Twitch Streamers

Getting paid to live-stream games seems to be a great opportunity. And, Twitch allows the users to earn money by providing quality content to their audience. But, not everyone can do that. The streamers need a certain number of followers to get paid from Twitch.

It would be best to have expertise in the game you wish to stream. Thus, enhance your gaming skills to make money from this site. Try to engage the audience while playing the games. It will help you to get more viewers on the streaming channel.

Did you recently join Twitch? Then, you must be thinking about how to search for some extra cash from this platform. Twitch has set specific criteria for the streamers. And, you need to meet these requirements to get paid.

When was the last time you broadcasted a live video? Was that a month ago? Then, you can’t make money from Twitch even after having 100+ subscribers. Thus, ensure to stream the different games on this site to get paid. Be consistent and try to play the popular games.

Do you want to know how much Twitch streamers make? Follow this guide to know that:

Does Twitch Pay the Streamers Based on the Views?

You need to become a Twitch Affiliate to make money from this platform. Their affiliate programs allow you to earn money on the live streams. Additionally, the streamers can connect to any Twitch Partners. Though these programs sound similar, they work differently to pay the streamers.

The Affiliate Program is for the small streamers who joined the platform recently. Do you want to join this program? Then, it is important to have at least 50 followers on your channel. Additionally, there should be at least 3 views on the uploaded videos.

Check if you have broadcasted 7 live streams over the past 30 days. And, the streamers need to stream videos of 500 minutes in one month. Twitch will verify all these details while getting you the Affiliate Status. And, you can opt for the Twitch Partner Program once you earn this status.

What are the Minimum Requirements to be a Twitch Partner?

The streamers can run ads after being a Twitch Partner. Moreover, this will help you to increase your earnings from this online site. But, joining this program might be challenging. Twitch sets certain criteria for the users who want to be a Partner.

Do you know any of those? Then, check the following details:

  • There need to be a minimum of 25 hours of broadcast in the last 30-days
  • The streamers need 75 viewers on the previous videos
  • You need to broadcast 12 unique content during the previous 30 days

How much can You Expect to Make on Twitch?

The experienced streamers make between $3,000 and $5,000 per month. However, they get this money by playing 40 hours of streams per week. An average streamer makes $200 to $300 in ad revenue per 100 subscribers or 1000 views. And, you only need 500 regular views on the streams to earn money on Twitch.

How much Do the Small Streamers Make from Twitch?

Small twitch streamers with 50-100 subscribers usually make $50-$1500. However, this depends on factors like the average viewer’s number or donations. Twitch only pays the users who make money without ads or subscriptions.

Moreover, Twitch offers sponsorships to streamers who have 600+ subscribers. And, this will increase your income from this streaming app. This is an added income stream on top of ad revenue and game sales. The more income stream you have, the more you can earn on Twitch.

How much do the Streamers with 1000 Views make on Twitch?

Do you get 1000+ views on the live stream? Then, you can earn $1247 per month from this site. And, the streamers with 500 viewers can get $4.99 with the lowest tier subscription. This amount doesn’t include revenue from the advertisements.

You can make even more if you have 1000 views with donations. Additionally, you will get sponsorship from Twitch. The more views you have, the more money you will earn per subscription. The streamers can increase this amount by selling merchandise.

3 Easy Ways to Earn Money on Twitch

Twitch streamers can make money in different ways from this platform. But, first, make the streaming channel appealing to the viewers. Otherwise, there won’t be less than 50+ views on your daily streams. Do you have 1000+ subscribers? Then, here are the ways to earn money from the Twitch streams:

Twitch Subscription Income

One of the easiest ways to make money on Twitch is having subscribers. The streamers can earn more if their subscribers pay for the stream. Moreover, they can watch the videos later without getting any ads. A Twitch streamer has the option to enable “Subscribers-only” chat mode. Here, only the viewers who paid for the subscriptions can join the stream.

Twitch Bits Revenue

Bits are Twitch’s in-game currency. Each bit is worth $0.01 which is given to the streamers. And, you can also change the bit value from the channel settings. Bit donations help streamers to grow their channel by connecting to more viewers. Each time a subscriber donates a bit, a message appears on the streamer’s screen.

Twitch Ad Revenue

Twitch ads are only available for the “Partners”, and not for the “Affiliates”. This ad revenue works similarly to YouTube, and it allows streamers to earn money from ads. Moreover, Twitch pays $250 in revenue from Ads for every 100 subscribers. And, the average Ad revenue on this platform can range from $2 to $10.

What are the other ways to make Money on Twitch as a Streamer?

You can earn a large amount of money by participating in in-game tournaments. For instance, a Twitch Streamer named ChowH1 won $100,000 from a COD tournament. But, this option is only available for professional players.

Additionally, you can promote your online store on the streams. Or, connect to a company that provides sponsorships to the streamers.

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