Excel is a standard file format to create a professional presentation of data and information. You can make different grids for various texts, numbers, graphs, and even include formulas you can use to get numerical values for data interpretation and analysis. It’s quite common to see Excel spreadsheets in most companies to show details that usually deal with numbers or figures most understandably and comprehensively.

However, the slight disadvantage of using this file format is that it tends to create minor to major alterations with its style, layout, and other details every time you open it using a different device and operating system. Hence, to get rid of these unnecessary modifications, you have to convert Excel to PDF so that it won’t make any changes with whatever device and OS you use.

To do this, you need to use a reliable file converter, and GogoPDF has one that’s 100% free and safe. It’s not computer software or an app, but it’s a website that comes with an Excel-to-PDF file converter. Here’s everything you need to know below about the GogoPDF platform in transforming your Excel spreadsheets into PDF files in a matter of a few minutes.

Converts Excel to PDF In No Time

When you convert Excel to PDF using the GogoPDF platform, you no longer have to wait for hours before it gets complete. The system uses the most reliable and advanced electronic file conversion technology that will normally take minutes to finish. The procedure is quite quick and straightforward.

It starts with getting your Excel spreadsheets uploaded on the file converter of GogoPDF on its website. The system will automatically begin the process by scanning each sheet of your file and extracting all details it contains.

It’ll then convert everything to PDF. Within minutes, the PDF copy of your Excel spreadsheets becomes available and ready for download. Hence, you can go ahead and save the file directly to the device you’re using. It’s the fastest file conversion procedure of GogoPDF that will surely help you save more time and effort.

Guaranteed High-Quality Converted Results

High-quality results of the file conversion should be one of your primary goals of choosing and using that particular online tool. Otherwise, the whole thing will become pointless. Of course, nobody wants to use any low-quality files, especially when you’ll intentionally use them in any professional setting.

No worries! Since you’ve spent so much time and exerted an enormous amount of effort in creating the entire Excel file, you deserve the same quality on the PDF copy after the file conversion. As mentioned above, GogoPDF uses the most advanced and innovative file conversion technology.

That’s why the system can produce high-quality results as it aims to provide consistency and accuracy during the conversion process. The file converter of GogoPDF will cautiously and perfectly do the scanning and extracting process so that everything you’ve included on your Excel will be created a replica on the PDF copy.

Hence, the long-time users of the GogoPDF platform would feel that they’re still using the original file while they are already scrolling up and down the converted PDF format. It’s the quality that GogoPDF can provide with all of its users online.

User’s File Privacy

Your Excel spreadsheets may contain valuable data and sensitive information that you want to limit people accessing and using them. There might be some significant figures, numbers, names, addresses, and other details that you consider confidential. Because of this, you tend to have any second thoughts about uploading your Excel spreadsheets on the GogoPDF website for file conversion.

No worries about it anymore! The developers of the GogoPDF platform have already thought of a resolution to respond to your concern before the website has been made available on the internet. When you upload your Excel spreadsheets on the online file converter of GogoPDF, the system will immediately begin the entire file conversion process within minutes.

When the tool has successfully converted your Excel file to PDF, GogoPDF will delete all of your files that you’ve uploaded on its website after one hour permanently. It’s to ensure that nobody will have even a thin chance to track your files, retrieve and use them without your permission. That’s how safe it is to use the GogoPDF platform in converting your files online.


Today, many people still have different struggles in converting their existing files to other formats. However, with everything discussed above about GogoPDF, you’ll indeed have an idea that whenever you face the same struggle again in the future, you would know that there’s a GogoPDF website you can visit anytime you want to seek help.


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