How to Fix Discord Error Connecting

You can access your Discord chats and sever without any issues. But, users have often complained about the app being stuck on the connecting page. And, this annoying problem might persist for quite a long time.

You might need to take various steps to fix this problem effectively, depending on its cause. Until then, the error might keep occurring whenever you launch the app.

Follow the methods listed below if you are looking for a solution to Discord error connecting. As we shall see, there are several possible causes of the problem and many possible solutions.

But, you can usually fix this issue all by yourself with simple methods. Alternatively, you can always reach out to the support team for help.

What Causes the Discord Error Connecting and How to Fix it?

You might want to fix your internet connection to fix the Discord connection error. But, there are other possible solutions to this issue as well. After all, internet problems are not the only possible cause behind the connection error.

Here are the effective ways you can fix the connection error on Discord:

Reboot Your Device

You must resolve any temporary errors that might cause the Discord error connecting first. And, restarting your device is the quickest and most effective way to do that. It can fix a wide range of problems that temporary errors can cause on your device. So, restart your device before relaunching Discord to refresh the process.

If the connection error is resolved, you can expect it to stay away for a while. But, if it shows up again, you can try out some more effective solutions.

Restart the Router

The connection error might also indicate a temporary error on your router if you are using one. So, you should try restarting your router to resolve any issues with it. Turn it off and unplug it for a minute before plugging it back in. Turn it on and connect the device on which you are using Discord to the network.

Give the loading page some time to check whether it remains stuck. Do you come across the Discord error connecting again? If yes, you must try out the next solution and see if that does the trick.

Ensure a Better Connection with the Router

The Discord error you are facing might also have something to do with router connection problems. You need to improve the connection to ensure an effective solution in such cases. And, there are various ways you can do that.

Do you find a weak Wi-Fi signal on your device? If yes, then you must bring the device closer to the router.

Apart from that, you can also try changing the connection type from Wi-Fi to ethernet. This should remove any interference that your network was facing. Alternatively, you can also achieve that by changing the wireless channel.

Change Your Router’s Wireless Channel

You might be using the same wireless channel as many of the networks in your surroundings. As a result, your network faces interference that results in the Discord error connecting. Log in to your router’s web management interface and change the wireless channel through the settings. You can use a Wi-Fi analyser app to know which channel you must choose.

Disconnect or Restart the VPN

Are you using a VPN while trying to access Discord on your device? If yes, then that might explain the connection error in your case. As you might know, Discord might sometimes prevent you from accessing a server using a VPN connection.

In some cases, the problem you face might also indicate an unstable VPN connection.

So, you would need to disable VPN or reconnect to the network depending on the exact cause. Try restarting the VPN first and check whether you can access Discord. And, if the “Discord error connecting” issue persists, you must disable the VPN.

Scan for Malicious Files and Software

The Discord connection error might also indicate the presence of malware and viruses. Even though such instances are not very common, you might want to be sure. So, you must consider scanning your devices for malicious files and software. If there are any, you must get rid of them without any unnecessary delay.

Open your antivirus app or install a more reliable one if required. Then, take the necessary steps based on the result of the antivirus scan. In some, your antivirus app might prevent your device from connecting to Discord. You must apply the next fix in such cases.

Disable the Firewall and Antivirus

The Discord error connecting might often occur because of the firewall or antivirus on your device. As it happens, they might often stop your device from connecting to the Discord server.

But, there is no good reason for them to do so as there is no threat in the connection. So, you must simply disable the antivirus and firewall for a solution in such situations.

Does this step resolve the connection issues on Discord? If yes, then you can keep the antivirus and firewall disabled when Discord is running. Alternatively, you can also set an exception for Discord, if possible.

Update Your System and the Discord App

The outdated system or app versions are another possible cause of the “Discord error connecting” issue. So, you have to take the necessary steps to fix that issue if the previous fixes were ineffective. Go to your device’s settings and opt for installing the latest system version.

Since you cannot access the Discord app, you need to update it from the app store. Alternatively, you can also get the latest app version from the official website. Check up on the problem after having the latest system and app version.

Other Possible Fixes You Can Try

The aforementioned steps can effectively fix the Discord error connecting in most cases. But, if they are ineffective, you can try changing the network settings on your device. Flushing the DNS can do the trick in many cases as well. Apart from that, you can also try reinstalling Discord on your device.