Since the moment Apple iPad came into existence, it has been proving itself as one of the best gadgets in the technical market. As per the iPad Repair Dubai Services, it is ruling the ever-growing tablet market till now with its great features. The market share and growth of these iDevices are constant by changing form factors and through every subsequent generation.

Not only in the US, this specific series of tablets have won the heart of the people from every corner of the Earth. It’s the only device that has combined an exclusive design interface with a premium build quality and given a great software experience.

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Unfortunately, just like every other mobile technology of today, iPads are also not flawless. Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of its common glitches that the users have often reported. Additionally, we have also provided some potential solutions to fix them all effectively.

Note: As most of the iPad issues are almost similar to the latest iOS version troubles, the solutions can fix almost every of the iPad interactions. However, the iPads are still amazing devices. And as soon as you fix the problems with the right solutions on your own, multiple facilities are open for you to access.

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Occasionally Laggy Keyboard

As per the users, the performance of the keyboard often lags while using the iMessage feature of may be sending an email. Especially, the iPads that are running the iOS 8 version and above can definitely use a third-party keyboard. Unfortunately, some of the problems still exist and that becomes the basic concern of the users. Try out the solutions to fix this laggy keyboard problem. Or else you can also reach to best experts for iPad Repair in Dubai.

Disable Guided Access

The first thing that you can try is the Guided Access option. It is an accessibility mode that can interface with most of the keyboards.

Choose Settings, then select General. After that go to Accessibility and then navigate to Guided Access. Now disable the Guided Access option.

Configure iCloud

Sometimes, the wrong configuration in iCloud can create multiple troubles on iPads. So it’s time to configure it. If you have trouble in configuration, avail any best iPad Repair Service for help.

Open Settings and go to iCloud. From the iCloud section, select Documents and Data. There you get an option to disable the feature. As soon as the problem goes away, you can again enable the option without inviting the trouble again.

Interface Orientation Sticks At Landscape Or Portrait

The users have often encountered that the user interface of the iPad remains still in landscape or portrait mode. Despite enabling the auto-rotation option, the screen doesn’t seem to switch at all.

Basic Tricks

Sometimes, a simple restart can resolve this user interface problem effectively. So you can apply this trick and check if the issue is persisting.

Press the “Power” button and turn off the display. After that, select it again and rise it up. Even after that if the problem still exists, press and hold the “Power” button again for around 15-20 seconds and restart the iPad.

Disable Lock Rotation

Mistakenly, if you have enabled the “Lock Rotation” option, this problem will certainly appear. To ensure the problem doesn’t continue, follow the steps from below.

Open Settings and select the General option. Now navigate to the Use Slide Switch and disable the “Lock Rotation” option.

Random Rebooting, Crashing, And Poor Performance

In case you are having an older generation iPad and recently updated to iOS 11 or above, you can probably face the iPad performance issues. Random rebooting, iPad freezing and slowdowns can occur occasionally on the iPads. These are the major concerns that most of the iPad users are coming across right now.

Reduce Transition And Animation

Generally, all the transitions and animations look pretty good. At the same time, the older hardware can face multiple problems because of that. Therefore, you can reduce the transition and animation in order to alleviate any problems regarding the iPad performance.

Choose Settings and move to the General section. From there, select Accessibility and click Reduce Motion.

Moreover, every of the iPad problems can be fixed with the right solutions. Here, just a few examples of the iPad errors are elaborated. In case you are going through some other trouble with your iPad, you can connect with any of the best technical professionals for your iPad Repair Dubai.

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