League of Legends

Being a free-to-play game, League of Legends has a lot of free content for players. But, it also offers you many paid features as well. And, a lot of players spend regularly on these paid features.

Many players have found themselves spending quite a lot of money on this free-to-play game. And, it seems a lot of them are looking for ways to stop spending on League of Legends.

Many players might wonder “How much have I spent on League of Legends?”. If you have the same question, you must follow the next few steps given below to check your expenditure. Also, read on to know how to stop spending or minimise your spending on League of Legends.

Checking Your Expenditure on League of Legends? 

Character skins and cosmetics are among the most common items that players spend on. But, you can get these items without spending any money as we shall see later on.

Have you lost count of the amount you have spent in the League of Legends until now? Then, you can find that out from the game’s support website. But, you need a Riot Games for doing that.

Proceed with the following steps to find out your spending on League of Legends:-

Create a Riot Games Account

Do you already have a Riot Games account? If yes, then you must skip to the steps for finding your League of Legends spending. Otherwise, you must go to the official website of Riot Games to create an account. You will find the option to create an account below the Sign In option.

What Information must You Provide to Create the Account?

You can create a Riot account using your email and date of birth. You can also link a social media account to your Riot account if you prefer so. And, that will add social sign-in as an option to access your Riot Games profile. Also, make sure to set a strong password for your Riot account.

Why do You need a Riot Account?

Do you own multiple games published by Riot Games? If yes, then you must create a Riot to log in to all of those games. Using the same account makes accessing your games easier after all. Apart from that, you also need to create one to know your League of Legends spending.

Check Your LoL Spending on the Support Website

You can always remain up-to-date with your League of Legends spending if you have a Riot account. All you need to do is visit  https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026080634 anytime you want to. Click on the Log In option on the page and enter your Riot Games credentials. You can also use your Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts for the login.

After a successful sign in, you will see a new page on your browser. Check your League of Legends spending there and log out once you are done.

Do you have multiple accounts in the game? If yes, then you can also check the spending on other accounts with the aforementioned steps.

How to Avoid or Reduce Spending on League of Legends?

You might want various paid continents that the game developers have released. In that case, you might feel tempted to buy them with real money. But, you do not necessarily have to do so in all cases. You can unlock some features by alternative means other than spending your money.

Do you want to minimise or avoid spending on League of Legends? Then one of the following steps should help you with that:

Using the Crafting Feature

You do not have to spend any money to gain some types of loot. There are various ways you can get them for free. But how do you do so? If you are wondering, the Crafting feature can help you with that. You can use champion shards to unlock new champions in League of Legends. To do that, you need to earn enough champion capsules. You can do that by levelling up.

So, you must want to level up quickly to gain more champion capsules. This will help you gain various types of free loot in the game. However, you need not worry if you cannot do that. There are other ways to get free loot in League of Legends after all.

By Earning Hextech Chests

Are you looking for free skins and cosmetic items for your character? Then, you can get them from Hextech chests. Even though Hextech chests are available for purchase, you can earn them for free.

To do that, you must earn an S-, S, or S+ rating in the game. So, you might have to put more effort into the game to earn Hextech chests.

On receiving a Hextech chest, you have a chance to win a wide range of gifts. And, that too, without having to spend any real money.

But, what if you struggle with earning a Hextech chest? You must consider participating in League of Legends events in such cases.

Participate in League of Legends Events

You might have many incomplete quests in your League of Legends events. In that case, you must complete them to unlock various rewards. They can offer you a wide range of rewards for free. And, you need not necessarily buy an event pass. So, participating in League of Legends events can help you avoid spending money on the game.

Find Cheaper Alternatives

You do not always need to buy the expensive features available in the game. You might find some cheaper alternatives that are almost as good. This applies to cosmetic items and skins among other things. Considering this step can help you save up some money if you are willing to do so.

Keep Track of Your LoL Spending

Players might often fail to realise how much they have spent on League of Legends. This can often cause problems for them in some cases. Try out the aforementioned steps to stay updated with your LoL spending and avoid or minimise them.

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