How To Check Twitch Chat Logs?

Twitch is envisioned to be the best online game streaming platform. Currently, more than 140 million people across the globe use this application. Over 30 million users open Twitch daily to broadcast their gaming videos. It is a go-to platform for gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy streams of renowned gamers. Within a year, Twitch has acquired immense popularity in the gaming community. This platform has excellent features which can improve an individual’s gaming experience – Twitch chat is one of them.

With Twitch’s online chat option, the gamers can connect with their viewers/followers. While streaming games, you can chat with other streams via this feature. Open the chatbox to get the live reaction of the online audience. But, if you are a Twitch streamer, make sure to monitor and filter the chat logs thoroughly.

Make sure to remove the comments of the violators from the Twitch chat log. Furthermore, Twitch users can also block them from their upcoming streams. By doing this, you can increase the number of followers in your gaming channel.

4 Easy Ways to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Twitch chat is nothing but the chat history of a particular stream. Knowing how to check the Twitch chat logs is important for every gamer. With that, they can check the engagement rate of their followers or viewers. Even if you face gaming issues, you can solve that by chatting with the other gamers. But, if you have millions of followers on the Twitch channel, it would be difficult to check the chat logs.

The Twitch chat moves quickly, making it hard to read all the comments. But, you can check the chat history anytime, even after ending the live streams. Moreover, there are hefty ways to check the Twitch chat logs.

Are you aware of any of those? No! Here, we have mentioned the four different ways by which you can access the Twitch chat logs:

Via the User’s Search Command

In Twitch, the users can check a specific viewer or followers comment afterwards. But for that, you should first know the right username of the gamer. Without that, you won’t be able to find the comment from the live gaming streams. Once you get that, open the chatbox first, and then go to the search box of Twitch’s channel. Now, write “/user” and add the correct username after that.

Once done, the Twitch streamers need to hit the “Enter” button. Wait for a few seconds until Twitch shows all the comments of that user. Additionally, you can check when that specific user is following you. The Twitch streamers can also check the user’s ban history and their account’s age. But, this command won’t show you the comments the moderators have removed.

Use the Chat Moderate View

Did you choose a moderator for your Twitch channel? Then, that person can check the chat logs of the ongoing streams. Most top-ranked gamers have a moderator who manages their channel during a stream.

Moderators ensure the viewers get a positive chat experience by removing the offensive comments. But, if the moderator has missed any user’s comment, they can check that by following these steps:

  • After opening the Twitch account, look for the “sword” icon and tap on it.
  • When the “mod view” of the Twitch channel opens, it will show you the stream’s comments.
  • Choose the viewer’s username whose chat history you want to check

Scroll up to the messages of the viewer to check what they have said earlier. Moreover, the users can check the timing of their viewer’s comments. If the moderator has removed the follower’s comment before, it will be shown there also. But, if you are unable to get into the mod view, make sure to contact an expert.

Access the Stream’s VOD Playback

All the Twitch streams get stored in the VOD section of the channel. And, you can play those video-on-demand streams to check the chat logs. Though, this process takes ample time and can be daunting. But, it can be effective for those who need to check their viewer’s responses. Even the viewers can also check the VODs if they have missed the previously streamed games.

Go to the “Videos” tab and find the VODs of the streams. Then, scroll down to the list and select the VOD of the chat log you want to watch. Every streamer should enable VOD after creating the channel. Furthermore, if you haven’t enabled this option, you won’t be able to check the viewer’s comment.

Don’t know how to enable this Twitch feature? After logging into the Twitch account, move to the Creator Dashboard section. And, from there, select “Preferences” and navigate to “Channel”. Then, choose the Profile icon and go to Twitch’s “Settings”. After that, tap on “Stream” and wait until a new page opens on the screen. Go to the ‘VOD Settings”, and then toggle on the “VOD” option. Now, you can check the gaming videos that were saved for 14 days.

Are there any Other Ways to Check the Twitch Chat Logs?

If you are a viewer, then you can’t check the chat logs of the game streams. Only the person who runs the Twitch channel can see the stream’s chat history. The gamers can check the chat logs by accessing the Twitch chatbot. With this automated tool, the users can also remove unwanted comments. But, make sure to activate this chatbot option while streaming the gaming videos.

Moreover, the Twitch gamers can also download the Twitch chat logs and access them later. But, Twitch does not offer this benefit. Thus, you need to install a third-party application to do that. Before linking any application with Twitch, consult with a professional.

If the above-mentioned methods help you check the chatlog, don’t install any apps. It might conflict with the Twitch application and cause issues. As a result, you will face hindrances while streaming online games on Twitch. So, avoid these issues by taking the right decision.