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It doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are located or how your lifestyle is, there is one technological solution that you can never ignore and that is cloud computing. In the modern era, cloud computing has become one of the most dominating and trending technological solutions and during the current situation of the pandemic, cloud computing is the only solution that has allowed all the firms and professionals out there to carry their business with ease. But if you are thinking that the growth of cloud computing was just because of the pandemic then you are wrong as it will continue to grow in the future as well.

In addition to this, you should know that all those companies who consider cloud computing solutions like QuickBooks hosting as a journey rather than a destination will find more success with it. This is because just getting to the cloud computing platform doesn’t ensure that your performance will continue to improve. Cloud computing is basically an iterative process of optimization and creating security so that you can easily match your company’s goal.

If you are looking forward to making the most of cloud computing solutions like cloud based QuickBooks then here are some of the cloud computing trends that you will need to keep tabs on.

The reshuffling of the top three cloud providers

One of the most important things that you should know about cloud computing is there will be reshuffling of the top three cloud computing providers in the year 2021. This will mainly happen because China’s Alibaba will soon displace Google for the 3rd position in terms of revenue of the global public cloud infrastructure.

You will be surprised to know that the revenue of Alibaba grew 59 percent year over year and it reached a staggering figure of $2.19 billion dollars. On the other side, the Google Cloud revenue that also includes sales from the Google cloud platform, Google Workspace along with other services increased to $3.44 billion.

This is surely great news for all the people using cloud services because finally the cloud market is getting competitive and thus we will see better cloud services at cheaper prices in the future.

Artificial intelligence engineering

Most of the firms out there are looking forward for a strong AI engineering strategy so that they can ensure AI projects don’t fail. If there will be no AI engineering then most of the firms out there will fail to shift AI projects beyond proof of concepts. You should also know that AI projects are not successful because of issues related to scalability, governance issues, and maintainability.

There are basically three pillars on which AI engineering stands; DevOps, DataOps, and ModelOps. In terms of AI engineering and governance, responsible AI is coming out as an umbrella term for various aspects of AI implementation in order to deal with AI risks, transparency, ethics, interpretability, and fairness.

Multi-cloud and joint cloud provider offerings

Just like the above two trends mentioned in this blog, the year 2021 will see the rise of multi-cloud and joint provider cloud contribution. If you are already using any type of cloud computing service then you will need to keep tabs on the rise of this type of cloud computing service in the year 2021.

The modern-day suppliers are now realizing that they can easily partner for quickening the go-to-market launches while capitalizing on mutual strengths. And then they will be able to take on an 800-pound giant in the form of AWS.

The Oracle-Microsoft interconnection relationship that started in 2019 is just a glimpse of a relationship that can be further exploited by the networking of Oracle and the capacities of Microsoft.

Hyper-scale data centers

We are currently living in a digital era where instant consumption has driven organizations for working at a boisterous speed. They are now in search of their IT framework to offer services at a pace than any other type of customary framework. So they now need an IT infrastructure that can be easily scaled quickly for fulfilling the increasing demands. Because of the rise of such types of demands in the enterprise sector, we will soon see the rise of hyper-scale data centers.

You should know that the hyper-scale data centers can be scaled with ease and they also react to progressively heavy demands. According to various reports, it has been found that hyper-scale data centers will continue to grow in the future and will become an integral part of many organizations out there.

If you are currently using any type of cloud computing solution then you are on the right track as in the modern era, surviving without a cloud computing solution is not possible. But just using the cloud computing solution won’t be enough as in addition to this, you will also need to keep tabs on the latest cloud computing trends mentioned in this blog post.


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