Discord Error Level 9000

Discord displays the error level 9000 message while checking the user’s profile picture. It prevents the gamers from connecting to the servers. Usually, it occurs when the app crashes in the middle of the stream. Many have faced this problem after the recent Discord update.

Revert to the previous Discord app version to fix this error. A corrupted app cache could generate this crashing problem in this messaging platform. Besides, you can get the error level 9000 due to improper system configuration.

Sometimes, a third-party app can conflict with Discord. And, this prevents this VoIP service from working properly. Uninstall these programs from the device to overcome the app crashing error.

Discord shows this error message when there is a server outage. Wait until Discord fixes this issue, and join or add the game servers without hassle.

What Causes Discord Error Level 9000 on Windows Devices?

There are several reasons why Discord keeps on creasing. It could be because of using an outdated Windows operating system. An outdated driver might also block the users from opening the application.

Do you use multiple messaging apps on the smartphone or PC simultaneously? It could trigger this Discord crashing issue. Remove the unwanted files and programs to free up space.     Additionally, you should know if the Discord app is compatible with the Windows OS.

Update Discord to avoid getting the error level 9000 message. Ensure the Hardware Acceleration feature is disabled when connecting to servers. Otherwise, the app might crash and prevent you from communicating with other users.

5 Easy Solutions to Resolve the Discord Error Level 9000

Solving this Discord crashing error is not that difficult. Users can overcome this problem by logging out from the Discord account. Restart the computer and log in to Discord without getting any error message.

Follow these solutions if that doesn’t help you to eliminate the Discord error level 9000:

Delete the Data from Cache and Local Storage

Discord stores the files, images and other data on its cache. And, these temporary files can become corrupted, causing the app to crash. Removing the Discord cache will fix this error from the Discord app and website.

Hold the Windows and R keys together, and write “%appdata%” when the Run box opens. Press the Enter key to open the Roaming window. Go to the local bar, and write “cache” to get Discord-related cache files. Right-click on them, and choose “Delete” to remove them from the PC. Additionally, you need to write “Local Storage” in the search box.

Find Discord’s local storage files, and right-click on them. Choose “Delete” when the pop-up menu appears on the Windows screen. Reboot the device, double-tap on Discord and use it without crashing issues.

Turn off the Compatibility Mode

Compatibility mode lets you access the older Discord version and associated files. It ensures the app runs smoothly on compatible devices. But, this feature can sometimes hinder Discord’s performance. Thus, disabling the Compatibility mode would prevent the app from crashing.

Close this instant messaging app in the first place. Tap on the “Discord” icon from the desktop after a few seconds. Right-click on it, choose “Properties”, and move towards the “Compatibility” section. Locate the “Compatibility mode” option and uncheck this box.

Go for the “Disable compatibility mode” option, choose “Ok”, and tap on “Apply”. Close the Discord properties window and reboot the Windows 10/11 device. Open Discord, try to connect to the servers and check if the app crashes. Proceed to the next solution if the Discord error level 9000 persists

Disable the Hardware Acceleration Feature

Hardware acceleration helps the app to perform better. But, sometimes, it might lead to frequent crashes in Discord. Turn off this GPU optimisation feature to fix the error level 9000. Open Discord, go to the “Settings”, and tap on “Appearances”.

Opt for “Advanced” and look for “Hardware Acceleration’ afterwards. Move its slider from left to right to disable this built-in Discord feature. Wait until the confirmation message appears and click “Okay”. Restart the app, and it won’t further display this error message.

Enable the Legacy Mode

Users might face crashing issues during voice chat when Legacy Mode is disabled. Enable this feature to resolve this problem from the app. Access the Discord user settings first, and then move towards “Voice and Video”.

Navigate to “Audio Subsystem” and tap on “Legacy”. Enable all the options of this section, and when prompted, click “OK”. Restart the device, open the Discord app and check if it shows the error level 9000.

Reset Discord’s Privacy & Safety Settings

Discord crashes cause inconveniences, especially when sending an important link. And, this problem is not limited to Windows devices. The Discord error level 9000 occurs in Android and iOS devices as well. Ensure no apps are running when using Discord.

Disable some of the Privacy & Safety features to resolve the problem. Go to the User settings, tap on “Privacy & Safety”, and toggle off “Use data to Improve Discord”. Click “Yes” when the confirmation message pops up and go back to “Settings”.

Tap on “Text and Images” and select the Automatically play GIFs option. Head towards “Emoji” and disable the two options under this section. Restart the smartphone, and open Discord without getting an error level 9000 message.

Alternative Fixes for the Discord Error Level 9000

A corrupted Discord app can often crash when using VoIP services. Uninstall it from the device to overcome error level 9000. Hold the Windows and X keys together, and choose “Control Panel” when the pop-up menu appears.

Head towards the “Apps & Features” section, locate Discord and right-click on it. Select “Uninstall”, and also remove it from the Recycle Bin. Open a web browser, go to the URL bar and write “discord.com”. Press Enter to access the Discord website.

Choose the device’s operating system, and tap on “Download”. When the app installation process is complete, restart the PC or mobile. Open the app, and it won’t further crash during the voice chat. Finally, update the device drivers immediately if the app crashes.

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