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Establishing a new business is relatively straightforward. However, running the business and popularizing it is what makes the business successful. Marketing is the factor that sets you apart from the competition. With the strides technology has made over the years, digital marketing has become the optimal method for promoting a business. While the idea is alluring, where do you start? Thus, here is a list of software that will ease your marketing challenges in 2020.


The go-to tool for many businesses, SEMrush is a popular toolkit for businesses of any scale. It provides various features for different tasks such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, Market Research, and Product Research. Essentially, it allows you to find better ways to grow your business.

SEMrush serves as an excellent tool for providing data analytics for keyword research, marketing research, traffic infographics, and organic research. It also assists you with SEO content writing, keyword research, and demographics. The application can also track social media, checking on-page SEO, analyzing text, constructing ads, and publishing them. It also offers answers for aspects such as enterprise, competition research, and eCommerce. The pricing for the monthly subscription starts at $99.95/month.

eBook Generator

EBooks are widely known as one of the best means of promoting your product. While considering the ease of writing, it is a necessity for each business to incorporate eBooks into their marketing strategy. However, looking for the right eBook creation tool is difficult, especially with all the available options. Before picking the service, it is necessary to confirm a few features. DRM security, multimedia input options, and a manuscript conversion tool. Not all publishing platforms provide these features. Moreover, here’s the ebooks generator that fits all categories and demands of any venture.


Often considered the top pick for most content marketing tasks, Hubspot has proven its presence by significantly helping boost online traffic and brand awareness. Hubspot has amassed over 50,000+ customers across the globe, with support for over 200 apps. It offers free customer-relations management, along with countless other features.

Hubspot has proven itself as the market leader in email marketing, automation, SEO, and blogging. It is also known for its highly-acclaimed lead management, data analytics, and social media marketing. The free customer-relations management system enables you to monitor customer data while improving your overall revenue generation. Even better, it has its web builder tool for clients lacking the knowledge of IT.

The pricing for the product starts at $35/month and goes up to $2240/month.


MailChimp is software built explicitly for freelancers and smaller businesses who cannot afford premium tools. The application is easy-to-use and allows the owners to focus on their growth entirely. It provides a vast array of marketing features, making it an all-in-one toolkit. MailChimp offers a one-stop approach for all your marketing problems; it provides solutions for several aspects, such as marketing campaigns and data analysis.

Moreover, it harbors a countless amount of pre-designed templates with the ability to customize them as well. MailChimp also helps to track your customer analytics, providing you their preferences. Doing so makes it easier for you to target the market and boost your revenue. Often overlooked, MailChimp offers an advanced take on automation and analytics, as well as multivariate testing.

MailChimp is priced for free while offering a few other paid options as well.

Electronic Signature Software

eSign Genie plays a crucial role in modern businesses. They are providing complete support for doctor signature and it will help healthcare organizations and other companies too. That will help your business to complete the signature process online by using an online signature maker.


Similar to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign was created by targeting small-mid size businesses. It offers a user-friendly interface; the software helps boost the productivity of business owners. The vital purpose it serves is as an email marketing and social media marketing platform. It provides a seamless experience for tailoring your content while keeping the targeted audience in mind.

ActiveCampaign comes with multiple other features as well. It effortlessly broadcasts and sends emails to the audiences based on their preferences. The email autoresponder service aids you with sending greeting and supporting responses to your clients automatically. The optimized UI and software integration with over 250 applications makes it easy to work with any client. Nevertheless, it also offers features like mailing history, audience dissection, multi-user access, and site tracking.

Google Analytics

Google’s tool for analyzing data also comes in handy. It is a web API that allows users to analyze traffic, marketing, and conversion rates. Google Analytics enables users to monitor and track their business activities sufficiently, seeing if they are reaching their set goals. Additionally, the API is integrated with AdWords to further assist you in boosting sales and improving your business’s growth.

Google Analytics analyzes data and provides results very efficiently. The benefit of this is that it gives you an insight into your business’ performance. It also offers numerous reports regarding customer behavior, visitor flow, advertising, and data analytics. Google also provides its dedicated data management system to gather data, import it, and access to configuring APIs. More importantly, google charges nothing for using Analytics.


While many consider SMS marketing to be an impractical means for marketing, they are incorrect. Textedly, paired up with the potential of an SMS, serves as an excellent tool for bulk SMS marketing. It can instantly send up to 100,000 text messages at a time. It gets frequently used by various organizations like schools, real estate, professionals, and other typical businesses.

It allows users to mass bulk messages, autoresponder, and scheduling the SMS. It also enables you to send multimedia messages (MMS) and web URL-sharing. Compatible with all mobile devices and the option to have unlimited subscribers is too good to be true. The pricing goes from $0 up to $55 for the elite package.


As we have mentioned all the applications, the next step is to determine which tools fit your requirements. The aspects that require consideration are your budget, audience, and the scale of your business. If you’re starting new, chances are your business is small. Therefore, options like textedly, Analytics, MailChimp, and ActiveCampaign would be a great start. Likewise, if you have experience and larger business, going for the premium apps would prove extremely advantageous.