Windows, Shift and S Keys Stopped Working

Windows, Shift and S keys allow the Windows users to open the default snipping tool. This application helps to capture a part or entire computer screen. Though, this tool can be accessed in different ways. Many use the taskbar to locate the Windows snipping tool. Some use the shortcut keys to open the Snip & Sketch and Snipping tool applications.

But, sometimes, these snipping tools might not open after using the Windows, shift and S keys. Restart the computer or laptop to eliminate this complicated error in such circumstances.

Do you plug any gaming accessories into the PC? Unplug and reconnect its power cords to fix this snipping tool issue. Ensure you have pressed the right shortcut keys to get the snipping tool.

This error usually occurs for installing more than one snipping tool. Do you use the Snipping tool, Snip & Sketch and OneNote? These three applications can conflict with each other while running. Disabling any of these programs will resolve this error from the Windows PC. Besides, a third-party program can interfere with the Snipping Tool. This is why the snipping tools refuse to open even after pressing Windows, shift and S keys.

Possible Solutions to Fix the “Snipping Tool Not Working” Error

Many Windows users consider an expert’s help when the snipping tool stops working. But, you should never do that in the first place. This error can be resolved without any technical knowledge or expertise.

Moreover, there are plenty of ways by which you can fix this issue within seconds. Follow these below-mentioned solutions to this problem from Snip & Sketch:

Enable Clipboard History

Using the snipping tool with a disabled clipboard history app will be difficult. Enable this feature to solve this error in Windows 10 or 11 devices. Do you use the latest Windows 11 PC? Hold the Windows and I keys to open the Setting application and choose “System”. Toggle on the “Clipboard History” option when the System window opens. Now, hold the Windows, Shift and S keys and check if it is opening the Snip & Sketch app.

However, these steps might not work in Windows 10 devices. You will find the “Clipboard” option under the “Sound” section of the “System” tab. Now, consider checking whether the Clipboard History application is turned on. If not, enable this option, and then press the shortcut keys again. It will open the snipping tool tab. But, if that doesn’t work, check if the Snip & Sketch is added to the list.

Enable Snip & Sketch

The shortcut keys won’t open Snip & Sketch if the application is disabled. Enable and start capturing the necessary documents without any hassle. Windows 11 users need to access the Settings app first.

Then, head to the “System” tab and click on “Notifications” afterwards. Locate “Notifications from apps and other senders” and tap on “Snipping Tool” to enable it. Press the Windows, Shift and S keys simultaneously, and it will work properly.

Do you use a Windows 10 PC? Then, go to the “Settings” menu, tap on “System”, and select the “Notifications & actions” option. This section will get a list of the built-in Windows applications. Locate “Snip & Sketch”, enable it and open the application later.

Close the application and hold the shortcut keys to re-access this application. Now, simply choose a document where you want to paste the captured clips – that’s it!

Reset the Snipping Tool

Can’t paste the clip that was captured from Snip & Sketch? Reset the application to solve this error. Moreover, resetting this application will also help open it using shortcut keys. First, open the Windows 11’s Settings app and navigate to the “Apps” section. Select the “Apps & Features” option and wait until it displays the list of the pre-installed apps.

Find the “Snip & Sketch” or “Snipping Tool” option and right-click on it to choose “Advanced”. Now, tap on the “Reset” button. Press the Windows, Shift and S keys after resetting the application. It will fix the issues that you were experiencing in the Snipping Tool. But, if that didn’t fix this error, disable OneNote and other third-party applications.

Steps to Reset Snip & Sketch in Windows 10 PCs

Open the Settings app, select “Apps” first, and choose “Apps & features”. Once you find the “Snip & Sketch” app, right-click on it and select “Advanced Options”. Tap on the “Rest” option when the new window opens and go through the on-screen instructions.

Additionally, Windows users can consider uninstalling Snip & Sketch. You will get the “Uninstall” option beside Snip & Sketch’s “Reset” option. Choose that, and then go to the Microsoft Store to reinstall it. Hold the Windows, Shift and S keys to check whether the Snipping tool is working.

Use OneNote’s Tray Icon

Still can’t capture the screen using Windows, Shift and S keys? Use OneNote’s tray icon for screen clipping instead. Open the device’s taskbar, right-click on it and go for the “Taskbar settings” option. Navigate to the “Notification” tab from the next window. And, then tap on the “Select which icons appear on the taskbar” option. Toggle on the “Send to OneNote Tool” option and use the shortcut keys to capture screenshots.

If this solution doesn’t work, use the Print Screen application. It is the best alternative to the Snip & Sketch tool. But, Windows users need to enable this program to use it. Hold the Windows and I keys together to open Setting and click “Ease of Access”. Head to the “Keyboard” section and toggle on the “Use the Printscreen” button. Restart the PC, and then choose a document you want to capture.

Alternative Ways to Fix “Windows, Shift and S Keys Stopped Working” Error

Sometimes, this error can occur while installing a corrupted version of OneNote. Uninstall OneNote and reinstall it to fix this snipping issue. Moreover, you should change the OneNote’s key value using the Registry Editor. It can help you capture screenshots using Windows, Shift and S keys together.

Disable the global hotkey via Registry Editor. Besides, you can perform a system restore to fix the snipping tool error. But, if that doesn’t work, contact an IT expert immediately.

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