Error for Site Owner: Invalid Key Type

Google introduced ReCAPTCHA to protect the websites from unauthorised access. More than one million business websites use this security service. ReCAPTCHA V3 increases online security and improves the browsing experience. It uses the latest technology to block site traffic and detect user behaviour.

This new version of ReCAPATCHA lets the user access sites without clicking checkboxes. Even, it saves the hassle of clicking the matching images or entering CAPTCHA codes. Besides, ReCAPTCHA V3 is effective in preventing unwanted Bot attacks.

Though, implementing this google ReCAPTCHA is relatively easy and less time-consuming. You need to create a secret key to access the admin console. But sometimes, you might face hindrances while doing that.

Did you get the error for site owner: invalid key type error? This means you have entered an incorrect ReCAPTCHA V3 key. This error might occur if you use a V2 key instead of the V3 key. Moreover, this Google error takes place for changing the ReCAPTCHA type. It might even be caused by entering an incorrect domain name. Check the domain name once from the admin console to solve this problem.

Easy Solutions to Fix Error for Site Owner: Invalid Key Type

Usually, this error occurs in WordPress when the reCAPTCHA site and Secret key don’t match. Many tried to resolve this problem by uninstalling and installing this CMS platform. But, this troubleshooting method might not work sometimes.

Change or reset the ReCAPTCHA V3 key to prevent getting this Google error. But, if that doesn’t work, ensure to integrate reCAPTCHA again to the online sites.

Check if a valid Gmail account is linked in the reCAPTCHA v3’s admin console. Enter the right sub-domain name in the WHMCS plugin to fix this error. An outdated web browser can also be a potential reason behind such an occurrence. Thus, Chrome users should update the browser to overcome this problem.

This ReCAPCTHA V3 error can also occur when the Wi-Fi connection is unstable. Restart the router, access WordPress and check whether this error persists. If you still experience the “error for site owner: invalid key type”, follow these solutions:

Replace the V3 Key with a V2 Key

Most of the popular web applications don’t support Recaptcha V3 keys. You have to change the ReCAPTCHA key type in certain circumstances. Downgrade the ReCAPTCHA key to V2 to eliminate this error from WordPress or other sites. Remove the V3 keys first, and then generate new V2 site keys.

Ensure to enter the ReCAPTCHA V2 key in the “Contract Form” to revert the ReCAPTCHA keys. And, here is how you can change the Google ReCAPTCHA V3 keys to V2 keys:

  • Start with opening the WordPress site, and then locate the “Admin” section.
  • Head to the “Plugin” tab and tap on the “Add Plugin” option afterwards.
  • Navigate to “Invisible ReCaptcha for WordPress” and choose this option to install it.
  • Once done, activate this option and tap on “ReCaptcha Admin”. Then, select “ReCAPTCHA V2 (Invisible).
  • Move to the “Keys” and wait until the “Site Key” and “Secret Key” option pops up.
  • Copy the “Site Key” to “Notepad” or “Clipboard” and access WordPress again.
  • Head to the “Admin” tab and choose the “Settings” option and click on “Invisible ReCaptcha”.

What else needs to be Done?

Go to the “Site Key” section and paste the site key number you have noted down previously. Move to the “Secret Key” section and copy the key number. Paste that in the “Secret Key” field and choose the right badge position. Always keep the badge position to “bottom left” or “inline”.

Tap on “Save”, and when the next window appears, click on “Contact Forms”. Toggle on the “Enable Protection for Contact Form 7” option and choose “Save Changes”. Open WordPress and check whether it is showing the Google ReCAPTCHA error. If the error remains, verify the ReCAPTCHA key versions.

Go to the CDN admin panel and change the key version to V3. Edit the database to resolve the error for site owner: invalid key type issue from WordPress. Contact an IT expert if you don’t know which command to run on the database to disable Recaptcha.

Register a new ReCAPTCHA Key

Invalid reCAPTCHA key can cause this issue in WordPress. Enter a new reCAPTCHA key to stop getting the error for site owner: invalid key type message. Don’t know how to register a new V3 or V2 key? Open the web browser, access the website, and sign for the API key pair.

And, when the website opens, choose “Admin Console” and head to the reCaptcha type section. Select the “ReCAPTCHA V3” option and enter the website URL in the “Domain” section.

Enter the Gmail address in “Owners” and tick the service agreement checkbox. Opt for the “Submit” option to complete the ReCAPTCHA key registration process. You can check this new key from WordPress’s plugin settings. Open WordPress, enter the login credentials and check whether you have resolved the error.

If WordPress still shows the error message, change the ReCAPTCHA type to V2 instead. Now, open the website and error for the site owner: invalid key type won’t further appear.

Lastly, Access WordPress’s cPanel Account…

Missing or corrupted WordPress login files can lead to this ReCAPTCHA error. Remove those problematic files to solve this complicated login error. And, these folders are located in the WordPress site’s cPanel.

Login to the cPanel by writing the website URL in the address bar. Alternatively, WordPress users can write “x/cpanel” in the address bar. Here, “X” is the website address of WordPress or other websites.

Once you get into the cPanel account, locate the site’s file manager. Click on the “Public-html” file, tap on “wp_content” and choose “Plugins”. Tap on “Login-recaptc” and go through all the files inside this folder.

Remove the files from this folder and open the WordPress login page again. You can now login to the website’s dashboard without the error for site owner: invalid key type issue. But, if that didn’t solve the error, disable proxy and VPN connection.

A virus-infected file can be the reason for showing this Google ReCAPTCHA error. Thus, scan the PC or laptop with an antivirus or anti-malware program. Reset the browser and add that in the default settings. Try accessing WordPress from a different web browser. Ensure the business sites are added to Google ReCAPTCHA’s domain page. Contact a web developer for more effective troubleshooting tips.

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