Discord Error Something is Going On Here

The “something is going on here” message on Discord seems to be quite common. Apart from that, you would also surely find it to be quite confusing. After all, it does not explain the cause of the problem or how to fix it. So, you usually have to find and apply an effective solution all by yourself.

The error message gives you the option to verify your account with your phone number. But, many users out there might look for alternative solutions instead.

If you prefer the same, there are other ways to resolve this error. You should try out the methods listed below before contacting the support team.

How to Resolve the Discord Error Something is Going on Here?

The error you face is not always as complicated as it might seem. You can fix it with simple steps in most cases. And, the solution you must apply depends on the cause of the issue.

Try out the following methods to fix the “something is going on here” error message on Discord:

Relaunch the App

Do you want an immediate solution to the issue? Then, you can simply relaunch the app on your device. If you are using a PC, you must also stop the Discord background processes if there are any. Right-click the Discord processes in the Task Manager and click on ‘End task’.

Launch the app again after a minute to check on the problem. Do you get the “Discord error something is going on here” issue again? If not, you can expect this method to keep away the issue for a short while. But, what if the error persists? In that case, you can also try restarting your device.

Restart your Device

Regardless of the device you are using, system restarts are an effective way to fix various issues. So, you can try rebooting your device and check whether that fixes the problem. However, it is not very commonly effective in fixing the “Discord error something is going on here” issue.

Turn off your computer or mobile device for a few minutes, or simply opt for a restart. This should refresh all the processes running on your device. And, that might fix various Discord issues in some cases.

If this method does not work, you have nothing to worry about yet. You might get an effective solution to the problem with the next step.

Run an Antivirus Scan

The “Discord error something is going on here” problem might also indicate a malicious activity on your device. So, you must make sure whether that is indeed the case. The best way to do that is by scanning your device with reliable antivirus software. So, you must install one on your device if you do not have one already.

Launch your antivirus program and initiate a scan for malware and viruses. Then, remove any malicious files and programs that it finds. Launch Discord again and check whether you get the error message again. If you do, then you might need to verify your account or use a different one.

Refresh Your Discord Log In

Want to avoid providing your mobile number for account verification? Then, you can log out of the account and then log in again. This might sometimes resolve the “Discord error something is going on here” issue. But, it might not always provide you with a long-term solution to the problem.

You will find a Log Out option at the bottom of the error page. Click on it and relaunch Discord on your device. Then, log in to the account on which you were facing the problem.

Does this resolve the error? If not, then you might want to verify your account.

Use a Different Account

Do you have another Discord account? If yes, try logging in to it and see if you face the same issue. Proceed with the previously-mentioned method to log out of the account, facing the error. Then, relaunch Discord and log in to the other user account this time.

If the error persists, that could indicate an issue with the app. But, what if this method resolves the “Discord error something is going on here” issue? In that case, you still do not have access to the first account. So, you should try to gain back access to it and use the second account until then.

Reinstall Discord on Your Device

Did you face the “Discord error something is going on here” issue on all of your accounts? Then, you might want to try reinstalling the app for an effective solution. After all, the error might have something to do with the app. So, uninstall Discord from your device, and then download it again.

Go through the installation process again and launch the app once you are done. Try to access your account to check whether the error persists.

Verify Your Account With Your Mobile Number

Using a different account can be an effective solution to the error. But, what if you do not have another account? You can simply verify the existing one using your phone in such cases. The “Verify by Phone” option should be located below the “Discord error something is going on here” message.

You should receive a code on the number you provided. Use it to verify your Discord account and resolve the error you have been facing. However, many users have reported that they do not have a phone. You might have to contact the support team for assistance in such situations finally. Before that, you can also try using a different device to run Discord.

Talk to the Discord Support Team

Does the “Discord error something is going on here” keep appearing repeatedly? Then, the support team should be able to help you get a long-lasting solution. Reach out to them and explain the error to them. The solutions they provide might vary in each case but should be quite effective.

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