Discord Error While Installing

You can usually install Discord on your PC without any issues. But, many Windows users have reported that they failed to install the app on their devices. Your PC would usually show the “Installation has failed” error message in such situations. And, there could be various possible explanations behind this. But, you can fix the error all by yourself in most cases, regardless of the cause.

Are you looking for an effective solution to the Discord error while installing? If yes, then you must give the solutions mentioned below a try. They should help you resolve the installation error and successfully install the app.

7 Ways to Fix the Discord Installation Error

There are several possible solutions to the Discord error while installing. But, not all of them would be effective in all cases. So, you need to find and apply the right one in your case. Alternatively, you can simply try out each fix until the problem is resolved: 

  • Restart Your PC

As you might know, a reboot is one of the most effective ways to fix temporary errors on your PC. And, it might fix the Discord installation issues immediately in your case. So, this is the solution you might want to try out first.

Turn off your device for a while, or simply opt for a restart. You can do the latter by using the power button at the top right of the Start menu.

Try installing Discord again after the restart and check whether the error persists. If it does, you can move on to more complex solutions. 

  • Disable Your Antivirus

Your device might fail to install Discord because the antivirus program identifies it as a threat. And, you can be sure that the antivirus has made a mistake in such cases. Disabling the antivirus should fix any installation issues that you were facing on your PC. Launch the app on your device and turn it off before you try the installation again.

But, what if the installation keeps failing after that? In such cases, you still have some more possible causes to consider. And, you can try out some more fixes for this error based on that. 

  • Update the Device Drivers

The device drivers play quite an important role in various functions of your PC. And, you might start facing a wide range of issues when these drivers become outdated. Updating the drivers has fixed the Discord Error while installing in many cases. So, you might want to check whether that works in your case.

You can update all your device drivers from the Device Managers window on your device. Expand the components related to the error and opt for updating their drivers. Then, check whether the installation error persists on your PC.

You might not always find it viable to update the drivers manually. You can simply install reliable update software on your PC in such cases. And, that should make applying this solution much easier in most cases.  

  • Make Sure You Downloaded the File from the Right Source

If you want to install Discord, you must download the file from the official website first. While installing, the Discord error might have something to do with the file’s source. So, make sure that you have downloaded it from the official website.

Go to the official website, if required, and download the file again. Start the installation once the download is complete and check whether it is working. 

  • Remove Remaining Files from Previous Discord Installation

Had you previously uninstalled Discord from your PC? If yes, then the Discord error while installing might mean that your device has some files from the previous installation. As a result, your PC faces an error while trying to install the new file. So, look for any files from the previous installation on your drive.

Open the File Manager and go to the app data section. You can also simply input “%appdata%” in the Run box to reach there. Find the Discord folder in the Roaming or Local folders and delete it. This should remove any remaining Discord data from your device. You should then attempt the Discord installation again. 

  • Install With Administrator Rights

Do you have administrator rights on the device? If yes, then you must run the installation process as an administrator. This will provide the task with all the permissions it might need.

As a result, you might stop getting the Discord error while installing. Right-click the Discord setup executable file and click on “Run as Administrator”.

Do you find the process running without any issues? Then, wait for it to complete and check whether it faces any errors midway. You should be able to run Discord without any issues after the installation is complete. But, if you cannot run it, then that might indicate a compatibility issue within your system. 

  • Download the Discord File Again

The installation error you are facing might indicate a damaged file in many cases. And, you would have to get rid of the entire downloaded file in such situations. After all, there is no way to repair them on your Windows system. Delete the setup file and download it again from the official Discord website. You will not face the Discord error while installing again unless the file is corrupted.

Update or Uninstall Your Windows System

Your device might fail to install Discord due to compatibility issues. You only need to update your system to the latest version for a solution in such cases. Go to the Update & recovery settings to look for the latest update. Then, install it as soon as possible on your device before checking on the issue.

But, what if your device already has the latest Windows version? In that case, you might need to uninstall the Windows update. Alternatively, you must also consider getting the Discord app on your smartphone.

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