Burning Crusade Max Level

The level cap in the original World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade was 60. But, in the re-release (The Burning Crusade Classic), the developers have increased that to 70. You need to reach this level to unlock all the features of the game.

So, you might want to level up as quickly as possible. And, that usually takes a significant amount of time, but you can speed up that process.

Are you looking for a faster way to reach the Burning Crusader max level? Then, the tips mentioned below should help you with that. You can also simply use your money to level up if you are willing to spend.

But, we will guide you on how to level up without spending anything.

How to Level Up in Burning Crusade Classic?

As you probably know, you must gain experience to level up in the game. But, there is more to know about levelling up than that. You can divide the level-ups into three parts– 0 to 48, 48 to 60, and 60 to 70. The first part is the most significant one, as we shall see.

From 0 to 48

In this part, you would gain about half of the total experience of your journey to the Burning Crusade max level. Unlike the original version, you would get your first mount at level 40 in Classic. So, that would take a little more time on Classic than on the original Burning Crusader.

From 48 to 60

The XP (experience point) requirements for levelling up to increase after you cross level 48. But, you would also be able to earn more XP from the quests in this part. Moreover, you would also be able to find more quests as well. So, you might find it easier to level up through the 50s. It should not take much time to get to level 60 if you spend reasonable time on the game.

You can go to the Winter Spring, Felwood and Western Plaguelands for quests in this part. They would offer you enough quests to fill up your quest log. And, you usually would not need more than two weeks’ time to reach level 60.

From 60 to 70

Levelling up from 60 to 70 takes more time and effort significantly than in previous levels. And, you would also need a lot of experience to reach the Burning Crusade max level. So, you must be prepared to put in the required time and effort once you reach level 60.

Make sure to take all the quests that show up in new zones. You need over a week to reach level 70, even if you spend all your time levelling up. So, playing in a casual way might take significantly longer.

How to Level Up in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic?

As we have seen, you would have to deal with each part of the level-up journey differently. But, the methods to reach the Burning Crusade max level remain the same throughout the journey. Here are some tips that would help you level up faster:

Accomplish the Quests

Completing the quests as quickly as possible can help you level up much faster. Also, this is the best way to reach level 70 within the shortest possible time. Check for quests in all the unlocked zones and accept as many of them as possible.

Then, finish them to take up more quests to level up further. Finishing quests will also get you new gear apart from levelling up your character.

Do you prefer boosting your level by spending money? Then, you should know those characters who boost their level this way are usually weaker than naturally leveled-up characters. So, you might want to complete the Burning Crusade max-level journey naturally.

Complete the Quests Offering More XP First

Do you want to speed up your journey as much as possible? If yes, then you must focus on the quests that offer you the most XP. But, how do you know which quests offer you that? In case you are wondering, it is quite simple– check their colours on the quest log.

A green or yellow quest is meant for players of your current level. And, you can achieve a good amount of XP by completing them solo. The quests in orange or red are meant for players above your current level.

So, you must make the necessary preparations to accept them. As for the quests in grey, they offer you very little XP and should be avoided.

Team Up with Friends to Complete Quests

You might want to decrease the time required to complete a game quest. In that case, you must consider joining other players to complete a quest. Especially so, if you want to complete the quests given in orange or red.

Find some friends in the game if you have not already done so. And, that should help you complete your quests faster than you would have completed them solo.

Learn the Necessary Professions

Not all of the professions available in the game are helpful in leveling. But, some of them can surely help you speed up your journey. And, that includes trade skills, such as First Aid and Crafting, among various others. So, you must consider adding these skills to your character to level up faster.

Complete Dungeon Quests with Friends

Do you have a group of friends for completing quests in Classic Burning Crusade? Then, you must consider completing the dungeon quests with them. These quests have a lot of experience to offer you, after all. Completing a specific dungeon quest would be worth your time and effort, even though you can complete it once.

What to do after Achieving Burning Crusade Max Level?

Achieving level 70 in classic Burning Crusade unlocks the PvP mode. So, you can take on other players and defeat them. Apart from that, you would have various other activities to participate in after reaching the max level. And, that includes clearing daily quests, clearing Heroics, and raiding, among others.