Windows 11 Installation Error 0x80070570

Installing a Windows system or updating the existing one is quite simple. You can complete it within a short time, regardless of the device you are using. Your PC shows various error codes in case of any system installation or update problems. These codes can help you know the problem and how to fix it. You should also go through the messages that usually appear, along with error codes.

An error code 0x80070570 indicates a missing or corrupted file on your PC. If you see it during Windows 11 installation, there might be an issue with the installation file. You can try downloading it again, but that might not always fix the issue. So, you might need to apply the fixes given below for an effective solution.

9 Fixes for the Windows 11 Installation Error 0x80070570

The installation error might not always be what it seems and can be a temporary one. In such cases, you can fix it by simply restarting the installation procedure. If that does not work, you also have many other solutions to try out. They can help you save some money by preventing the need for a professional PC repair.

Restart Your PC

A simple restart is quite effective in immediately fixing a wide range of Windows errors. It can resolve any temporary issues that might have caused the Windows 11 installation failure. So, turn off your PC for a while or perform a restart right away. Then, start the installation procedure again after rebooting your computer.

Does the error code 0x80070570 appear again? Then, there might be a problem with the installation file, and you must re-download it.

Download a New Installation File

The installation file you are using might have got damaged somehow. In that case, you cannot use it and must download the file again. So, go to the official Microsoft website and download the Windows 11 ISO file. Then, run the installation the same way you did previously and check for any problems.

If the installation fails again, the problem might not be associated with the file. So, you might have to try other possible solutions to resolve the error. Updating your PC might do the trick if there is a glitch in the system.

Get the Latest Windows Update

The error code 0x80070570 might indicate a bug or glitch in your system. Microsoft regularly rolls out patches and updates to fix such problems. So, you must look for any system updates available for your PC. If you find any, install them immediately and try the Windows 11 installation again.

As mentioned earlier, the 0x80070570 error can also occur during Windows system updates. You cannot proceed with this solution in such situations and must look for other solutions.

Disable or Change Your Third-Party Antivirus Software

Your third-party antivirus software might cause an installation error in some cases. After all, antivirus apps often identify harmless files as security threats. Disabling them can provide you with an effective solution in such cases. So, try turning off your antivirus for some time while you install Windows 11.

Are you able to install the new system on your PC now? Then, you must disable the antivirus whenever you update your device or install a new system. Alternatively, you can also simply install an antivirus app that does not cause any issues.

Disable the Windows Defender

The Windows Defender is the default antivirus app that is pre-installed on your PC. It works the same way as other antivirus programs and might sometimes interfere with Windows 11 installation. So, you must disable it, and then check whether that fixes the problem. Go to the Windows Security program through the Start menu to do that.

Click on ‘Virus and threat protection’ and opt for managing its settings. This should take you to a new window where you must turn off Real-Time Protection. Then, exit Windows Security and try to run the installation again.

Fix Your Internet Connection

The error code 0x80070570 might also appear due to a bad internet connection on your device. So, check whether you are properly connected to the internet, especially if the previous fixes have failed. Try restarting your router to fix any temporary errors. Then, reconnect to your WiFi connection if the installation error persists.

You must also remove some connected devices from the network if there are too many. Connecting to a different network might also fix the error sometimes. Are you using a wireless connection with your router? Using an ethernet connection might offer you a much better internet connection. In case of a service outage, you must wait for your service provider to fix the problem.

Transfer the Installation Files to Your Hard Drive

Are you using a DVD to install Windows 11 on your PC? Then, the error might have something to do with the method of installation. In other words, you must install the system on your computer by a different method. Transferring the installation file to your internal drive would be the best alternative.

So, open the disk’s contents, right-click the installation file and opt for copying it to another location. Then, navigate to your system drive and paste the file on it. Check whether you can install Windows 11 after changing the installation file’s location.

Connect the USB Drive Properly

Using a bootable USB is a simple way to install a system on your computer. You can accomplish the task within a few easy steps if you proceed correctly. Needless to say, you must connect the bootable drive properly to your PC for a successful installation. Otherwise, the error code 0x80070570 will recur until you fix the connection.

Make sure you have inserted the USB drive properly into the port or re-insert it. If the error persists, you must try connecting the USB drive to another port. Does that fix the problem in your case? If yes, then your device has a faulty port, and you must get a professional repair.

Find and Fix Damaged System Files

If the previous solutions were ineffective, your PC might have a damaged system file. So, you must run the System File Checker (SFC) to check whether that is the case. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator and enter “sfc/ scannow” to scan your system files. This tool can detect any damaged files on your PC and fix them quickly.

The SFC runs automatically, and you must wait for it to complete the procedure. Once it is done, you must restart your PC before checking on the error. Start the system installation process and contact a professional if it fails again.

Finally, Fix the Hardware Problems on Your PC

Your PC might have a hardware problem in case all of the aforementioned solutions fail. Here, the problem might indicate a physically damaged or corrupted internal drive. So, you must hire a professional to inspect your PC immediately. Depending on the problem, you might need a repair or replacement for your internal HDD or SSD.

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