Go Roku Low Power

Roku Streaming services have been trending, and it has a close competitor with Google Chromecast and Amazon Firestick. This digital multimedia player offers online streaming services, along with high-end content. If you use the same streaming service, then you have to plug the Roku stick into your TV. However, users have complained that they have been experiencing Go Roku low power issues.

Whenever they plug the stick into the TV, the ‘Insufficient power’ warning pops up. As a consequence, users can’t enjoy their favourite content on Roku. Generally, Roku devices require an ample amount of power on the startup of the device. If it doesn’t get the required amount of power, then the services are basically disrupted.

Identifying the Go Roku low power mode is quite easy due to the message on the TV screen. In addition to this, you might come across a white light flashing in front of the device, and the lights might turn into solid red if the device is overheating. An old or cheap USB cable, the misplacement of the Roku stick, etc., can lead to such instances.

Let’s figure out how to get rid of the Go Roku low power consumption.

Restart your Roku Device

If you’re lucky, then a simple restart might help you. Before diving into complex solutions, let’s check this simple reboot. Users have confirmed that they have benefited from this method when stuck with Go Roku low power mode.

  • First, turn off the Roku device after unplugging the power cable from it.
  • Detach the USB cable from the device and let it rest for a while.
  • You can attach the USB cable back to the Roku device. Turn on your Roku device.

Now, check whether you can witness the same insufficient power warning.

Make Use of the Roku Adapter or Power Cord

If you have been plugging and playing the Roku stick directly into the TV, then you should try this hack. Every Roku streaming player and stick comes with a specific power adapter. Sometimes, you should go for this instead of powering the Roku device directly from the television.

You have to remove the Roku stick from your television and plug the stick into the power adapter. Next, you have to insert the adapter into a nearby electrical outlet. Now, check if this works.

If your power adapter is missing, you can opt for a replacement. Make sure that you follow the specific requirements for your Roku adapter. Otherwise, it might affect the functionality of the Roku device.

Change the USB Cable to Discard the Go Roku Low Power Issue

Perhaps, the USB cable you are using currently might not be compatible with the Roku device. If you have gone for a replacement USB cable, you should always entrust a genuine USB cable from Roku. Otherwise, the replacement cable might have different voltage specifications that will not fulfil power requirements.

On the other hand, using a cheap and inefficient cable replacement is not recommended at all. Therefore, you should go for only an official USB cable from Roku. It will guarantee that you will get uninterrupted services from Roku streaming.

Reset your Television

According to users, you might eliminate the Go Roku low power consumption with an effective TV reset procedure. If you have tried the above solutions and found no success, then it’s what you need to do. Reset your television by going through the provided user manual.

However, if you have misplaced the user manual, you can just unplug your TV from the power outlet. Keep your television in this state for at least 10 minutes. The resetting might work for some TVs if you hold the Power button for 40 seconds. Resetting the television will clear out the cache and reset the USB port hardware. This will make sure that the Roku device can get sufficient power.

Try Another USB Port of the TV

If you are plugging the Roku connection through a USB cable, you should try all the USB ports on your television. There are chances that the particular USB port might be faulty, and thus, you should avoid that specific USB port.

Instead, you can try all other USB ports available on the TV. Hopefully, the Roku streaming services get back to proficiency after using the right USB port.

Clean out Power Cords and Connects

This short but effective solution is to eradicate the Go Roku low power condition. If the power connections are jammed with dust and debris, then the Roku device can’t work as expected. Hence, you should also clean out debris from the power connections and USB ports. And, for better results, you can use canned air to clean debris easily.

Check the Power Connection

Another silly mistake generating the Go Roku low power consumption is the loose connection of power chords. The power adapter or charger should connect to the device firmly. The adapter should cling to the electrical outlet tightly. Or else, the Roku device can’t receive sufficient power to operate.

Unplug Hardware Extensions

Painting the Roku device and the television might include power extensions and several HDMI cables. However, they might create a nuisance when you try to power on the Roku device. If you are using extensions on your TV right now, it’s better to pull them off.

The use of extenders might indulge the Roku device in getting overheated. As a result, you might be facing the Go Roku low power issue. Remove all the extensions and check if it works.

Furthermore, Let the Roku Device Cool off

If none of the above solutions is working for you, wait for a few hours. Let your Roku device cool off on its own. After that, you can turn on the device and connect to the TV. Observe carefully whether the Go Roku low power problem persists.

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