my mobile number

Forgot your mobile number? Finding the mobile number is quite easy. But, the problematic situation takes place when you have recently changed the network. You might be busy with your work and that is why you might be least concerned about memorizing the new number. Relax, it’s absolutely fine, don’t worry about that. With the help of a few tricks, you can easily get the answer for your search — “my mobile number”. 

Before you get to the effective tips, make sure that your network has an active plan. This will help you regarding incoming and outgoing calls. In addition to that, if necessary, you might have to activate the mobile data and perform some activity with the help of an internet connection. 

Let’s Find Out My Mobile Number

Here are some of the best possible ways to find out the new mobile number that you are using. Even if you memorized and still forgot one or two numbers amongst the 10-digit numbers, these tips will definitely come in handy. 

1. A Very Special Code

Mobile phone carrier companies all over the world provide a service that runs with the help of sophisticated code. This code helps the customers to find out their own mobile number. You can check and find out that number by visiting the official website of your mobile number company. Some companies allow texting, some companies allow making a call with the help of that special code. As per instructions, you need to make a call or send a text to find “my mobile number”. If you are too busy and terrible at remembering numbers, then you can save the code in your contact list. 

2. An Allied Assistance

Your friends can help you in these troublesome situations. Opt for calling a friend and tell him/her to note down the number. They will tell you your 10 digits mobile phone number. You better write it down somewhere, and then save it to your contact list as “my mobile number”. 

3. The Assistance of Customer Care Executives

Every mobile carrier company provides their customer care number on their SIM card. After that, you buy it from the retailer. Search the contact list and find out the customer care number. Make a call and ask them to tell you your mobile phone number. 

4. Navigate to the Phone Settings 

You can easily find “my mobile number” over there in the status “About Phone”. According to the system OS that you are using, you can witness several options like “Phone Identity”, “Phone Information” and many more. All of them are the same. Here, you can find your mobile phone number. As usual, write down the number on a piece of paper and try to memorize it. 

5. Check for “My Number” or “My Card”

According to the experts, the latest version of iOS or Android might have the facility of creating a contact on your phone number, automatically. So, you better take out the SIM card and insert it once again. Restart your phone and let it boot up. After the SIM card is ready, search for “my mobile number” in the contacts and check whether you can find it or not. 

6. Check the Information on the SIM card Packaging

Whenever you buy a SIM card, turn it around and look for a label. This label contains a barcode, serial and a 10 digit number. This number is the phone number that will help you in making calls and send10-digiting text messages. It’s better to memorize it so that you don’t have to face any troublesome situation regarding finding “my mobile number”. 

Other Ways to Find your Mobile Number

Most of the mobile phone carrier companies have their retail outlets, which are authorized and have the executives directly associated with the company. You can visit the nearby outlet and ask them to help you to find out “my mobile number”. As a customer, surely you will get their help. 

Several mobile phone companies make their customers sign a contract. After signing the contract, you will receive a bill or any kind of proof. Hopefully, all the details are written there along with the mobile phone number. 

Make use of the Dedicated Mobile Application

Every mobile carrier has its own dedicated mobile application. From the application, you can recharge mobile plans for you and others (same carrier). Install the application and hopefully, the app will detect the mobile number automatically. After that it will send an OTP, provide the OTP and log in, on the dashboard, you can witness the number.