YouTube Not Working on Roku

Roku is a popular streaming device that allows users to connect to different apps. Currently, more than 54 million people across the globe use Roku to watch YouTube videos. But, the users need to download the YouTube content to watch them on this smart TV. But, many have faced issues connecting this streaming platform with Roku. After the update, some users reported that the YouTube app stopped working on Roku.

Close YouTube from the TV and open it again to fix this critical issue. Restart the Roku TV, and then try to open any YouTube videos. Can you log in to the YouTube account? Switch to another account to troubleshoot this streaming issue.

Ensure the Roku TV’s power cords are connected properly. An outdated YouTube app can sometimes lead to this error. Uninstall and then install the latest version of YouTube on this smart device. But, if that doesn’t work, change Roku’s input mode from TV to HDMI 1 to solve this problem.

Potential Reasons Why YouTube isn’t Working on Roku

There could be several reasons why you cannot open YouTube on Roku. It could be because of the internet dropping issues. If the Wi-Fi connection is not stable, the users can’t stream the online videos. Moreover, a malfunctioned Roku TV can often cause this issue.

You need to hire an expert to fix the problematic Roku device in certain instances. Even this streaming issue can take place after changing the YouTube settings.

Did you configure the Roku TV recently? Then, you might have disabled YouTube from the list of the applications. Add YouTube again to stop getting issues while using YouTube. Besides, the users can experience this error when YouTube’s server is down.

Also, if you have updated the Roku’s firmware, this can prevent YouTube from launching. Whatever the reason is, this streaming difficulty can be resolved easily.

3 Easy Troubleshooting Methods to Fix “YouTube Not Working on Roku”

Many Roku users take an expert’s help to resolve this YouTube’s streaming error. But, you can fix this problem without any technical knowledge or experience. First, acknowledge the reason behind this technical glitch. Change the Wi-Fi network and connect YouTube again on Roku TV.

This might help the users to watch their required online content. But, if that doesn’t fix this error, disable YouTube’s volume mode immediately. This might cause hindrances while streaming YouTube movies or other videos.

Here are a few more solutions to resolve this YouTube error from the Roku TV:

Check the Internet Connection

The YouTube app might not work if Roku is not connected to the internet. Before you open YouTube, make sure to connect the TV to a wireless network. Don’t know how to connect the Roku streaming device with the Wi-Fi? First, press the remote’s Home button and head to the “Settings” menu. Choose ‘Network” using the up and down keys, and then navigate to the “Set up connection” section.

Now, it’s time to choose the connection type. Tap on the “Wireless” option if you use a Wi-Fi router. And, if you want to connect Roku with an ethernet cable, select “Wired” instead. Next, the wireless router users need to choose the right Wi-Fi name.

Unable to find the router’s name? Tap on the “Scan again to see all networks” option to locate the network name.

What else needs to be Done?

Enter the router’s password and opt for the “connect” option. The Roku TV will be connected to the Wi-Fi network within a few seconds. Open YouTube and check if you can watch any video. If YouTube is taking time to open, check the Wi-Fi name once.

If you get the “no internet” message on Roku, restart the wireless router. Disconnect the ethernet cable and plug it in to solve this connection issue. But, if that doesn’t solve this issue, contact the ISP immediately.

Update the Roku TV

When was the last time you updated this smart TV? Was that a month ago? Update the Roku streaming device immediately to fix this YouTube error. An outdated Roku firmware can generate issues when opening YouTube videos or accounts.

Install the latest firmware, restart the Roku TV and stream the videos without any hassle. And, here is how the Roku users can update the firmware:

  • First, press the Roku remote’s Home button to get the “Settings”.
  • Move to the “System” tab using the remote’s up and down buttons.
  • When the next tab opens, click on the “System Update” option.
  • Lastly, select the “Check Now” option to check whether there is any update available for Roku.

Can you see the “Update Now” option? This means the users can update Roku’s current firmware. Roku might take time to complete the firmware update. Don’t turn off the TV or change the Roku channel until then. Roku will display an “Update is complete” message after a while.

Navigate to YouTube, and it will work without causing any further interruption. Besides, the Roku users should update the channels by holding the “star” button for a few seconds. This might help you to avoid issues while using YouTube in the future.

Uninstall and Install the YouTube App

Sometimes, uninstalling and reinstalling YouTube can fix this issue. Don’t know the steps to uninstall this app? Start with going to the Roku’s home screen and head to the search box to find YouTube.

Press the remote’s star (*) button to access the Channel Menu. And, when the pop-up box opens, choose the “Remove Channel” option. Tap on the “OK” when the confirmation message appears on the Roku screen.

After removing YouTube from Roku, move to “Streaming Channels” and press the “OK” button. When the “Channel Store” opens, select “top free” and find “YouTube” from the app list. Click on “Add channel” and press the Roku remote’s “OK” button to reinstall YouTube. Choose the “Go to Channel” option and watch the YouTube videos without technical issues.

Alternative Ways to Fix “YouTube not Working on Roku

Use the YouTube TV app instead of the YouTube app. YouTube TV apps are designed for streaming content in smart TVs like Roku. But, this app might not work on the old Roku streaming players. Contact an expert to know whether the YouTube TV app is compatible with your Roku model or not.

Further, the Roku users should reset the router to fix this streaming issue. The YouTube app has stopped working on Roku after the contract dispute. YouTube might work fine in the Roku TVs which were designed before April 2021. But, if you installed YouTube on Roku after that, it won’t work there. If this is the case, use another app to stream content on Roku TV.