EA.com Unable to Connect

You might have to connect to the EA Games server to enjoy certain titles from EA. And, you can usually accomplish that without any issues if you have a good internet connection. However, you might sometimes fail to connect to the server despite that.

Many players worldwide have faced this problem and are looking for effective solutions. Are you unable to set up a reliable connection with the EA Server? Then, you might need to try some simple methods to get an optimal solution to this issue.

However, that is possible only when the problem lies at your end. Read to know the most effective troubleshooting steps for connecting with the EA server.

EA.com Unable to Connect: 6 Troubleshooting Steps

You might face connection problems with the EA server due to a wide range of device and network issues. So, you must consider them as possible causes and troubleshoot the problem accordingly.

Here are the effective steps with which you can find a solution to this issue: 

  • Make Sure the Server is Online

You must check the server’s status you are trying to connect to before implementing any solution. After all, the developers might often put it under maintenance to fix various issues with the game. And, they usually do this regularly to maintain the user experience.

You can inquire into the server status of a game from the official EA Help website. Search your game on the site and go to its home page. Then, click on Server Status and check the result next to your platform. It should show an upper arrow if the server is online. If the server is down, you need to wait until it goes online again. 

  • Fix Network Issues

If the server is online and still you cannot connect to it, that might indicate a network issue. So, you need to fix that to connect to the EA server. Reconnecting to the network might resolve the issue effectively for a while. So, disconnect from the router for a few minutes and connect again. Then, try to connect to the EA server and check whether the problem persists.

If refreshing the network does not work, you must also try restarting your router. And, that should fix any network errors causing the connection issues. Unplug your router from the power for at least a minute, and then power it back on. Connect to the network and check whether you can access the game server.

Do you still face the “EA.com unable to connect” error? Then, you must switch to an ethernet connection if you have been using Wi-Fi. Your cable might be damaged if you were already using an ethernet connection. In that case, switching to Wi-Fi or changing the cable should fix the issue. 

  • Check Your EA Play Membership Status

You must have an EA Play membership for accessing certain online features of EA Games. Without it, you might face connection issues with EA.com. So, you must consider buying an EA Play membership if you do not have one. And, in case you already have one, make sure it is active.

Your EA Play payments are recurring, which automatically occur after every billing cycle. So, your membership keeps renewing unless and until you have cancelled it. You need to log into your EA Play account to know your EA Play status.

Go to the Subscription section in the Account and Billing settings to check whether the membership has expired. If it has, renewing might fix the EA server connection problem. 

  • Disable the Firewall or Grant Access Through it

The firewall might often prevent your device from accessing the EA server on your PC. In such cases, you might want to disable this feature while you are playing the game. However, that is not the only solution in this situation. You can also simply grant access to the game facing the issue through the firewall.

Navigate to Updates and Security in your Settings menu and open Windows Security. Select Firewall and Network Protection in the new window and click on Windows Security Console Settings. Then, opt for allowing an application through the firewall and add your game to the list of allowed apps. 

  • Set Your Network Profile to Private

If the firewall was the culprit behind the issue, you must also check your network profile. After all, it configures your firewall to allow or block applications. Using a private network profile might cause your firewall to restrict your game from accessing the server.

Apart from that, it might also restrict some other legitimate apps that need an internet connection. In such cases, switching this profile to ‘public’ should offer you a long-term solution.

You can change your network profile on Windows through the Settings menu. Open the Network & Internet settings and select the connection type you are using. Then, select Private under the network profile type. Restart the PC once you are done and check the problem. 

  • Reset Your Network Configurations

You might fail to connect to the EA server due to network configuration issues on your device. If the aforementioned methods did not work, you might need to reset the network configuration for a solution. You need to open the Command Prompt as an administrator for doing that.

First, you need to reset any configurations made to the Winsock catalog. Enter the command “netsh winsock reset” to do that. Then, release your IP address by entering “ipconfig /release” and renew it by entering “ipconfig /renew”.

Use the command “ipconfig /flushdns” after that to clear your DNS cache. Close the Command Prompt once you are done and try to connect to the EA server.

Look for EA Account-Related Issues

Have you deactivated or deleted your EA account? If yes, then that explains why you cannot connect to the server. So, you might want to make a new account. You must also make sure that you have not logged into the account on multiple devices at the same time. Apart from that, using a child account restricts you from certain online features. So, choose the account type based on your requirement.