Discord Error Bad Activity Result 96

The Discord error code 96 mainly occurs when you try to crop a picture in the app. Many users have reported facing this error when they try to change their Discord profile picture. If you are facing a similar situation, you would want an immediate solution to this problem. And, you can usually apply a solution to it all by yourself.

But, what is the solution to the Discord error bad activity result 96? In case you are wondering, this error has many possible fixes. So, you might want to take a look at and try out all the solutions we have listed below.

At least one of them should help you fix the error code 96 in most cases.

5 Ways to Fix the Discord Error Code 96

The causes of the Discord error code 96 might range from internet problems to corrupted app data. So, the solutions would not be the same in all cases. And, you need to find the appropriate one depending on the cause of the issue.

Here are some effective ones that you can choose from: 

  • Check for Discord and System Updates 

An outdated system or app version might lead to various error codes on your device. And, that is a possible cause of the Discord error bad activity result 96. So, you must make sure that you have the latest system and app version on your device.

If you do not, then getting the latest update might offer you a long-term solution. If it does not, you have some other simple solutions to try out.

Go to your device’s settings and update to the latest system version available. Then, visit the app store or the official Discord website to get the latest app version.  Alternatively, you can simply allow the app to download the update when prompted.

  • Delete the Discord Photos Folder

The Discord error bad activity result 96 might also occur when you try to open a Discord photo. In such situations, you can simply delete the Discord pictures folder on your mobile device to fix the issue.

You might find this solution simpler than reinstalling the app on your device. You need to go to the Photos folder in your phone’s file manager.

Find the Discord folder in Photos and delete it from your device. Then, open Discord and try to view the image that you failed to open. You might not see the Discord error code 96 on your screen this time. 

  • Upload Profile Picture from Google Drive

Many Discord users have been able to fix the error code 96 by uploading the profile picture from Google Drive. So, you might want to try that to get an effective solution on your device.

You might have to upload the picture you want to use to Google Drive first.

Open Discord once you have uploaded the picture to Google Drive and opt for changing the profile picture. Then, select the picture from Google Drive instead of your device’s memory. You should not face the Discord error bad activity result 96 this time. 

  • Use a Different Device for the Task

Does the error persist after you try the previous solutions? Then, you must try using a different device. If there is no error on the other device, the problem lies in the device you were using previously. You can then resolve the issue on the first device when you have time.

But, what if using a different device does not fix the problem? In that case, you must check for any issues with your internet connection. After all, that is a possible cause of the Discord error bad activity result 96.

  • Fix Internet Issues

As mentioned earlier, the error code 96 on Discord might often indicate an internet problem. And, you might have to take various steps to fix that. Depending on the problem with the internet, you must take the following steps:

Restart Your Device

Are you unsure about the cause of the internet connection issues? Then, you can simply restart your device to fix the issue. Perform a restart, and then open the Discord app. Check whether the Discord error bad activity result 96 occurs again on your device. You must try refreshing the network next if the error persists.

Reconnect to the Network

Disconnect from your router’s network or turn off your mobile internet. Then, wait for a minute before connecting to the internet again. Alternatively, you can also forget the network password of your Wi-Fi if you are using one. Then, connect to it again using the password to get a long-lasting solution.

Restart the Router

Are you using a router network to connect to the internet? If yes, then you must consider router errors as the cause of the Discord issue. And, restarting your router might provide an effective solution in such cases. If a restart is ineffective in fixing internet problems, you can also try a reset.

Use an Ethernet Connection

Are you using a Wi-Fi connection between your router and computer? Then, switching to an ethernet connection might improve the internet performance. As a result, you might not see the “Discord error bad activity result 96” for now. 

  • Reinstall the Discord App

Reinstalling the app on your device might be the only viable solution left if the previous step were ineffective. So, you might want to do that if you have failed to fix the error until now.

Uninstall Discord from your data and remove all its data. Any corrupt app data from the previous installation can cause issues with the reinstallation.

Install Discord again on your device and check whether the error occurs again. This is probably the most effective way to fix the Discord error bad activity result 96.

Contact the Support Team

You can usually fix most Discord errors all by yourself. But, some of them might be more confusing than others. So, you might need some help in fixing them effectively. And, the Discord support team should be able to provide you with that anytime.

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