Black Screen of Death on Vizio TV

The black screen of death on Vizio TV is a reported error. If you own a Vizio TV, then it’s obvious for you to come across such a black screen of death. Luckily, it’s easy to mitigate before you try calling the helpline number of Vizio TV.

Mostly, users encounter a black screen due to power issues. If the power supply board fails, then you are more likely to witness a blackout screen. However, this requires expert intervention as it involves electrical repair and replacement.

Yet, it’s not always mandatory for your Vizio TV to come across a power supply failure to show a black screen of death. Temporary glitches such as outdated firmware, inappropriate sleep timers,  defective backlight, and loose connections with the Vizio TV can trigger the same consequence. 

Here’s how you can fix the black screen of death issue on your Vizio TV.

Verify Power Light along with Audio

Check whether the power indicator turns on as soon as you turn on the Vizio TV. Try restarting your Vizio TV 2 to 3 times if you can’t see the power light turned on. Ensure that you tighten the power connections. 

In addition, test whether you can listen to any sound coming from the Vizio TV. Turn up the volume or disable Mute and notice if you feel any difference.

If you can hear any sound from the TV, then your Vizio device might have an issue with the display or related circuit. And, there’s no issue with connections and power, most probably.

Power Cycle your TV

Another easy way to revive your Vizio TV from a black screen of death is to power cycle or reboot your device. Here’s how you can restart or power cycle your smart TV from Vizio:

  • Turn off the Vizio smart TV if it’s on and remove its power plug from the power supply.
  • Next, you need to hold the TV’s power button for up to 10 seconds. This will drain out all the remaining power from your Vizio TV.
  • Now, release the power button and plug the power cord into an electrical outlet again.
  • Power on the TV and check if anything appears on the screen.

If this doesn’t work, you can perform a hard reset on your Vizio TV. resetting the TV to its default factory settings might help when you tweak a wrong sleep timer or so. 

Follow the guidelines below to hard reset your Vizio smart TV:

  • Shut down the TV and remove every peripheral device and connection from the device.
  • Afterwards, long-press its power button for more than a stretch of 30 seconds.
  • Still, you must wait for 10 minutes or so before any further action.
  • Then, you can attach the power plug to the power socket. In addition, reconnect all the peripheral devices to the Vizio TV.

Turn on the TV, and the black screen of death should be resolved if it was a temporary glitch.

Try Another HDMI Connection

HDMI connections might behave weirdly if they are defective, corrosive, or loose right now. If you can’t watch anything on your Vizio TV with an HDMI connection enabled, then you should change the existing HDMI connection and try another one.

Tighten the HDMI connection and notice if you still suffer from a black screen of death. Don’t forget to check the condition of the HDMI connection from both ends to ensure that it’s not corrosive. Replace the HDMI cable or try another HDMI port on your Vizio smart TV.

Press the Menu Button on the Remote Control

Chances are there that your Vizio TV is alright, and the culprit might be the connected peripheral device. You can test this by simply pressing the Menu button on your Vizio TV’s remote control. If the Menu appears on the TV screen, then your TV is perfectly fine. You should disconnect the device from your TV and proceed with any other streaming.

Replace the Power Board

If you still have to deal with the Vizio TV’s black screen of death issue, then you might have to change the power board. However, the overall process can be a bit difficult. Additionally, the overall process might vary from one model to another. 

Here is a general process for replacing the TV’s power board:

  • Place the TV with its screen down carefully on a soft towel.
  • Unscrew all the screws from the rear panel of the TV with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Locate all the fuses on the television circuit. Most of them consist of 5 fuses.
  • Replace blown fuses with new and compatible ones.
  • If no fuse is blown, then you might have to replace the power board itself. Disconnect all the wires from the power board if it needs a replacement.
  • Place the new board and connect all the wires and screws as required.

Test the Vizio smart television after reassembling the rear panel and switching on the TV.

Change the Backlight Strips

Any defective light in the backlight strip of your TV can lead to a black screen of death for your Vizio TV. It’s way easier to replace the entire defective backlight strip of your Vizio TV instead of a faulty LED.

You can order a backlight strip from an e-Commerce store as per your TV’s requirements. You have to disassemble the TV and bring out the glass panel. Be careful while disassembling, as the glass panel is fragile. 

Additionally, you must remove too many screws and fit the strip properly to eradicate the problem. If you find the entire task daunting, it’s better to seek expert intervention.

Connect Vizio TV Support

If you can’t find a solution to your Vizio TV’s black screen of death issue, then you should not delay any further. Contact Vizio TV support and share your inconvenience urgently. It’s the right step if your device is still under product warranty.

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