Error Code: i2501

Square Enix is one of the most popular gaming platforms. This game publisher has gained a high reputation due to Final Fantasy or games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Well, this gaming platform is on the headline, but not for delivering top-notch games. The error code: i2501 has been bothering the users of Square Enix.

However, the issue is not all worldwide, but users of Asia and the Middle East are reporting more about the error code: i2501. By the way, what’s triggering the error code: i2501? While investigating the error on Square Enix, we have found that users are receiving the error when they have entered invalid payment information. Therefore, all the payments are getting discarded.

Even if the users have provided the right payment details, they are still receiving the same Square Enix error code: i2501. Well, this indicates that there are other causes behind this problem. The user might not be using the credit or debit card in a place where the card was issued to them.

On the other hand, Proxies or VPN might be rejecting the payment to save the user from scams. And finally, users might have attempted the payment procedure more than twice on a particular day. Irrespective of the triggers, you can try the following fixes to get rid of the Square Enix error code: i2501.

Disable your VPN and Proxies

Square Enix platform comes with an anti-scam system and it’s designed to take payments through Proxies or VPNs. It ensures that it should not come across bad requests flooding towards its payment server. So, you need to deactivate the VPN and Proxies to make sure that Square Enix accepts your payment requests.

But, it’s only applicable when you are using any kind of Proxies and VPN. Turn them off and retry paying with the regular internet connection. In addition to this, you should keep all your internal firewalls turned off while requesting the payment. When the payment system of Square Enix finds that your payment request is valid, you shouldn’t experience Square Enix error code: i2501.

Deactivate the Ad-Blocker Extension

Ad-Blocker extension is not only designed to block only advertisements but also websites. And, it’s nothing surprising if the Ad-blocker extension is hindering your experience with Square Enix payments.

To be on the safe side, you should deactivate the extension. Here’s how you can put an end to the nuisance by disabling the extension:

  • Explore Google Chrome and go to the Main Menu. It’s those three dots appearing in the top-right corner of the browser window.
  • Move the pointer to the More Tools option. After that, you have to choose the option named Extensions.
  • You need to turn off the Ad-blocker extension from the list of installed extensions.

Now, you can try paying for the intended purchase on Square Enix.

Try Paying through your Smartphone, Instead

If you’re still facing the square Enix error code: i2501, then we have another easy solution. There are chances that your computer or web browser might be suffering from temporary glitches. To keep hassles at bay, you can consider your smartphone to make a quick payment on Square Enix.

You might be thinking that this might not work if your smartphone is connected to the same network. You might doubt this method since the IP address, and payment details are the same. However, users have found it helpful in some cases. You can check it out, as well. Try fetching the Square Enix gaming platform and proceed to make the payment. If that fails, too, then you should switch to a nearby trusted network.

Clear the Cache and Cookies

This is on the hotlist of reasons that might be triggering the Square Enix error code: i2501. Suppose there are corrupted or faulty cache or cookies. The server can block the connection due to the presence of corrupted cache and cookies.

Therefore, you have to clear the cache and cookies. After you have deleted the cookies and cache, try making the payment on Square Enix. Observe if the Square Enix error code: i2501 still persists.

Go for Incognito Mode

If you haven’t found the solution to the error code: i2501 yet, then you can try this simple fix. Many users have stated that this can discard the issue. If you’re using Google Chrome to make the payment, then you can switch to the Incognito Mode.

To launch an Incognito window under Google Chrome, you have to click the three dots from the browser’s top-right corner. Now, you can click the New Incognito Window option. However, if this doesn’t work, then you can try another browser.

Users have suggested that switching to Mozilla Firefox can fix the error code: i2501. You can try the same Incognito mode there to pursue a seamless payment on Square Enix.

Wait for 24 Hours

If you have tried making the payment on Square Enix multiple times, it’s obvious to come across the error code: i2501. Square Enix gaming platform generally blocks those users who have tried paying on the platform more than twice.

If this is the instance, then you must be aware that Square Enix will block you for 24 hours before you try making another payment. And, you need to wait patiently for those 24 hours before you make any attempt to pay on the Square Enix platform.

Contact Customer Service

Users have reported that they were unable to recover the gaming platform from the Square Enix error code: i2501 even after they applied all the solutions mentioned above. If you fail to recover from the error, then you should consider contacting the customer support of Square Enix. They will diagnose the problem and find you a solution shortly.

Anything Else to Remember?

You have to ensure that your bank hasn’t blocked your credit or debit card. Otherwise, it won’t work no matter how many solutions you try. In addition to this, there should be sufficient funds to carry out the payment. Moreover, make sure that you are not using the same card for different accounts on Square Enix.

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