A JavaScript Error Occurred in the Main Process

“A Javascript error occurred in the main process” message appears when you try to restart Discord. The error message contains information about the Discord issue. Usually, it occurs when an antivirus software detects a problem in the Discord files. This is why the app causes issues to open on Windows devices.

Uninstall the antivirus software to resolve the “Discord error a Javascript”. Additionally, you should reboot the device and try opening the app. Sometimes, this solution helps to resolve the complicated Discord errors. Disable the Windows Defender Firewall if that doesn’t work.

Don’t use a VPN connection when streaming games in Discord. It can prevent the app from working and even disconnects from the remote servers. And, the users should reset the Discord settings to overcome this Javascript error. Power cycle the wireless router and modem to use Discord without further interruption.

What Causes the “Discord Error A Javascript”?

Several reasons could trigger this start-up issue in Discord.

Did you change the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service settings? It could be a reason behind this Discord Javascript error. This service is vital to the app’s functionality and ensures the app starts up automatically.

Enable this Windows service to fix the Discord error immediately. Additionally, you should check if the app is running with administrator permissions. Remove the app permission, as it causes problems when connecting to the servers. And, you should also uninstall the third-party applications from the device.

4 Solutions to fix the Discord Error A Javascript

“A Javascript error occurred in the main process” occurs when there are corrupted Discord installation files. Delete the problematic files from the Windows 10/11 devices to eliminate the problem.

Follow these solutions if that doesn’t fix the Javascript error from Discord:

Remove the %AppData% and %LocalAppData% folders

Discord stores the temporary data in the “AppData” and “LocalAppData” folder. And, these temporary files can prevent Discord from running properly. Deleting these folders will reset Discord settings and resolve the Javascript error.

Close the Discord app, and press the Windows and R keys together. Write “%appdata%” when the Run box opens and press “Enter”. A new window will open with the pre-installed app folders. Locate the Discord folder, right-click on it and choose “Delete’.

Close the “Roaming” window and press the Windows and X keys together. Choose “Run” from the built-in Windows app list. Write “%localappdata%, and hit the “Enter” key afterwards. When the Local window opens, go to the search box and write “Discord”.

Navigate to the Discord folder, right-click on it and opt for the “Delete” option. Go to the Recycle bin and also remove them from there. Restart the device, wait for a while and open the Discord app without the Javascript error.

Reset Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service’s Startup type

Did you choose this QOS platform’s startup type as “Disabled”? This is why you’re experiencing the “Discord error a Javascript” issue. Reset the startup type and use this digital VoIP platform without hurdles. Hold the Windows and R keys together, and write “services.msc” when the Run box opens.

Hit the “Enter” button or click “Ok” to access the Windows services tool. Move towards the services section and look for “Quality Windows Audio Video Experience”. Right-click on it, go for the “Properties” option and wait until the new window appears.

Check the service status and if it is displayed as “running”, click “Stop”. Wait for at least 2-3 minutes and tap on “Start” afterwards. Navigate to the “General” tab and locate the “Startup type” option. Go for the “Automatic” option when the Startup type list pops up. Choose “Ok” and click the “Apply” button to save the changes.

Close the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service window and restart the PC. Open the Discord app when the device restarts and check if the Javascript error persists. If yes, proceed to the next solution to fix this Discord error immediately.

Use Discord without Administrator Privileges

Discord starts without Javascript errors when you’re not logged in to the administrator account. Remove the administrator permissions to fix this complicated Discord error. Go to the “File Explorer” section to find the Discord folder, and right-click on it.

Choose “Properties”, and wait until the new window appears. Head towards the “Compatibility” section and go to “Settings” afterwards. Remove the tick from “Run this program as an administrator”, choose “OK” and click “Apply”.

Ensure not to choose any other dialogue boxes from the Properties window. Double-tap on Discord and use it without encountering any error messages.

Close all the Discord Processes

Discord fails to restart when any installation processes are running in the background. End all processes from the Task Manager to fix the Javascript error. And, there are many ways to access the Task Manager tool on Windows 10/11 devices. You can hold the Windows and R keys together, write “taskmgr” to open Task Manager.

Additionally, press the Windows and X keys simultaneously to choose “Task Manager”. Or, the Windows users can go to the search box, and write “task” to use this tool. Go to the “Background processes” section and choose “End” to close all the programs.

Failed to close all the Discord-related processes? Hold the Windows and X keys together, and choose “Command Prompt”. And, then write “taskkill/f/imdiscord.exe”. Press “Enter” to end all the Discord processes running in the background. Restart the Discord app, and add servers without further startup issues.

Lastly, Uninstall and Reinstall the Discord App

A corrupted Discord app could cause a Javascript error. Uninstall it from the device to resolve this critical startup problem. Hold the Windows and R keys together, and write “control” when the Run box appears. Press the Enter button to open the Control Panel window and click “Programs”.

Locate the Discord app, right-click on it and choose “Uninstall”. Open a web browser, go to the address bar and write “Discord”. Choose “Download” when Discord’s website opens. Select the correct operating system and reinstall Discord on the device. Download the app’s beta test version of the “Discord error a Javascript” persists.

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