iphone XR

An iPhone XR is one of the hottest gifts to spoil a loved one in 2021. Around 8.67% of phone users have this type of phone. It’s possible for people to get their hands on one without paying the market price.

Prices for a used iPhone XR can range from $250 to $300, or more. There are some  electronic retailers who sell the device for a little over $300. Apple released this phone in 2018. Yet, it’s still considered to have a high market value.

What To Know Before Purchasing An iPhone XR

Purchasing a used iPhone XR is the best way to save. People should consider the carrier, condition, storage, and payment methods before making the decision to purchase. Storage sizes range from 64 GB, 1248 GB, to 256 GB, just as with other Apple iPhone models. Of course, a higher storage capacity will lead to a higher price.

Some are in mint condition. Meanwhile, other phones may have a cracked screen, a faulty operating system, or scratches. Buyers should get as many photos of the phone as possible before making a decision. It also helps to see the phone in person, if possible.

Sometimes, carriers that sell a locked iPhone XR can drop the price significantly. Unlocked phones have a higher value than those locked to a certain network.

The most important factors to consider before buying an iPhone XR are the condition and storage size. The condition can range from almost brand new to a faulty device. For example, a device in good condition means that it has minor wear and tear, while a device in mint condition means it’s like new.

Faulty devices are ones that have software that doesn’t work as it should. For example, the phone may have limited functions or it doesn’t power on. A phone with cracks or scratches can be cheaper, but aesthetically it is undesirable and the software may not work.

An unlocked phone costs more, but you’re getting way more value. There are phone carriers who offer reasonable versions of this device. The carriers can unlock the customers’ phones in two months, which is something to consider.

Best Tips and Tricks in 2021

Let’s get into some tips and tricks to consider when using an iPhone XR. Some of these ideas can make life a whole lot simpler for iPhone XR users. These tips will allow users to take full advantage of their devices.

Play Music On The Timer

Some people love listening to their favorite music or meditations at night. But that doesn’t mean they want to hear the same music playing in the middle of the night. Use the clock app near the “when time ends” and “stop playing” options to turn off the music at a certain time after you fall asleep. This means you can be at ease and listen to music without being awoken later.

Use The Hidden Touchpad

What a lot of people don’t know about the iPhone XR, is that it has hidden 3D touch capabilities. Users can press anywhere on the keyboard to bring back the touchpad. This will turn the phone into a small computer that has its own little cursor.

Get Assistive Touch

Apple has made changes to its devices so blind and hearing-impaired people can navigate their phones with ease. Users can go to General Settings > Accessibility to activate the Assistive Touch feature. This will enable users to use a special button to access the home screen, Siri, and make for an all-round improved experience.

Snap A Photo Without Hands

Rather than figuring out what button to press, users can adjust the volume on their Apple EarPods. There are times when someone wants to take a still photo while recording a video. Yet, that can ruin the entire video. To do this, simply press the shutter button to capture a picture without ruining the recording.

Create Custom Responses For Missed Calls

Sometimes users find themselves in situations in which they can’t take calls. It could be an important meeting or that they simply can’t get to their phone right away. Either way, the iPhone XR allows users to customize their own responses to missed calls. This feature can be found in Settings > Phone > Respond With Text.


Those interested in purchasing iPhone XR will find that it’s possible to get a used device in great condition. It’s however, very important to do some homework and make sure the iPhone 11 is free from flaws, scratches, and cracks. Shop around for prices or try an online comparison service.

When it comes to the iPhone XR, it makes for a perfect gift for a loved one as it provides a high-quality experience in a small device. Yet, it stays true to the work of the late Steve Jobs. Sometimes, all it takes is a little tweak within the settings to really get the most out of the device.