEO in the loop. While building your website from scratch, you must implement SEO factors and optimize your site for search engines as well as your audience.

SEO will take care of them both and makes sure you get an outcome that could dominate your competitors.

Both OnPage and OffPage SEO is important to grow your business and create brand credibility and name. We have refined a few ideas that could design your website more SEO friendly.

So let’s not waste any more time and start discussing how to make your conception site web to make, more SEO friendly.

Integrating SEO in Web Design to make it more SEO Friendly

Google alone is responsible for more than 90 % of global organic search traffic and you have to make your site advanced yet simple by the guidance of SEO so that the bots have less difficulty understanding the intent and importance of your business. SEO increases your outreach and could draw millions of eyes to your site and later convert them into customers.

# Information Architecture and Friendly site URLs

First things first: Create user-friendly URLs. It helps and allows the search engine to understand what the page is all about. A rightly optimized URL can speak on behalf of the website and what service/product are we focussed on. Do not put very long or complex URLs, so that people can recognize it later. You could also put unique URLs for each of your pages.

Sort out the website architecture and makes sure not to put categories in the URLs. Just line up major categories like homepage, service pages, product information and about us to keep it simple for both search engines and users. Organize the information which is mandatory in such a way that it is readable and have tremendous values attached t it.

Let’s suppose you have sports-related products and your URL is 


This is a complex and uneasy to read URL structure, make it more simple in order to make search engines understand.

Instead, you can use  https://www.pro-fitness-shoes.com (Smart and Simple)

Note: Always use a hyphen instead of underscore in your URLs.

# Optimize your Website for Mobile-devices

Optimizing your website for mobile devices is not a trend anymore. Most of the online businesses necessitate Mobile-friendly web design and it is because 60 percent of total searches are made through mobile phones. Google has rolled out an update on mobile-first indexing that states, Google will first use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking which previously used the desktop version.

According to the study, 60 % of the users bounce off the website and 40 % land up on your competitor website if they face any problem accessing it because people have less time and more options now. So why wait?

The evolution of marketing and the use of phones have proliferated worldwide. So, keeping your site optimized for mobile would help you to draw more traffic and boost your site ranking in the search engine results.

#  Incorporate Social media into your website design

A website is not complete if you don’t integrate social media options into your site. Search engines do value social media and the way it can add value to your business. When designing your website ensure to put social media options and icons and let your audience share your product or services with their friends. 

Almost half of the population on the globe are on some or other type of social media and the number is 3.03 billion. So, social media optimization will really get you more potential customers and engages them. One more study says, that 43 % of online stores witness significant traffic from the social media pages alone. So, SMO will eventually increase your outreach and draw massive traffic to your site.

# Great User-experience (UX)is a must for your site

User Experience or the way of enhancing customer satisfaction plays a crucial factor in search engines. And if your website design starts hurting the user experience, then there is no use of a website. You can merge SEO and User interface to create a good website experience.

You have to give your users an attractive and easy-to-use website with definite instructions to keep them engaged for a longer time. While designing your site keep a few crucial UX factors in mind and those include simplified design, seamless navigation, less personal information, and valuable content. With time, great user experience can bring in lots of traffic.

# Creating unique and valuable content 

The purpose of content marketing is to create and share relevant and useful information and interesting visuals so your audience can learn about your brand. 51 % of B2B marketers focus on creating visual content as part of their content marketing. Don’t put too many visual elements or stuff it intentionally. Make sure the visuals you put(images, video content, infographics, micro-video, gifs) are fully useful and relevant.

When creating content always make sure that you use-value and unique content. Do your keyword research well and put enough keywords so that Google understands the purpose and intent and always avoid duplicate content.

Coming to the end

If you have come this far then you have reached a few more steps in the world of SEO based website design. To be technically speaking your Website design and SEO are incomplete without each other.

Google searches for all the factors we have talked about today and they will rank you on the basis of your website and SEO friendliness. Do not compromise any of this factor if you want to skyrocket your sales figure in the future.

We have come to the end of this article and I hope I could enlighten you on How to Design Your Website More SEO Friendly and how it could benefit your business if every factor is implemented properly.