AdBlock Not Working on Twitch

Twitch is a renowned platform for overall entertainment, such as sports, music, content spanning gaming, and much more. This online platform offers so many things, but it has one major drawback. Users have been reporting that Twitch makes them watch intrusive advertisements. Needless to mention, these kinds of interruptions are enough to spoil your entertainment.

When Twitch is forcing you to watch an advertisement, you might think of an ad-blocker or an AdBlock extension. But, the reality is that numerous users have reported the ‘AdBlock not working on Twitch’ issue.

Twitch earns a huge portion of revenues through advertisements, and we understand that. But, exploiting the experience just because of advertisements can be frustrating. Especially when you are immersed in the excitement of live streaming of eSports or something similar.

So, if you are thinking about why the AdBlock is not working on Twitch, then you have to apply dedicated tricks. Here are a few tried and tested methods to eradicate the AdBlock not working on Twitch issues. Let’s look at them and find which one works for you.

1. Update the AdBlock Extension

According to worldwide users, the outdated version of the AdBlock extension can cause it not to work. Therefore, it’s necessary to update the existing AdBlock on your device. We would like to describe the steps for one of the most used web browsers, Chrome.

Here’s how you can fix the AdBlock not working on Twitch problem by following the steps below:

  • Explore the browser and go to its address bar. Enter ‘chrome://extension’, and it will drive you to the Chrome extensions’ page.
  • Next, make sure that you toggle the Developer Mode, and it should be active.
  • After that, you have to click the Update option to update every Chrome extension.
  • Now, you can restart Google Chrome. Finally, you can restart Twitch to see if things worked out as expected.

2. Activate the AdBlock in the Browser Extension

Inappropriate settings might lead to AdBlock not working on Twitch issues. Most AdBlock extensions tend to get enabled just after you install them. However, some might have different working ethics. Twitch and AdBlock extensions might not get enabled immediately.

So, you might need to enable those ad blockers separately to eliminate the AdBlock not working on Twitch issue. Let’s see how you can deal with this problem with this method on Google Chrome:

  • Go to Google Chrome and locate the AdBlock icon. This icon generally resides at the end of the web browser’s address bar, and click the AdBlock icon.
  • After that, you have to click the gear icon from the pop-up. This will redirect you to the AdBlock Settings.
  • Under the General tab, check the box that says ‘Enable hiding of streaming ads on Twitch’.
  • Simply restart Chrome and explore Twitch. See if you can watch advertisements any longer.

3. Modify Settings of Google Chrome

Another theory that tweaks from users behind AdBlock not working on Twitch is the mismatched settings of the web browser. We have taken Google Chrome as the reference and will be using this browser to validate the ad-blocking feature on Twitch.

Let’s see how you can make this happen with the help of the following guidelines:

  • Go to the address bar of Google Chrome. Type ‘chrome://flags’ and press Enter.
  • You have to type ‘Network Service’ in the search field in the next window. Multiple results will appear on the screen.
  • Now, you need to set disabled for the following two services. They are ‘Data reduction proxy with network service’ and ‘Runs network service in-process’. Don’t forget to save those changes before you quit the window.
  • Now, it’s time to restart the web browser.

The ‘AdBlock not working on Twitch’ might have vanished from your device. If it does, make sure that you perform the same method every time your Chrome browser updates.

4. Are there Conflicts Among Extensions?

In case your Chrome browser has more than one AdBlock extension, then you might be experiencing the AdBlock not working on Twitch. PC users have confirmed this situation and the reason. As a consequence, different AdBlock extensions might have a conflict among them. Thus, your device is simply wasting resources, and there’s no profit in doing so.

If you think that Google Chrome has too many ad-blocking extensions, then you have to disable them. Make sure that you keep only the AdBlock extension active. Go to the extensions section under your Google Chrome browser and disable all other ad-blocking extensions. Ensure that you keep the AdBlock extension enabled. After that, you are free to restart the browser.

Hopefully, this trick should block the advertisements on Twitch. Even if it doesn’t block advertisements, you have saved up some space on your browser and device.

5. Go for Advanced Settings under AdBlock

AdBlock comes with some impeccable blacklisting and whitelisting features, and you can easily utilise them. Try them to fix the AdBlock not working on the Twitch scenario. Let’s see how you can address this complicated issue in the following steps:

  • Expand the Google Chrome browser. Go to the AdBlock icon on the Chrome browser.
  • Click the gear icon when the pop-up menu appears. This will revert you to the AdBlock settings.
  • There’s the Advanced tab on the left pane of the window. Click on that and go to the My Filter section. Click the My Filter section.
  • Now, you have to include the following commands:
    3. r/
  • Afterwards, save all the changes.

Next, you need to restart the Google Chrome browser. Get back to Twitch and check if the AdBlock not working on the Twitch issue is still there.

Additional Fixes…

If none of the above solutions works for the AdBlock not working on Twitch, then there are still ways to get rid of the instance. You can go for an alternate player for the extension. This extension is quite easy to install, and it will readily solve your issue.

On the other hand, you can set up a virtual private network if you don’t want to go with this particular extension. Or else, try other browsers from the next time and see if you can experience the AdBlock not working on the Twitch issue.

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