Singapore, popularly known as the Lion City, is one of the most growing economies in the world. Due to the robust economy, Singapore is an attraction for many investors around the world. In the past few years, the world faced challenges and several ups and downs in its economy due to elections in the United States, Brexit, and the outbreak of coronavirus disease.

Singapore was among the countries that were least affected by all these global challenges. If you are a business aspirant and want to learn the latest trends in international marketing, pursuing an international business MBA in Singapore will be the best launch-pad for your career.

Why in Singapore?

Singapore is a significant hub in the finance domain. With the low tax-rates, Singapore is the most preferred destination for foreign investments as the chances of earning profit will always be high. The country ranks fourth highest per-capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the world at purchasing power parity (PPP), according to the Worldometers.

How is international marketing trending in Singapore?

In October 2019, Singapore claimed the title of the most open and competitive economy in the world. Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF) awarded this ranking to Singapore in reports compiled by the annual Global Competitiveness Index. The ranking given by WEF was based on the compilation of factors such as strong international business, employment, and labour market leading to a robust economic performance of the country.

Singapore has a deep and stable financial sector, education system, and the latest technologies and digital infrastructure, subsequently playing a vital role in the growth of the world’s economy. All these factors are responsible for a trend in international marketing as these elements are catching the attention of multinational companies (MNCs) for investment.

Thus, a business aspirant who wishes to learn international business ethics and legalities will have an opportunity to learn essential business acumen in the world’s leading economies.

Why should a student opt for an MBA in International Business?

Master’s in business administration (MBA) in International Business is a 13-month full-time programme offered by some of Singapore’s leading business schools. The course prepares you to become a successful International Business (IB) professional with an understanding of necessary international business acumen. The course is for aspiring business leaders who wish to learn systematic, broad, and comprehensive aspects of international business.

What will a student of an MBA in International Business learn from the course?

An MBA graduate in International Business will learn the skills of expanding business on the international level. They will develop a strong knowledge of business legalities. They will have the idea of the external business environment, such as other counties’ business policies or political scenario.

They will also have the idea of several countries’ transaction methods, which will help them ease doing business. They will be equipped with the idea of transporting products and services to other countries. They will develop critical analytical skills, which will help them in the pursuit of excellence.

If you are passionate about making a career in global business, an international business MBA in Singapore will be the best fit for you. So, apply for the course now!

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