Discord Error Login

You can log in to your Discord account anytime if you already have a registered account. If you cannot do so, then you must make sure that your account was created successfully.

However, there are other possible causes behind this error as well. So, you might come across login issues even when you have successfully created a Discord account.

The Discord login error is one of the common issues you might face on the app. There are several possible reasons, and you can fix this problem all by yourself in most cases.

Here, we will look at why Discord stops you from logging in and how to fix it accordingly.

7 Ways to Resolve the Discord Error Login

Internet problems might cause failure to access your Discord account in many cases. It might also have something to do with your VPN if you use one. Apart from that, it might also indicate corrupted app data on your device.

And, there are appropriate solutions for all of the possible causes. Here are some of the effective steps that you must try out: 

  • Relaunch Discord or Restart Your Device

You might sometimes fail to access your Discord account due to a temporary login error. You must relaunch the app to get an immediate and effective solution in such cases. So, shut down Discord and close all its background processes. Then, launch it again once you are ready to check on the error.

You can also restart the device to ensure a more effective solution. Apart from refreshing the app functions, that will also refresh the device functions related to the app. And, that can help you fix the Discord error login in many cases.

  • Disable VPN

Are you using a VPN connection while running Discord? Then, the login error might have something to do with that. After all, many users have reported facing errors while trying to connect to Discord using VPN. So, you must try disabling the VPN even though you are using it to ensure optimal online privacy.

Try logging in to your account again after you disable your VPN. Your device might access the account without any issues after that. But, what if the Discord error login appears again? In that case, you need to clear all the app’s cache data. 

  • Clear the Discord Cache

Like all other apps on your device, Discord creates cache files to ensure a faster experience. However, these files might get corrupted under various circumstances or simply outdated.

In such cases, you must get rid of them right away, especially if you face Discord login problems. Regardless of the device model, you can do this in a few simple steps.

Open the File Manager and navigate to the Discord data folder. Find the Cache folder among them and delete it. Make sure not to delete any other important data related to the app. Then, go back to the app and check whether the DIscord error login occurs again. 

  • Fix Internet Problems

Does your account fail to load even when you enter the right credentials? Then, that probably indicates an issue with your internet connection. So, you must find and fix any internet problems on your device.

Try reconnecting to the network before attempting the login again. If that does not work, you can also forget the network if you are using a router. Then, connect to it again by entering its password.

Apart from that, you must also restart your router to fix any temporary errors in it. If required, you must also change the wireless channel through the interface to remove interferences. Switching to an ethernet connection is also an effective way to get a better internet connection. 

  • Check the Server Status

The login problem is quite common on Discord when the server is down. So, you must make sure whether the server in your location is down. You can find that out through www.discordstatus.com anytime you need to.

If the server is down, you simply need to wait until it is back online. Then, you should not get the Discord error login while trying to access your account. 

  • Set a New Discord Password

If the Discord error login keeps occurring, you can also simply reset the account password. Click on the “forgot password” on the login page to proceed with that. You should then receive a verification link from Discord on your email. Confirm your decision to set a new password and then start using the new one.

However, many people might not have access to their emails. Visit the Discord Help Center and click on Help & Support in such cases. Provide your email address and select “Forgot Email/ password” as the type of question.

Then, select Account Recovery as the Subject and explain your problems under Description. You should receive a message from the support team on how to proceed within 3 working days. 

  • Log In through the Browser

Do you want to access your Discord server immediately and fail to do so with the previous steps? Then, you must try a browser login to resolve the issue. Open any browser and go to the official Discord website. Opt for using the web version and enter your credentials on the login page. This should open your Discord account on your screen.

The browser login would be successful in most cases unless your account is hacked. Provided that you are using the right credentials, you must report a hacked account if the browser login fails.

Reinstall Discord

You might not always succeed in finding an explanation for Discord login problems. In such cases, you can expect a fast solution by reinstalling the app. Delete the app and its data before downloading and installing it again. However, you must make sure to try out all of the aforementioned methods before applying this one.

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