FTP Clients Windows 10

You may often hear the term FTP or use it while sharing files with a web host. This is quite a useful application, and if you have never used it, then here we have all the details about – FTP clients Windows 10 for your PC.

But, before we proceed, let’s understand how FTP can help you. 

Basically, FTP is a conventional file-sharing method. If you want to share files between a PC and Mobile or 2 PCs, then you must use it.

Remember, your experience may depend on the client software you used for the FTP. So, you have to select the best FTP client app to get the best file-sharing experience with it. 

Before you jump into the third-party FTP clients Windows 10, you must recognise one more important thing. You can add the servers of FTP directly to your PC’s file explorer app. 

So, let’s have a look at the FTP client apps for Windows 10, which would be suitable for your purpose.

1. FTP Voyager

You can avail FTP Voyager to transfer your files between two PCs or between PC and mobile devices. In addition, FTP Voyage is a decent FTP client’s Windows 10 software that comes with a throwback Graphical User Interface. 

If you are familiar w ith existing versions of Windows, you may remember the rounder and blue colour chunky buttons. The user interfaces may have been updated, but these looks do not pause FT Voyager.

In fact, if you use an FTP voyage, it will permit you to connect more than one FTP server synchronously. Moreover, you can also upload your files to any server you want from your PC directly.

Additionally, you can use the tabs which will help you in keeping track of the FTP servers. It also supports switching easily between the connections you established between different FTP servers. 

You will get some additional; options like automatically syncing and dragging and dropping files between servers with FTP voyage. Apart from these, you will get features like file transfers into particular folders and routine transfers using file extensions. These advanced features make it one of the most successful FTP clients Windows 10 apps for you.

Moreover, you will get an FTP connection wizard, which is useful for first-time users. You can also load and save multiple settings.

2. CoreFTP LE

If you are looking for an advanced FTP client’s Windows 10 app for your PC, you can use CoreFTP LE. Moreover, this is a free edition software of Core FTP Pro. Thus, the Core FTPpro is a premium client app for your FTP operation on Windows 10.

CoreFTP is one of the most effective FTP clients Windows 10 software that includes various specifications. Thus, it will provide you with some advanced FTP features that make it a prime choice for its users. 

Here are the features you can get with CoreFTP LE:

  • Automatic Command Execution
  • Supports FTP, FTPS and SFTP
  • Automated download queuing
  • Remote File Searching
  • Bandwidth transfer control
  • Full Browser Integration

You can easily transfer your data between servers without engaging your local PC. Moreover, it will save you time compared to other free FTP clients Windows 10 apps.

In addition, CoreFTP LE is not a flashy app, but you can use it to get your job done well. Remember, CoreFTP LE is only useful for file-sharing between other FTP client apps and your Raspberry Pi 4.

If you want to use the premium version, i.e. CoreFTP Pro, you will get some additional features. Thus, CoreFTP Pro features advanced file decryption and encryption, unattended scheduled FTP transfers and many more. Though the free version, i.e. CoreFTP LE, is very much worth your time.

3. FileZilla

FileZilla carries on one of the most famous free FTP clients Windows 10 apps you can use for your PC. In addition, you will also get this FTP client software on Linux and macOS. 

The primary causes behind the popularity of FileZilla are its extensive toolset and ease of use. Here are the things you will get with FileZilla:

  • FTPS, SFTP and FTP protocols
  • Authentication of data and credentials
  • Active and passive modes
  • Bandwidth controls

Additionally, you can also get other handy tools, like bookmarking and remote file searching. Bookmarking will help you to mark your frequently accessed locations and files. On the other hand, remote searching will help you store your files with pattern matching and flexible filters.

You may have found that FileZilla pushed its download data through SourceForge, bundling adware that comes with installers. While SourceForge no longer involves adware, this app still does. Therefore, you must pay attention while installing it on your PC and ensure that you decline any additional app installation.

 4. Cyberduck

Cyberduck can be a simple but powerful FTP client app for you. It is one of the most useful FTP clients Windows 10 apps best suited for file sharing. 

This app is not bare-bones to any extent, and it can certainly be effective for power users. However, Cyberduck has a simplified interface which helps you in transferring frequent and heavy files more easily. 

You can get Cyberduck from anywhere on the internet as it is open source and free. Moreover, this FTP Client app supports various protocols on top of FTP, including WebDAV and SFTP. In addition, you will get easy connections to Microsoft Azure, Backblaze B2, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, among others. 

Cyberduck can be a useful option as you can experience this app seamlessly integrating with all external text editing apps. Thus, it will be a convenient option to remotely edit the web files on your PC. 

This app also features a Quick Look interface that lets you show files without downloading them. Moreover, you can synchronise the local directories with remote directories by using Cyberduck. 

5. WinSCP

WinSCP is one of the top-ranked FTP clients Windows 10 apps which you can get free of cost. Along with its ease to use, it comes with various advanced facilities. 

Additionally, WinSCP supports remote file editing and file transferring using WebDAV, SCP and SFTP rules. Regardless of your preference, you can integrate remote directories with local directories too.

This app will help you integrate directly into Windows 10, permitting additional options with a seamless drag-and-drop feature. Moreover, you will get an in-built text editor which helps you turn on immediate editing of remote files. This feature is helpful for tweaking JS, CSS, HTML, etc. 

WinSCP features scripting support and a command-line interface for power users and also an open-source app.


These are some of the most useful FTP clients Windows 10 apps. Additionally, users of Windows 10 get an extended range of free client software choices for FTP. So, based on your preference, get to know about the best-suited application for file sharing.

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