Fallout 4 Brown Face

Fallout 4 is surely one of the best games in the Fallout series. However, it is not completely free from bugs and glitches, and you might face them quite often. One such annoying issue is the brown face glitch, which is quite common. Many players have come across this problem and want a long-term fix.

Despite being quite an old glitch, it has not been completely fixed yet. So, you might often find your character’s and NPCs’ faces turned brown.

In some cases, they might also turn completely black. We have gathered effective methods to help you fix the Fallout 4 brown face glitch.

Why does the Brown Face Glitch Occur and How to Fix it?

A faulty mod or conflicting mods are among the most common explanations for the brown face glitch. However, there could be other causes behind this issue as well. And, finding the right one is usually quite a complicated task and takes a lot of time.

So, you might need assistance in fixing the brown face mod. Try out the following fixes to resolve the glitch in such situations:

Relaunch Fallout 4

This is a highly suggested Fallout 4 brown face fix by many players. So, you might want to try it out before moving on to more complicated fixes. Relaunching the game can usually fix a wide range of glitches in it. So, save your progress and exit the game to launch it again. Then, check whether your character or the NPCs in the game have brown faces.

If relaunching through the desktop did not work, you must try to do that through Steam. And, that has fixed the issue for many players. Proceed with the next solution if it does not do the trick in your case.

Restart Your Computer

As you might know, restarting your computer can fix a wide range of issues with your apps. So, if relaunching the game did not work, you must also try restarting your computer. Shut it down for a few minutes or simply opt for a restart. This will refresh all the processes running on your device.

Launch the game once you are ready and verify the problem’s existence. Does the brown face glitch persist? As it happens, restarting your computer is not always very effective as a Fallout 4 brown face fix. So, you must try other fixes if you are still facing the glitch.

Make Sure the Graphics Drivers are Up-to-Date

The problem you are facing might often have something to do with the graphics card. Are you using an outdated graphics card driver on your computer? If yes, then that might explain the Fallout 4 brown face glitch. Updating to the latest graphics driver should provide a long-term solution in such cases.

So, go to the Device Manager on your PC and expand the display adapters. Then, right-click your graphics card and click on “Update driver”. The system will then look for the latest graphics driver and install it. Restart the system once that is done and check whether the glitch persists.

Lower the Game Resolution

The brown face glitch might sometimes occur due to a VRAM shortage. In that case, reducing the game resolution should provide you with an effective solution. So, go to the Settings menu in your game and open the video or graphics settings. Make the necessary changes to reduce the resolutions and save the changes. Then, get back to the game and check whether the characters still have brown faces.

Stopping the background process would be an effective way to reduce memory usage. So, you might also want to try that out as a Fallout 4 brown face glitch.

Remove Troublesome Mods

Did you start facing the brown face issue after getting a particular mod? If yes, then simply removing it might do the trick. So, go to the mod manager and remove the mod you think is causing the issue. If the problem persists, you can try removing some more mods the same way.

Many players have reported that a conflict between two mods caused the brown face glitch in their cases. If that applies to you, you would have to remove one of the conflicting mods.

Reinstall Texture Mods

Are you using texture mods with Fallout 4? If yes, then an error within might cause the brown face glitch. And, you might not be able to fix the issue if you continue using the mod. So, you must remove it and then go through the installation again. This should refresh all the mod data and fix the Fallout brown face glitch.

Disable all Fallout 4 Mods

If reinstalling the mods did not work, you must also try disabling all of them. So, launch the mod manager and opt for disabling every Fallout 4 mod you are using. This might remove any issues that triggered the glitch.

However, disabling the mods is not the only option left. You can simply install the mods available specifically meant for fixing the Fallout 4 brown face problem.

Get Third Party Mods to Fix the Glitch

Did the aforementioned methods fail to resolve the brown face glitch on Fallout 4? Then, you should get an effective solution for the Brown Face Glitch Workaround Mod. You can install it from the official Nexus Mods website.

Choose Brown Face Fix Male or Brown Face Fix Female, depending on your game character. Then, download it to the Fallout 4 folder on your device.

You must also Install the Face Ripper mod and launch it on your device. Choose the appropriate files in the Reset Face and Transfer face fields. Then, click on Transfer Face and close the program once you are done.

Reach Out to the Support Team

Are you unable to resolve the brown face glitch on Fallout 4? Then, you must reach out to the customer support team for assistance. You must also consider visiting the official Bethesda forums if required.

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