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Kodi is the best and top-rated online media streaming platform. More than 12 million people across the globe use this open-source application. Kodi allows the users to watch the latest movies, TV shows and series. This media player is available on different platforms, including Linux and macOS. Kodi has an easy user interface and has tons of features. Many use this software to browse photos. Besides, the users can access this software to listen to their favourite songs.

It supports almost all audio and video formats. Apart from that, Kodi allows the users to check the weather forecast reports. Further, the users can connect to online platforms, like YouTube with this application. But, sometimes, you might get a “check the log for more information” message while using Kodi. This error prevents the users from streaming online videos and audio. Close this application and open it to resolve this complicated issue. But, if that doesn’t solve the problem, update the Kodi software immediately.

Potential Reasons behind the “Check the Log for More Information” Error

There are hefty reasons behind this Kodi application error. It could be because of corrupted addons or missing addon files. Improper addon installation can lead to this logging issue. And, the users have encountered this error while accessing services after installing addons. Kodi add-ons are restored in the setup files.

Did you install Kodi from a malicious site? Then, the chances are high that there are corrupted addons. Download Kodi from legitimate sites to avoid this error.

Remove the add-ons and install a new setup file to solve this Kodi error. Besides, several script files are added during the Kodi installation. If the cache memory has a file with the same name, it could be overwritten or removed. This results in the “check the log for more information error”. So, find the source of this Kodi error in the first place. If you are unable to do that, contact an IT expert immediately.

Solutions to Fix the the “Check the Log for More Information” Error

Many Kodi users take experts’ help to eliminate this log error. But, there are plenty of solutions to solve the “check the log for more information” error. Misconfiguration can be a potential cause behind this issue. Change the Kodi application’s settings and restart the program.

This will help you to access the online streaming content again. But, if that didn’t fix this error, try opening Kodi from a different browser. Here are a few more solutions to solve this issue from Kodi:

Check the Kodi Log Viewer

Log viewer helps the Kodi users to check the files which are causing this error. Once you find that, remove that from the device to resolve the problem. But, first, you need to install the log viewer addon in the Kodi application. Don’t know how to add that? Open Kodi and click on the “Add-ons” option. Select “Install from repository” and tap on “Kodi Add-on repository”. Choose the “Program add-ons” and click on “Log viewer for Kodi”.

Can you see the “Install” option? Choose that and include the add-ons in the list. When you open the add-on, it will show four different options. Opt for the “Show Log” option and move to the “General” tab to select “Invert Log”. And, if you didn’t get this option, click on “most recent log” instead. Enable the “show log when an error occurs” option and choose “OK”. Navigate to “Show Log” again and know the root cause of this Kodi error.

Update the URL Resolver

URL resolver is an essential component of this streaming site. It helps the users to add URLs to the online platform. If you are using an outdated URL resolver, it will prevent the application from running. Thus, every Kodi user should update the URL resolver to fix this error. Open the Kodi application and head to the “Settings” section. Click on “System” and select “Add-ons” from the list.

Choose the “Manage dependencies” option and navigate to “URL Resolver”. Now, click on it and check if you see an “Update” button. Click on it and wait for a few seconds to complete the URL Resolver update process. Don’t close the Kodi application when the URL Resolver is updating. Moreover, you can enable the “auto-update” option from this section. Once the update is over, close Kodi and check if it’s still showing the error message.

Uninstall and Reinstall Kodi

A corrupted Kodi application can cause a “check the log for more information” error. Remove that from the computer and install the latest version of Kodi. This application takes less than five minutes to get downloaded. Go to the Microsoft store and write “Kodi” in the search bar. Then, choose “Get to Install” to get this streaming software on Windows devices. Open the application, and the error message won’t further appear.

Do you use a Mac device? Open a web browser to access the official page of Kodi. When the page opens, choose the right macOS version. Click on the “Install” button and wait until the file finishes downloading. Double click on the installation file and when prompted, add that in the application list. Tap on the Kodi application, choose a TV show and check if the error persists. If you are still getting the error, clear the unwanted cache, log files and packages from Kodi.

How to install Kodi on an Android tablet or Phone?

Once you uninstall Kodi from the Android device, go to the Play Store. Write “Kodi” in the search box and click on “Install” when you locate the application. Kodi will be installed on the Android phone or tablet within a few minutes. But, if you can not download this app, check the Wi-Fi connection. Restart the router, and then install the app again on the Android device.

Lastly, Switch to VPN ….

There are many online sites or content that are available in a few countries. If you are trying to access such geo-blocked content, Kodi will show you this message. Use VPN to avoid getting the “check the log for more information” error. But, before using any VPN service, check its features. Get a reliable VPN app that can protect the users’ sensitive data. Make sure to change the location while using Kodi. If the application is still showing the error, contact an expert immediately.

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