This Person Isn’t Available Right Now

You can usually reach out to your Facebook friends anytime over chat unless you have blocked them or vice versa. Do you keep getting the message “This person isn’t available right now” while trying to connect with them? As you might know, this issue is quite common for Facebook users across the world.

You probably would not be able to chat with the person for a while when you face this error. So, you might want a quick solution to it. In that case, you can simply try out the simple yet effective fixes listed below.

“This Person Is Not Available Right Now”: Causes and Fixes

There could be many possible causes and you cannot chat with another user on Facebook. And, you might have to try out a wide range of fixes to resolve this issue. Here are the most effective ones among them that you can easily apply:

Check Whether the User Has Blocked You

Are you able to view the profile of the user? If not, then that possibly means the user has blocked you. But, you might not want to rely on this sign alone. Try using another Facebook account to view the profile of the user.

Are you able to see the profile this time? If yes, then that probably means your original account is blocked.

Can you see older chats but cannot start a new one? This is another sign that the person has blocked you. You can’t chat with them in such cases unless they unblock you. So, you might want to request them to do that.

On Messenger App

Did you fail to send the message to the person on Facebook Messenger? Then, you can simply call them using the app. Needless to say, you would fail to make the call if you were blocked. And, if you can connect with the user, that means you were not blocked. In such a case, the problem lies somewhere else.

Unblock the Person You are Trying to Reach

You must also ensure that you have not blocked the person you are trying to chat with. After all, you might often end up doing that by mistake. So, go to the Settings menu on your account and click on Blocking. Then, check the Blocked Users list for the person you were trying to reach.

Do you find the user blocked on your account? Then, you must simply unblock them to chat with them. And, that should remove the message “This person isn’t available right now” unless there are any other issues.

Check the Account Status

The person you are trying to chat with might have deactivated or deleted their account. But, you might still find them in your friend list and also get the option to message them. In such cases, you would see “This person isn’t available right now” while trying to chat. So, you must make sure whether the user’s profile is deactivated or deleted.

Ask a friend whether they can find the user, if required. You can also simply enter the person’s username in the Facebook search box. If you cannot find the profile you are looking for, it is deactivated or deleted. So, you have to contact them on another platform in that case.

Send a Message Request

Has the user not blocked you from their profile? Then, you can send them a message request to start chatting with them. Open the Messenger section on your account to find the option to send a message request. Then, send your message, and you won’t see “This person isn’t available right now” anymore.

Check Whether the User’s Account is Disabled

The user you are trying to chat with might have broken certain terms of Facebook. In that case, their account is probably disabled. And, you probably would not be able to reach them anytime. However, Facebook might often disable some accounts by mistake. If that is the case, the user has to send an email to the support team.

So, you would have to wait until the person you are trying to chat with gets back their account. They can only chat with you through another platform or profile until then. You can verify a disabled profile the same way you verified a deactivated profile.

Delete Browser Cache and Cookies

Are you using Facebook on your browser? Then, the “this person isn’t available right now” message might occur due to corrupt cache and cookies. After all, that is quite a common cause of various browser issues.

So, you must remove any corrupt cookies and cache files from your browser. Opt for clearing your browsing history in the settings and select the cache files. Then, try starting a chat with the user to check whether the problem persists.

You can also switch to Incognito mode so that your browser does not use the cache and cookies. Apart from that, you must also consider changing the browser or using the mobile app.

Clear the Facebook App Cache

Are you using the mobile or desktop app to access your Facebook account? Then, there might be an issue with the app cache. You can verify that by switching to your browser or using another device.

Are you able to chat with the person after you do that? If yes, you must try clearing the Facebook or Messenger app cache from your device.

On Android systems, you must go to the Storage section and open Facebook or Messenger. Then, click on ‘Clear cache’ to eliminate all the cache files. If the “This user isn’t available right now” persists, you should contact the support team.

Report the Issue

Do you keep seeing “this person isn’t available right now” after trying the aforementioned solutions? Then, you can simply report the issue through the option in the Settings. The support team will contact you within a short time and let you know what to do.

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