Discord Bot Error

Discord bots can access the game server and channel’s data. Remove them immediately to use this messaging platform without cybersecurity risks. Some bots even ask for the user’s information, like an email address or phone number. Don’t give these details, as it might directly go to the bot developers. Once they gain access to the Discord account, they can change the password or steal data.

Improve the Discord security by resolving the Discord bot error. This app can prevent unauthorized users from adding bots to the servers. But, sometimes, Discord fails to do that. And, this can cause issues, especially when you are streaming. Thus, every Discord user should know how to remove bots to avoid this issue.

Discord bots can’t hack your IP when using a reliable browser. Further, you should never tap on malicious links when using Discord. Change the password if you notice any suspicious activities on the Discord account. Set up 2FA to protect Discord from the bots.

5 Effective Solutions to Fix the Discord Bot Error

Discord users can remove bots easily from servers or channels. And, there are several ways to do that. You need to enable the security features to reduce bot attacks. Always use a reliable wireless network when using Discord. Update the app to resolve the Discord bot error immediately.

If that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to protect the servers from bots:

Use the Kick Option

Do you want to remove a particular bot from the Discord server? Open the app, log in to the app account, and navigate to the “Server Settings” section. Here, you can check the list of the bots on the game server. Right-click on the bot name, and choose “Kick” to remove them. Alternatively, you can also do this from Discord’s game channel.

Check the Mutual Servers

Most bots come from the game communities that you are part of. Usually, the Discord servers with 30+ members are susceptible to these bot attacks. First, identify the bot names and open the “Voice Chat” section. Locate the message that you think came from a bot.

Right-click on it, and choose “Report” or “Block” to stop the bot from sending spam messages. Moreover, you should always join a legitimate Discord server. If you are curious to know what’s inside the server, do quick research first. If the server name is game or NFT project-related, there’s a chance that it might be legit.

Change the Server Privacy Settings

Many users leave the servers when facing Discord bot errors. But, you can stop the bots from joining the servers by changing the privacy settings. This is useful for the users who stream popular online games on their Discord channels.

Open the Discord app or website, and go to the “Server Settings” section. Choose a server name, right-click on it and click “Privacy Settings”. Wait until the pop-up message appears on the Discord screen. Search for the “Allow direct messages from server members” option. Disable this option, select “Done” to stop getting messages from bots.

Check Discord’s Privacy & Safety Options

Are you still getting spam messages from the bots? Then, you might need to reconfigure Discord’s “Privacy & Safety” settings. Open the Discord app, tap on “User Settings” and wait until the next window opens. Look for the “Privacy & Safety” option and toggle on the “Keep me Safe” option.

This option scans all the messages and prevents hackers from sending messages. Choose “My friends are nice” to scan content from the users who are not on the Friends list. Additionally, you should go to the “Server Privacy Defaults” section.

Now, it is time to disable the “Who can add you as a friend” option. Close this window, and open a web browser to re-access Discord. Try accessing a server and check if the Discord bot error persists. If yes, change the region or create a new account to overcome the problem.

Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

Corrupted Discord files can cause the bot error. Uninstall the app to remove bots from the online servers.

Do you use Discord from an Android device? Open the Play Store app, select the “Profile” option, and tap on “Manage apps & devices”.

Click “Manage” and search for “Discord” from the app list. Select “Discord” and opt for the “Uninstall” option when the next page opens. It might take a few seconds to remove the app from the device.

Once done, go to the search box, write “Discord”. Choose “Discord” from the searched results, and click “Install”. Select a secure Wi-Fi connection and open the app. It won’t further display the Discord bot error when accessing the servers.

How to Delete Discord from an iPhone?

Restart the iOS device, and touch and hold the Discord app for a while. Choose “Remove” when the pop-up menu opens. Tap on “Delete App” and wait for at least 2-3 minutes to get the confirmation message.

Choose “Delete” to uninstall Discord from the iPhone. And, go to the App Store to install the latest Discord version on the device. Open the app and join the servers without getting the Discord bot error.

How to Uninstall Discord from a Windows Device?

Windows 10/11 users need to press the Windows and I keys together. And, then choose “Control Panel” when the Settings menu opens. Navigate to the “Programs” section from the next window and tap on “Programs and Features”.

Find the Discord app from the pre-installed program list. Right-click on Discord, choose “Uninstall”, and select “Yes” when the confirmation message pops up. Then, open a web browser, go to the address bar and write “Discord”.

Access the Discord website, tap on “download”, and choose the right OS. Open this messaging app once the installation gets completed. Stream the online games without the Discord bot error message.

Can’t Uninstall the Discord app? Here’s How to Fix it

You can get issues while uninstalling this program due to JavaScript errors. Disable “Discord: from Task Manager before removing it. Clear the Discord cache and delete the app data from the Registry Editor. Reinstall the app on the smartphone or PC and use it without experiencing bot errors.

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