Windows Media Creation Tool Error Code 0X80072F8F – 0X20000

Windows Media Creation Tool helps you create a bootable USB drive or DVD for Windows system installation. You must download it from the official Microsoft website and launch it on your device.

Usually, you would not face any issues while using the Media Creation Tool on your PC. Yet, many PC users might get the error code 0x80072F8F – 0x20000 while running it. There are various simple ways to fix this problem.

You should be able to troubleshoot the aforementioned error code all by yourself. Then, you can continue creating a bootable DVD or flash drive for Windows installation right away. Follow the steps given below to achieve that without any professional help.

9 Troubleshooting Methods for the Windows Media Creation Tool Error 0x80072F8F – 0x20000

Windows Media Creation Tool is not compatible with all Windows versions. You need Windows 7 or later system versions to run this tool. If you have an older system, then that explains the reason behind the error in your case.

What if the error appears despite your PC being compatible with the media creation tool? There are other possible causes for it and you must take the following steps:

Restart the System

The error you are getting might simply be a glitch in the system. Restarting your PC can help you fix such glitches effectively for a while. You might need to install the latest Windows update to fix them in the long term.

Turn off your PC for at least a minute before you turn it back on. Alternatively, you can also opt for a Restart after clicking the Start menu Power icon. In either case, you can expect a solution if the error had occurred due to glitches. So, the problem lies somewhere else if it persists after the reboot.

Switch to Another Port

Make sure you have inserted the USB drive properly into your computer’s port. If you have already done that, try connecting the drive to a different port to fix the issue. If that does the trick, there might be an issue with the port you were using previously.

The USB drive might be at fault if the error occurs again. So, you might need to use a different device with the media creation tool. Before that, you must proceed with the next step immediately.

Run the Tool with Administrative Privileges

The error code 0x80072F8F – 0x20000 does not mention the exact cause of the problem. However, a lack of administrative privileges is known to cause this error quite commonly. So, you must fix that issue before trying other troubleshooting methods. Right-click on the Windows Media Creation Tool’s executable file and select the ‘Run as administrator’ option.

You should not get the error again if you have identified the cause correctly. In case it appears again, there are reasons rather than a lack of permissions.

Turn Off Your Antivirus

Third-party antivirus apps might often raise false alarms about the software you are using. You might face this issue even while using programs like the Windows Media Creation Tool.

Your antivirus might have blocked some essential files of the tool, causing the error code 0x80072F8F – 0x20000. In such cases, you must remove the files from the blacklist and disable the antivirus. So, launch the app, check the blacklisted files and remove the ones related to the media creation tool.

Disable the antivirus app after unblocking the blocked files and run the procedure again. You should not face any problems while using the Windows Media Creation Tool this time. If the error keeps appearing, it might be due to internet connection issues.

Fix Your Internet Connection

You need a good internet connection while running the Windows Media Creation Tool on your PC. The error code 0x80072F8F – 0x20000 might indicate internet problems in some cases. So, you must also check your internet connection apart from implementing other steps.

Do you receive a weak WiFi signal on your device? Then, move your PC and router as close as possible. Removing some other devices from the network might help if you are getting a low speed. You can also try restarting your router or reconnecting your PC to it for a solution.

Consider connecting to a different network if the current one cannot provide stable results. This might offer a more reliable solution to the Windows Media Creation Tool error.

Download the Media Creation Tool Again

A corrupt media creation tool is one of the common explanations for the error. You must download this tool again if that applies to your case. Visit the official Microsoft website to download the Windows Media Creation Tool in a suitable location.

Launch the executable file after re-downloading it to check on the problem. The USB on which you are trying to create the bootable media might be damaged if the error persists.

Use a Different USB Drive

Is the problem associated with your flash drive? Then, you must simply use a different one if possible. Consider borrowing a USB drive from someone if you do not have a spare one. After all, you need to check whether the problem lies in your flash drive.

Connect the other drive properly to your PC and launch the media creation tool. Then, start creating the bootable media and make sure you complete the procedure.

Enable all the Necessary Services 

Your PC must run various essential services to allow Windows system upgrades. If any of these are disabled, you might face problems while using the media creation tool. So, check whether all of them are running if the 0x80072F8F – 0x20000 error keeps showing up.

Open the Services window on your PC, using the Run dialog, to view all the services. The Windows Update service is a crucial one for updating your system. Also, check the Server, Workstation, TCP/IP Net BIOS Helper, Workstation, Background Intelligent Transfer Service and IKE and AuthIPsec Keying Modules.

Enable the aforementioned services if you find any of them not running. This might prevent the error the next time you use the Windows Media Creation Tool. Restarting the services might also work in case they are already running.

Use Disk Cleanup

Corrupted files are yet another possible cause of the 0x80072F8F – 0x20000 error code. You can remove such files easily within a few steps using the Disk Cleanup feature. Open the File Manager section and right-click the drive containing the Media Creation tool. Then, open its Properties and click on the Disk Cleanup option given there.

The Disk Cleanup feature allows you to select the type of files you want to remove. So, select the types as per your preferences and click on OK. Your PC will then delete all the files of the selected categories from the drive.

Finally, Use the Windows ISO File

Are you unable to use the Windows Media Creation Tool to create a bootable USB? Then, you should simply get the ISO file for the Windows system you want. You can get it anytime from the official Microsoft website and get it on a DVD. Then, use the DVD to install the latest system on your PC.