Discord Error a Fatal Javascript

The Fatal Javascript Error is one of the common Discord issues you might come across. And, there is no specific reason why it occurs on your device. So, you need to consider all the possible causes of this error to find an effective solution. You can usually fix this issue all by yourself if you apply the right fixes. If required, you can also simply reach out to the Discord support team for help.

Here, we will look at the fixes for the “Discord error a fatal Javascript” issue. They can help you get an effective solution to the problem in most cases. So, you might want to give each of them a try until you find a solution.

How to Resolve the Discord Error a Fatal Javascript?

The issue you are facing does not always have to do with the Discord app. So, you must look for issues within your device as well.

Alternatively, you can proceed with the following steps right away for an immediate solution

Relaunch Discord

The Discord error on your device might indicate a temporary error in the app. So, you might want to address that issue first. Restarting the app can help you fix various errors while you use it. Close Discord for a minute on your device and then relaunch it.

Also, close any Discord processes that you find running in the background on your PC. Even if this method works, it might not always ensure a long-term solution.

Do you get the Discord error a Fatal Javascript again? If yes, you must consider an error in your device’s system.

Restart Your Device

Your device might have encountered an error while trying to run Discord on it. And, a restart might fix the Discord fatal Javascript error in such cases. So, perform a restart or turn off the device for a few minutes. Start it again, and then try to run Discord on your device.

Do you find the app running without any issues after doing this? If yes, you can apply this solution again if the error occurs anytime soon. But, that would not be enough if there is an installation issue with Discord.

Use a Different Device to Run Discord

Do you want an immediate solution to the Discord error a Fatal Javascript? Then, you can simply use a different device to run the app. This method would surely work unless there is an issue with the other device. So, install Discord on another computer or mobile device and use the app there for a while.

But, many users might not find this option viable for various reasons. If you face the same situation, you must try the next solution for the Fatal Javascript error.

Scan Your Device for Malware

Malicious files can cause quite a lot of damage to your data once you download them. And, they might also target crucial app data, among other types of files. As a result, you might face the Discord error a Fatal Javascript on your device. You must make sure that there are no viruses or malware on your computer.

Launch your antivirus software and scan your device for malicious files. Remove any malware you find on your device immediately. You should then be able to run Discord without any issues. If you cannot, you must consider the antivirus app as the cause of the persisting error.

Disable the Antivirus Program

Third-party antivirus programs often cause issues with running various programs on your computer. In such situations, disabling the antivirus is probably the most viable solution. So, you must give that a try for fixing the Discord error a Fatal Javascript. Open the antivirus app and toggle it off for a while.

Launch Discord after disabling the antivirus to check on the problem. If the error appears again, it might have nothing to do with your antivirus. Yet, you must keep your antivirus disabled while trying other possible solutions.

Open Discord as Administrator

The Fatal Javascript issue might indicate that the app does not have enough permissions. And, this would happen only when you are running a user account. So, you must create an administrator account or switch to an existing one for opening the app.

Right-click the Discord app icon and opt for running it as an administrator. This should grant more permissions to the app than it had otherwise. As a result, you might not face any further problems in running Discord on your PC.

Clear Discord Data and Regenerate it 

As mentioned earlier, you might face the Discord error a Fatal Javascript due to an installation problem. But, you need not necessarily reinstall Discord for an effective solution in such cases.

Clearing the app data is often sufficient for fixing the error. Make sure to stop all Discord processes running on your device before doing that.

Find the Discord app data folder on your device and remove all of it. Using a mobile device, you can quickly clear app data through Settings. Restart your device and launch Discord to regenerate all the deleted data. You might find this method to be quite effective in many cases.

Update Discord

Are you using an outdated Discord version? If yes, that might explain the Fatal Javascript error in your case. Updating the app should fix the issue effectively in such situations. You can look for Discord updates in the app store or the app. Allow the app to download the latest version and then restart it.

But, what if the update fails to fix the error? In that case, reinstalling the app might be the only viable solution.

Reinstall Discord

Installation errors are common causes of the “Discord error a Fatal Javascript” issue. And, reinstalling the app is the most effective way to deal with that problem. So, you must uninstall Discord and clear its data before installing it again as a last resort.

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