Asus Router Keeps Disconnecting from Internet


Frequent router disconnects from the internet might occur mainly due to temporary errors in the connection. But, that is not the only possible explanation for the problem after all. So, you might also have to consider other causes for this issue to find an effective solution.

Does your Asus router disconnect from the internet repeatedly? Then, you might want to reach out to an expert to ensure an optimal solution. But, you do not need professional help to fix this issue in all cases.

Here, you will learn the effective methods to try when your Asus router keeps disconnecting from the internet.

7 Ways to Deal with Asus Router Internet Connection Issues

Do you find dirt and debris accumulated on your router? If yes, then you must clean up your router first. This should reduce overheating and fix many performance issues as a result. And, you might get an effective solution to the internet connection problem by taking this step.

Apart from that, you can try out these solutions when your Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet: 

  • Restart the Router

Restarting your Asus router can help you get immediate solutions to various temporary issues. So, you must take this step first if you want to save time. Switch off your router and disconnect it from the power source. Then, wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

Turn the router on again and try to access the internet with it. Then, check whether the Asus router keeps disconnecting from the internet. If it does, then changing its position might do the trick. 

  • Change the Router’s Location

The problem you face might often have something to do with your router’s location. And, you would not be able to fix the problem in such cases by any other methods given here. You must move your Asus router to a better location. In other words, you need to bring it closer to the connected devices.

Check your router’s performance after you take this step. What if your Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet after the location change? Then, you must refresh your connection to it and see if that works. 

  • Forget and Reconnect to the Network

You might face internet problems on your router because of errors in connecting with your device. In such cases, you must try forgetting the Wi-Fi network from your device and then connect to it again. Go to the Wi-Fi settings and opt for forgetting your Asus Wi-Fi network. Then, connect your device to it using the Wi-Fi password.

What if your Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet after you reconnect to it? Then, you might want to check for viruses and malware on your device. 

  • Run an Antivirus Scan

Malicious programs or files on your device can often cause problems in connecting to the internet. So, you must consider this as a possible cause of your Asus router internet problems. Install a reliable antivirus app if you are not using one already and use it to detect viruses.

Deleting any malicious files from your device can help you improve the internet performance you get. But, if the Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet, then the problem has other causes as well. 

  • Update or Reinstall the Wireless Card Driver

The wireless card on your PC plays an important role in connecting your device to the network. And, an outdated or corrupt wireless card driver can cause internet problems with your browser. So, you must make sure that your wireless card driver is up-to-date.

Open the Device Manager on your PC and expand the ‘Network drivers’ option. Right-click your network card listed there and opt for updating its driver. Wait for the update to complete, and then restart your device. Then, check whether the Asus router internet problem shows up again.

Does your device already have the latest wireless card driver? Then, you must consider a corrupt driver as the cause of the problem. Find the network card as mentioned above and opt for uninstalling its driver.

Then, reboot your PC to install the missing driver version automatically. This might fix the problem if you have identified the cause correctly. 

  • Change the Wireless Channel

If the aforementioned solutions do not fix the problem, changing the wireless channel might do the trick. To do that, you must log in to your Asus router’s web interface. Alternatively, you can also do that using the app if your Asus router has app support. Open the interface on your device and go to the General tab in the Wireless settings.

Are you using a dual-band router? Then, select a bandwidth for which you want to change the band. Change the wireless channel after that and check whether that fixes the internet connection problem.

If the problem remains, you can simply change the wireless channel again. Also, you must make sure that your router has the latest firmware. 

  • Update Your Asus Router’s Firmware

Outdated firmware can cause more issues with your router than you might think. So, you must always try to update the firmware on time. You can get regular firmware updates for your Asus router.

Go to the support website to get the latest firmware version for your model. Then, log in to your router and upload the firmware through its interface. You can also look for the latest firmware through the interface in many Asus router models.

And, that can offer you a long-term solution to the ‘Asus router keeps disconnecting from internet’ issue. But, if a firmware update does not work either, you must reset your router to resolve any misconfigurations.

Contact Your Internet Service Provider

The aforementioned steps are enough for fixing the Asus router internet connection issues in most cases. But, they cannot fix any problem with the internet service after all. So, you must immediately contact your internet service provider if these fixes do not work. And, you would have to replace your router if there is no issue with the service.