Among all the social media platforms, Facebook is among the most famous ones. For this reason, it has become a great place for advertising. This opportunity is taken by many of the business owners for promoting their products and making others aware of their business. 

However, sometimes you may face the problem of these Facebook ads not converting as well as they should. This indicates that there might be some problem with your Facebook ads. Here, I will discuss the reasons for this problem.  

Reasons For Facebook Ads Not Performing

If you are not being able to get the return that you have hoped for, then you must do troubleshoot for your Facebook ads. Here are some of the major reason for Facebook ads not converting the way you expected it to:

Targeting The Audience

The audiences on Facebook are very different from those of Google AdWords. On Google, you just have to put the correct keywords and the audience selects them themselves. But, on facebook, the audience comes first, which is a bit tricky.

 This is the case when you are in the awareness stage or the top-of-the-funnel stage. In this stage, you are casting the net which is quite long and you are hoping that you catch the attention of as much of the audience as possible. But now having a good amount of audience is not enough. Need to have good amount of reactions too on the Facebook posts to increase the reach. That’s why Many users look for opportunities to buy Facebook reactions at EarthWeb to enhance their visibility.

So, in the beginning, you can start with a wider range of audiences. This will make the grabbing of the attention of more audiance much easier. You can take the help of the information about their demographics, and the things they are interested in.  

It will be much simpler for you if you keep the number of audiance for your awareness stage to around 1-2 million. If you try to get lesser than this, then you will not get enough feedback or data. And, if you go to more, then you will get much more junk. 

You can optimize your ads at a less Cost Per Click, and then you can test it with a small variation of audiance at the beginning. 

When you will move down the funnel a bit, you will come accross the phase of lead generation. In this phase, your custom audiences will come into effect.

The Approach

The people who have been using the Google AdWords till now, for those, it is very difficult to get used to the process of ads on facebook. On AdWords, the audiance goes with the purpose of purchasing. However, the matter is completely different in the case of Facebook. People come to Facebook for sharing their plan of going to some hill station in summer or reconnecting with their old schoolmates, etc. But not with the purpose of buying.

For this reason, the approach on Facebook have to be different than AdWords. First of all you have to forget about the keywords used on AdWords. Also, you dont have to use the journey maps of your customer here. For Facebook, it is better to create different campaigns for different steps. 

 Fresh Awareness

You have to grab the attention of your audiance to the promotion you are doing with the help of some interesting elements.

Generating Leads

The best way of getting more leads is to provide your audiance with interesting offers rather than the regular boring ones. By making your offer unique and interesting will make the audiance read your article.


The right mixture of timing, nurturing of leads and the correct offer for sales can be very beneficial for your website. One of the tricks you can try is product splintering. In this, you break the primary product o yours into smaller pieces and sell them separately. You can make the price attractive so that the customers are interested in your offer. 

However, for this process, you have to carefully scan the audiance who will be interested in your offer. If you do not choose correctly, you will not be able to sell enough of your product. With these tactics you will be able to solve the problem of your Facebook ads not converting. 

The Relevance Score 

Just like the Quality Score of AdWords, Facebook also have a metric system for measuring the score called the Relevance Score. This system do not work like AdWords. It checks the relevancy of your message to the audiance of the demographic you are targeting. 

If your target audiance if large and has great relevance to them, then your ad will score high. It will be the case even if your ad design is mediocre or decent. You will be able to see this score by going to one of your ad campaigns. After that, you have to go down on the page and at the bottom right corner of the scree, you will be able to locate it. If your score is low or you want to improve it further, then you have to proceed to the next step.

Improving The Message  

A good ad campaign have some very important features which make it a coherent and seamless experience. The keyword you are targeting must also be used in the heading for your ads is called message match. This will make the message more effective. 

When the main keyword is used in the heading, it makes the readers understand the intent quickly and then they will decide to open it. The perfect alignment of the headline, tagline, and the image is called the message match. 

This is a very simple process, but regardless of this many of the ads get it wrong. The perfect alignment of the message can have a huge impact on your Quality Score. By doing this right you will solve the problem of your Facebook ads not performing.


Being creative with your ad is one of the main points of creating a good ad on Facebook. This will make your ad stand out among all the other ads and posts on Facebook. Moreover, Facebook also gives preference to the visually appealing apps. This is because, it is seen that a link which have a video attached to it gets shared much more times than others. 

Another logical fact is that people hate to read. So, you can use images to make your ad more compelling to the users. It takes about 13 milliseconds for a person to process an image. Due to this reason, the visuals are given such importance on Facebook. 


As you may have gathered from the article that Facebook ads are challenging, but it has its own advantages. For doing ads on Fcaebook you have to take a very different approach than AdWords. If you are able to get all the steps mentioned in the articles right, then you will get an amazing result. With all the steps right, you will not have to worry about your Facebook ads not performing well.    

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