Camera Not Working on Windows 11 PC

The camera problems you face on your PC might be a hardware malfunction in some cases. So, you might need to take your PC for a professional repair. However, you can find a solution all by yourself in case of software issues. The solution in your case depends on what is causing the problem. 

Try out the fixes given below if you want an effective solution to the webcam error. They can help you get a quick and long-lasting solution to the software problems causing it. 

9 Simple Ways to Resolve the Windows 11 Webcam Error

Your PC can face issues with both external and in-built cameras. The range of solutions differs based on which type of camera you are using. You can try out the fixes mentioned below:

Restart the System

This solution can fix errors with both in-built and external cameras. Go to the Start menu and opt for a restart and wait for your PC to reboot. Then, launch your webcam to check whether it is working properly this time. Alternatively, you can turn off your PC for a minute before starting it again. 

Do you come across the error again while using an external webcam? Then, the problem might lie within the camera and not with your PC. You must try some other troubleshooting methods if the error persists while using the integrated webcam. 

Use a Different External Camera

Do you have a spare external webcam for your PC? If yes, then you must check whether it faces the same error. Connect it to your computer and launch it to start a video call. If you cannot use it, that might indicate a problem with the camera driver or the port. 

Consider switching to an external webcam if you are using the integrated one. Now, that should help you understand where the problem lies better. If the external webcam works, there might be a hardware problem with the integrated one. However, that is not always the case, and it might be a software issue. 

Connect the Camera to a Different Port

Switching to a different port for your external camera can offer a quick and effective solution. So, try connecting your webcam to a different port than the one you have been using. Then, launch it and make sure your PC can use it without any problems. 

Your PC might have a damaged port if this step fixes the problem. In that case, you might need a professional repair to fix the affected port. What if changing the port does not work either? Then, you can try the next fixes before contacting a reliable technician. 

Turn on the External Camera Switch

As you might know, many laptops have switches near the ports for turning on external webcams. Does your laptop have this feature? Then, you must make sure the webcam switch is turned on when you connect the camera. If it is turned off, that explains the Windows 11 camera error. 

The webcam should work without any issue after you turn on the switch. It might be yet another sign of hardware problems if it cannot. Also, this problem might lie with your camera or the port. In some cases, it simply indicates a compatibility issue that requires you to use a compatible camera. 

Update or Reinstall the Camera Driver

The camera driver is an important software component, especially if you use your webcam regularly. You must maintain the latest camera driver on your PC to avoid any errors. Now is the time to update this driver if you have not done that for a long time. You can do that in a few simple steps through your PC’s Device Manager section. 

Expand the Cameras option and right-click the webcam you are using. Then, opt for updating its driver if you are using an outdated one. Restart your PC after the update to register the changes before you check on the error. 

What if you already have the latest available camera driver? Then, you must consider reinstalling the existing one for a solution as it might be corrupted. Right-click your webcam on the Device Manager and opt for deleting its driver. Then, restart your device to automatically install the driver on it again.  

Use the Troubleshooter for Camera Issues

The Troubleshooter tool on your PC is available for fixing a wide range of issues. You can use it to fix the webcam error, among other problems on Windows 11. This tool can help you find the cause of the error and fix it within a short time. All you need to do is run it through your PC’s Settings section. 

Open the System settings, click on Troubleshoot and select Other Troubleshooters on the new window. Then, click on Run next to Camera to start scanning for camera issues. The troubleshooter will start fixing the problem after identifying it in most cases. If it cannot, you will get instructions on how to manually resolve the camera error. 

Reinstall Your Webcam

Various bugs on your PC can result in webcam installation issues and cause camera errors. This is one of the common causes behind the problem you are facing. Reinstalling the camera through the Device Manager can offer you an effective solution in some cases.

Expand the Cameras option and right-click the webcam you are using. Then, click on Uninstall device and confirm your choice to remove the camera from your PC. Restart your system after this step to install the camera automatically on it. Launch the camera once you are done to make sure that it is working properly now. 

Grant Permissions for Camera Access

Many apps on your PC require permission to use your camera. They cannot use your webcam unless you grant them permission to do so. You might keep facing the camera error unless you grant the required permissions to apps. 

Does this error occur only when you are using a specific app? Go to its settings, check its permissions and grant it access to the webcam. Check whether you can use the webcam after fixing the permission issues.  

Disable Your Antivirus

Some antivirus programs can be quite protective and might interfere with various tasks on your device. They can sometimes stop you from using the webcams, both in-built and external. In such situations, you must disable your antivirus while using the camera to prevent any errors. 

Launch your antivirus app and turn it off before shutting it down. Then, go back to your camera or the app using the camera to check whether the problem persists. Also, you must consider changing your antivirus app if it keeps causing camera errors. 

The Windows Defender pre-installed on your PC can also cause problems with the webcam. So, you must disable it as well, apart from your third-party antivirus software. 

Get Your PC Repaired

The solutions listed here can fix the Windows 11 camera issue effectively in case of software issues. Your PC probably has a hardware problem if these fixes do not work. So, you might want to contact the support team in such situations. Approaching a repair center immediately can also be a good idea.