could not activate cellular data network

Cell phones are wireless modes of communication. And, on top of that, connecting to the internet is now at your fingertips, with Wi-Fi and mobile data (cellular data). An annoying situation occurs if you could not activate cellular data networks. 

The sudden activation of airplane mode, exhausted data usage, corrupted SIM card, unavailability of peak networks are some of the possible causes. Both iPhones and Android device users face the issue. It seems that you also cannot activate cellular or mobile data. That is why getting along with the solutions is a mandatory task to make the most out of cellular data. 

Re-activating the Cellular Data Network

For example, if you are not at your home, then where could you get a Wi-Fi network? It’s not at all possible. So, the cellular network data will provide you access to the internet. So, check out all of these best possible solutions that will definitely work to activate the cellular data. 

1. Switch off the Airplane Mode 

Accidentally, if the airplane mode gets turned on, be it in your smartphone or iPhone, it will cut off all the connections. You cannot even activate a cellular data network. On the other hand, you cannot even make calls either. 

For Android devices, bring down the upper panel of the display and expand the menus. You will see the Airplane icon is activated. Tap on it to de-activate. For iOS devices, swipe up to bring the menu panel and implement the same process for the Android devices. 

After that, turn on the mobile/cellular data and check whether you can connect the device to the internet or not. 

2. Is the Correct Network Available?

Evert smart and iPhone has mainly three types of network. Edge (2G), 3G, and LTE (4g). When you navigate to the connection settings, you can see that there are three types of network options present: 2G, 3G only and Auto Connect (2G/3G/LTE). When you cannot activate the cellular data network, then the network must have been transferred to 2G. So, you need to select the Auto Connect option. Make sure you turn off the mobile data before switching over the network. 

3. The Activation of Data Roaming 

The concept of mobile roaming appears when you are out of your local area or state. When you travel out of state, then the network automatically switches from the local network to the state network. Some mobile carriers provide the facility of free-roaming. This means that you don’t have to buy any packs to access the network or mobile data while you are out of the station. 

Unfortunately, if you could not activate cellular data networks when the “Data Roaming” option is not enabled on your phone. So, navigate to the Connection settings and turn on the “Data Roaming” toggle. 

4. System Software Update 

The outdated version of system software will easily allow you to activate cellular data networks. In addition to that, certain additional glitches might also come up. In such cases, you have to navigate to the “About Phone” option and check whether the system software version is the latest or not. If not, then check for updates. Hopefully, this will resolve the issue. 

5. Turn on Automatic Access Points

Regarding cellular data, access points play one of the crucial roles. If the network access point of your cell phone is manually set, then you could not activate the cellular data network. Simply, navigate to the Connection settings and check the access point name. Try to enable automatic mode and turn on the cellular data connection. 

6. Improve Poor Cellular Network

If the network bar is low, then there is a high possibility that you could not activate cellular data networks. So, you cannot roam around to make the network connection stable. So, navigate to the Network Connection Settings. You can see two options: Automatic and Manual network selection. It seems that you are out of your local area. So, tap on manual network selection. The network bar will wipe out and the cell phone network will try to select any available networks. When the list of available networks is available, select the desired one. After that, turn on the cellular data and hopefully, it will successfully connect to the internet. 

What if your SIM Card has Issues?

If your SIM card is facing issues, then you might try some preliminary processes. Take out the SIM card and rub it with a fine piece of cloth. Insert back the SIM to the phone and try to connect. In case you are having a dual-SIM phone, then the SIM might be inserted in SIM 1 or SIM 2. Interchange the SIM slots and try to connect. If the issue still exists, then you have nothing more to do. Contact your SIM card provider for a new one.