Internal Exception on Minecraft

You can connect with many players on Minecraft by joining various servers. And, you would usually get a smooth gameplay experience. However, Minecraft is not free of bugs and glitches like all other online games. You can fix most of them by installing game patches that the developers release. But that might not always be enough to fix the problem you are facing. Especially so if the issue has not occurred due to a bug.

Do you get the message: “Internal exception” vehicle trying to connect to a Minecraft server? Then, you might have to try out various methods to fix the problem until you reach a solution. Here, we have simple yet effective ways to resolve this Minecraft error on your device.

Why Causes“Internal Exception” & What are its Solutions?

The server connection error might occur due to an issue with the Minecraft launcher. But, there are other potential causes of this error as well. So, you must consider them and apply an appropriate solution accordingly. Depending on the cause of the problem, here are the effective solutions you must give a try:

Power Cycle the Router

You might lose connection to the Minecraft server due to an issue with your router. Moreover, this is one of the most common causes of the “Internal exception” message. Power cycling your router might help you fix this issue effectively. So, you must try that first as it can save you some time if it works.

Power off your router and unplug it from the power source. Wait for at least 3 minutes before you plug it back in and power it on. Restarting the router should remove the corrupt internet cache from it. Try connecting to the Minecraft server once you are done.

Disable the Firewall 

The Firewall on your Windows PC might often prevent you from accessing the Minecraft server. In such cases, you need to turn it off through the Windows Defender Security Center for an optimal solution. Use the Start menu search bar to open this program on Windows 10.

Do you find the firewall enabled for public networks in the Firewall and Network Protection section? If yes, then click on the Public Network window and turn the firewall off. Click on “Yes” if you get a confirmation message and close the window once you are done. This should fix any Minecraft server connection problems that the firewall causes.

Allow the Game through the Firewall

It might not be safe to disable the firewall on your computer. So, you can simply allow Minecraft through the firewall for a solution. And, that might fix the “Internal exception” error in many cases. To do this, you must go to the Windows Defender Firewall, using the Start menu search bar.

Select the option to allow an app or feature given at the left side of the window. Select Java ™ Platform SE Binary and check the Private and Public boxes. Click on OK once you are done and exit from the window. Then, check whether you face any problems connecting to the Minecraft server.

Reduce the Render Distance

The render distance you have set in Minecraft determines how many chunks of the game world are visible. If you have set it too high, that will increase data usage, which often causes server connection issues. As a result, you might get the “Internal exception” message. So, you must try reducing the render distance if the aforementioned solutions are ineffective.

Launch Minecraft on your computer and click on Options in the menu. Then, open the Video Settings and section and reduce the Render Distance given at the top-right corner.

Reduce it as much as possible, and then check whether you can connect to the server. Do you get the error message again? Then, you need to try some more advanced solutions.

Get the Latest Java Build

The problem you are facing might have something to do with the Java program on your device. Due to an outdated Java build, you might often get the “Internal exception” message. In that case, you need to update it to the latest version. So, launch Java on your device and click on Configure Java.

Go to the Update tab and click on the Update Now option at the bottom. The program will look for any updates and automatically install them quickly. Getting the latest Java often fixes the Minecraft server connection issues over the long term.

Enable a Restricted Environment for Minecraft

Java misconfiguration is yet another possible cause of the “Internal exception” message on Minecraft. You can usually fix the problem effectively in such cases by running the game in a restricted environment.

Open Java on your PC and navigate to its control panel. Enable the operating system’s restricted environment under the Advanced Security Settings. Click on OK to save the changes to the settings and close the program. Then, launch Minecraft once you are ready and check on the problem.

Reinstall Java

You might often fail to connect to a Minecraft server due to Java installation issues. In such cases, reinstalling the program is the most viable option left for you. So, open the Java file in your File Manager and run the uninstallation program. Once you are done, download and install Java again on your device. This might take some time but can provide an optimal and long-lasting solution to the problem.

What if these Methods do not Work?

You must try all of the aforementioned solutions before looking for other methods. If you cannot fix the “Internal exception” with them, you must consider reinstalling the game. Repairing the game file might also fix the problem in certain cases. You can also try changing the DNS server and editing the Java path in the launcher settings, among other things.