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The Current scenario:

COVID-19 has transformed lives. It has affected both personal and work lives. In specific, education and work areas are transformed to the most.  With the trending social distancing, virtual norms have become practical than the conventional in-person methods. And more convincing is the fact that people are learning to live with it. Classrooms are replaced by online lessons, brick and mortar stores are taken over by stay-home shopping, medical consultations over phone and meetings on Google and Zoom.

So it is evident that firms that are in position to get through this scenario are conventionally the ones that have already begun to exploit digital means. Online presence, through website is a must, but what is more important is to improve the websites’ SEO

It is all digital:

At this point, it is hard to imagine a world post COVID, but what is practical here is to prepare for the aftermath. As people are settling with the digital age, shifting them back to conventional equilibrium will again take a while. So it is predictable that how online presence will become crucial.

SEO Prominence:

Search Engine Optimization, is becoming prominent. This is due to increase in online searches on many topics. Some of the widely search increases in pandemic were centred on health, fitness, social distancing, work from home opportunities etc. Focussing on keyword will hence be a trend. Identifying the focussed keywords specific to sectors and competing on them will help the industries to achieve greater sustainability.

Brand Recognition:

Unlike physical world, the virtual world also have a marketplace, buyers, competition and traffic. Everything remains same except that in-person interactions are replaced by the keywords. There are indeed powerhouses who are well recognised across the world, for instance, Samsung, Amazon, Uber, Marks & Spencer’s, Walmart, etc, then how do smaller businesses stepping new foot in settle?

Digital Marketing hence comes to rescue. It is crucial to build brands and enhance its visibility on online platforms. A comprehensive marketing strategy employed digitally can not only increase the traffic but also activates a firms’ social media presence. Social media serves excellent premise to build on clients and customer’s organically, and with few additional grants spent, it can work wonders.

AR/VR Integrations:

Online channels are intangible. There is a lack of physical presence or touch factor. For instance, customers cannot touch and feel the products but only make judgements based on descriptions made on the websites. Hence sites work tirelessly to make interactions and descriptions as real and as entertaining as possible. Integrating augmented and virtual reality experiences through online sites is an innovative tool digital experts are putting to use.

Artificial Intelligence:

Managing information systems, big data analysis is one of the major challenges faced by big firms in uncertain times. Increasing efforts are put to use that will help firms make decision making. AI oriented campaigns are proven successful in solving many concerns like big data analysis, machine based learning and projections. Alongside, digital teams are also working on implementing micro data. This helps in structuring a responsive marketing strategy that aligns with varying content formats in the search engine.

Digital transformation is now inevitable. Since the benefits of online transactions have eased up lives in many ways, it appears that people will continue to the trend. This includes online financial dealings, online purchase decisions, online education are the new norms. Companies failing to see this transformation will be crushed by the competition. While content is king, too much of it can become clumsy. Moreover, people are getting wise in terms of choosing certain online platforms over others. Hence staying close to focused keywords, blogs, landing pages, social media presence, and AR/AI and VR transformations are new areas where the digital reality is heading to. While pandemic has challenged us in many ways, it has also opened ways to a new world. Smart digital marketers are utilising this time to explore these areas and master them. How about you?


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