Does Technoblade Have Cancer

Technoblade is an American gamer who is known for his Minecraft content. He has collaborated with popular YouTubers in the game streams. This gamer is best known for his excellent skill in player-vs-player combat. Techno is also a member of Minecraft server Dream SMP. And, he makes most of the Minecraft videos on the Hypixel server.

Do you know he is diagnosed with cancer? Technoblade experienced pain in his right arm in June. Thus, he decided to visit a hospital, and he stopped playing after that. He uploaded his last gaming video on YouTube on June 22, 2021. His absence from the streaming platforms left eight million subscribers in doubt

Technoblade uploaded a video on August 28 after two months. He revealed why he wasn’t active on YouTube for the last few months. Since then, he has shared only a handful of Minecraft videos. However, he collected $300,000 for cancer research during the stream.

Who is Technoblade?

Technnoblade is a 22-year Minecraft steamer whose real name is Dave. He was born on June 1, 1991, in San Francisco, California. And, he made numerous references in his videos about having ADHD. Techno won several Minecraft Championships with his amazing gaming skills.

He uploaded gaming videos usually after a week or a month. Though, Techno has tried to upload daily Minecraft videos. But, somehow he failed to manage that. He also streams live Minecraft videos on Twitch. Moreover, Techno is a member of Sleepyboisinc along with TommyInnit and Ph1Lza.

Technoblade uploaded videos about Blitz Survival games in the past. Do you know what his most-viewed YouTube video is? It’s a video titled “Ultimate Hunger Games”. This was Techno’s 500th game video on this platform. Additionally, he also has uploaded cooking and greens screen content on YouTube.

Which type of cancer does Technoblade have?

Technobalde didn’t mention the cancer type in his last videos. However, he has a tumour in his right shoulder and is already undergoing chemotherapy. Techno informed that he had completed one round of chemotherapy. And, he will visit the hospital for the next round soon.

Technoblade Cancer Updates:

Doctors are still running several scans to know which type of cancer Technoblade has. But, they are unable to detect that because he is in the early stages of cancer. The YouTuber uploaded a video on December 23. And, he stated that the doctors were about to amputate his right arm.

Moreover, his doctors performed an embolisation on the tumour. However, the surgery wasn’t successful. And, the doctors suggested that he should opt for limb-salvage surgery, and because It has a higher survivability rate than arm amputation.

Technoblade filmed a video after the surgery to let the viewers know about his condition. He mentioned that he is doing well. And, his chemotherapy treatments are about to end. Additionally, he stated that he won’t upload videos for a few weeks.

Do you want to watch Technoblade’s streams? Then, you have to wait until he is fully recovered.

Did the Minecraft Community Help Technoblade for the Cancer Diagnosis?

Techno’s fellow YouTubers have also donated $300,000 for his treatment. Moreover, the Minecraft community rained money after the new reveal. His viewers have also sent messages on Twitter and other social media platforms. And, the “Technosupport” hashtag was trending on Twitter.

Have you played Minecraft for years? Then, you must know about “Dream”. He is one of the best Minecraft players out there. He turned MCC 16 into a charity drive to support Technoblade.

Moreover, he is donating $1 to cancer research right now. Players like Awesamdude and Noxcrew pledged to make donations for Techno’s diagnosis.

What is Technoblade’s in-Game Rank in Minecraft?

Dave earned the PIG+++ rank on the Hypixel server for winning Minecraft Monday matches. It is a popular Minecraft event where multiple streamers can join. And, then the players will be divided into two teams. You have to win each Minecraft Hunger round to get the title.

Technoblade joined YouTube in 2009 under the channel name “StudioLORE”. But, he closed this account on July 5, 2013, due to some reasons. Later, he joined the SMP Earth Minecraft server in 2019. Technlobalde streamed different games apart from Mincecvatft. These are, Mount & Blade II: Bannnderlord, Among Us and Fortnite.

Different Minecraft Account Names of Technoblade

Technoblade made multiple Minecraft accounts during the Great Potato War event. It was a tournament between the users “im_a_squid_kid” and Technoblade. Techno won the war with the 500 million Potato Collection. And, he created accounts such as Asiyn, Whitelisted and Enter_Gamer09 at that time.

Additionally, he made an account named “NoHaxCanJustFly” during the Potato War. Technoblade also plays Syblock’s Hypixel version. He features popular YouTubers like Juiyn, TimeDeo and xHascox in the streams. Moreover, he is known as the fastest man in Skyblock in Minecraft.

What was the first Minecraft Video of Technoblade?

Techno’s first-ever content was posted on his channel named “Derp Squad”. Do you know why he created this YouTube channel? He made this account to collaborate with his brother. However, that plan didn’t work. Thus, he uploaded all videos to the “Technoblade ” channel in 2013.

Which Tournaments Technoblade has Participated in?

Technoblade joined Keemstarr’s Minecraft event in 2019. Do you know what was the winning prize of that match? Minecraft set the winning prize of 10,000 dollars. And, it changed to $5000 in the last three weeks. He won this event four times.

Moreover, Techno took part in mini-game based events with other YouTubers. The Hypixel server’s owner sent him a donation for winning the tournament. And, he was given the PIG rank for 1 week for this achievement.

Moreover, Techno participated in Noxcrew’s MC champion event. He also played the MC championship with Dangthatsalongname. There were 10 teams and 40 players in these two tournaments. And, the winner gets a special MCC coin from Noxcrew.

Techno is the only player who was always on the Top 10 leaderboard. And, he has the second-highest debut MCC performance in Minecraft.

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