Green Line on iPhone Screen

The green line on iPhone screens is a more common problem than you might have thought. So, you are not the only iPhone user facing this issue. You might want to reach out to the nearest service center right away but need not necessarily do so. Luckily, there are some ways you can troubleshoot this issue by yourself at home. 

Are you looking for an effective solution to the green lines on your iPhone screen? Then, you must consider its various possible causes and apply the fixes accordingly. Try out the solutions listed here if you are wondering what to do. 

6 Ways to Remove the Green Lines from Your iPhone Screen

You might not see the green lines right away after unlocking your iPhone. A lot of users have reported that this problem occurs after a few minutes of unlocking the screen. 

In any case, you must try the following steps to get an effective solution:

Restart Your iPhone

The display issue you are facing might have something to do with a temporary error. Restarting the device should offer you an effective solution. So, perform a restart on your iPhone or switch it off for a minute before turning it back on. Then, check whether you still get the green lines on the screen. 

Did this trick work in your case? If yes, you need not worry about the problem for at least some time. Otherwise, the issue you face is more than a temporary error. In that case, you must try out more complex fixes as given below. 

Check for Water Damage

Water damage can cause your iPhone to show green lines on its screens. So you must check whether your iPhone has faced any water damage if you are unsure. Feeling the device with your hand for any moisture is the best way to do that by yourself. Also, consider reaching out to a professional to inspect your device. 

Has your iPhone faced water damage? If yes, you must turn it off immediately and let it dry up first. Then, turn it on to check the problem if you are sure the internal components are dry. Contact a service center without further delay if required to fix the damage. 

Customise Your Display Settings

The green lines on your iPhone’s screen might have something to do with the display settings. So you might also want to try changing the display configuration on your device. 

Did the previous steps fail to resolve the problem in your case? Then,

open the Settings menu on your iPhone and navigate to the Display & Brightness section. Adjust the brightness and check whether that removes the lines from the screen. 

The True Tone feature on your iPhone’s settings automatically adjusts the brightness according to the lighting conditions. In this case, it might help you remove the green lines from your device’s screen. So, you must enable it from the Display & Brightness settings and check on the problem. 

Update Your iOS Version

You might also get an effective solution by updating your iOS version immediately. This step can fix the green lines on your iPhone for quite a long time. 

So, you must check for any system updates available for your device and install them if you find any. Open the Settings menu and navigate to the Software Updates section to look for updates. 

Are there any major updates that you have yet to install? If yes, then you should install it without further delay on your device. After all, system updates can provide solutions to various bugs and glitches. Make sure that the green lines on the screen persist once you have updated your iPhone. 

Remove Troublesome Apps

The green lines on your iPhone’s screen often have something to do with an app conflict. Did you start seeing the green lines after downloading and installing a specific app? If yes, then you must consider removing it from your device to resolve the issue. Simply opt for uninstalling the app and restart the device once you are done. 

You might not get an effective solution until you delete all the apps causing trouble. Identify and uninstall all such apps before checking on the problem. If that does not work, you might need to start your iPhone in Recovery Mode or reset it. 

Re-install the Latest iOS Version

The green lines on your screen might also sometimes indicate a corrupt operating system. If that applies to your case, you must reinstall your iOS version. 

You would lose all the data that is not backed up if you take this step. So you must create a backup before reinstalling your iPhone’s system. 

Also, you must take this step only if you already have the latest system available for your device installed. People who have yet to update to the latest iOS version must perform an update first. You can complete the reinstallation by connecting your iPhone to a computer that has iTunes. 

Connect your iPhone to the iTunes device with a USB cable whenever you are ready. Then force start your iOS device and launch the Recovery mode on it. You should then see a notification on iTunes that says your iPhone has a problem. 

Click on the Update option to re-install the latest iOS version on your device. Start your iPhone normally to check on the green lines on the screen once you are done. 

Reset Your iPhone or Take it For a Repair

Resetting the device would be the last troubleshooting option left if all the aforementioned ones fail. So you might need to give that a try in some cases. 

Does the problem seem to be with your iPhone’s hardware? If yes, you must reach out to the nearest repair centre as soon as possible. Depending on your iPhone’s age, getting it repaired might be a good option. 

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