Discord Error Err_Connection_Reset

The Err_connection_lost error occurs when you try to open Discord from Google Chrome. This indicates that something is interrupting the connection when accessing the webpage. Close the web browser, and restart the router to fix this connectivity error.

An outdated web browser could generate this issue in Discord. Always use an updated web browser when streaming games from the Discord site. And, reset the network settings to overcome the Discord error err_connection_ reset.

An incorrect DNS address could trigger this connectivity problem. Thus, reconfiguring the DNS settings might resolve this Discord error. And, disconnect the unwanted devices from the wireless router. Check the networking devices’ power cables. If you find any wear and tear, replace these power resources immediately.

What Causes the Discord Error Err_Connection_Reset?

This connection loss error could occur in Discord for several reasons. It could be because of using the Windows Defender Firewall, and this tool prevents users from accessing unsecured websites. If there is malware on the Discord site, the web browser might display this error message.

Sometimes, the computer fails to detect the browser’s IP address. And, this results in an unwanted connectivity problem when accessing Discord. Reset the IP addresses to resolve this complicated Discord issue. Further, you should disable the security features to avoid getting the err_connection_reset error.

2 Easy Solutions to Troubleshoot the Discord Error Err_Connection_Reset

There are many ways to fix this communication error from Discord. Users should try a different browser to open the Discord website. Reload the Discord page and check if it shows the error message. Disable the extensions when using Discord from a web browser.

Turn off the router’s Mac filtering option to eliminate this connectivity issue. If that doesn’t work, follow these solutions to fix Discord error err_connection_reset:

Release and Renew the IP address

Releasing and renewing the router’s gateway IP will restore the internet connection. When you renew the IP addresses, it loses its connection to the Wi-Fi. And, it automatically disconnects the connected wireless devices. And, the computer sends the new IP address to the router’s DHCP server when you renew it.

How to release and renew IP addresses on a Windows device?

Are you trying to open the Discord site from a Windows device? Hold the Windows and R keys together and write “cmd” when the Run box appears.

Press the Enter key to get access to the Command Prompt tool. Write “ipconfig/release” and hit the Enter button. Wait for a few minutes and write “ipconfig/flushdns” and press “Enter”. Then, enter the “ipconfig/renew” command line and hit the Enter key.

Close the Command Prompt window and restart the Windows 10/11 device. Open a web browser and go to the Discord site without connectivity problems.

How to release and renew IP addresses on a MacBook?

Open the Apple menu, and choose System Preferences from the macOS tool list. Select ‘Network”, and tap on the “View” menu when the next window appears. Look for the network name when Mac shows the available wireless network list. Tap on “Advanced” and head towards the  “TCP/IP” option.

Choose “Renew DHCP Lease” when the network settings window pops up. Click the “x” icon of the System Preferences window and reboot the Mac device. Open Safari, go to the address box and enter the Discord site’s URL. Press the Enter button to access the Discord site without connection failure.

Change the DNS Server Settings

Set the DNS to Google Public DNS from Cloudflare to fix this Discord error. This DNS service reduces online threats and provides ultimate security. Besides, it decreases the website’s response time and prevents connectivity issues.

How to add Google Public DNS on a Windows 10/11 device?

Hold the Windows and R keys together, write “control” when the Run box appears. Hit the “Enter” button or tap on “OK”  to open the Control Panel program. Head towards “Network and Internet”, and go for the “Network and Sharing Center” option afterwards.

Choose “Change adapter settings” and wait until the network window pops up. Choose the wireless connection where you want to configure Google Public DNS. Right-click on it, opt for “Properties” and move towards “Networking”.

Additionally, you need to choose “Internet Protocol Version 4” and click “Properties”. Tap on “Advanced” to choose “DNS” and note down the DNS server IP address.

Did you get the Preferred DNS server option? Write and press the Enter button to get into the next box. Now, it’s time to write “” in the Alternate DNS server box and select “Apply”. Restart the computer and open the Discord site without hassle.

How to add Google Public DNS on a Mac device?

Mac users can change the DNS server settings from the Network window. And, Google Public DNS will support only macOS 10.15 or later. You can’t change the DNS services if the device has an outdated operating system.

Open the Apple menu, tap on “System Preferences” to get the Network window. Enter the passcode if Apple shows the login screen. Choose the wireless connection where you want to add Google Public DNS. Tap on “Wi-Fi” and move towards the “Advanced” tab.

Did you connect the Mac device and router via an ethernet cable? Select “Built-in Ethernet”, opt for “Advanced” and click “DNS”. Choose the “+” icon to add the Google IP addresses to the next window. Write the “” and “” addresses if the home router has IPv4 capabilities.

Does the router have IPv6 functions? Enter 2001:4860:4860::888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844 in the DNS configuration window. Choose “OK” and tap on “Apply” to save the DNS server settings. Open a browser and check if Discord can establish a reliable connection.

Alternative Fixes for Discord Error Err_Connection_Reset

Run an antivirus program to detect the corrupted Discord files. Remove them from the Windows or Mac device to get back the internet connection. Additionally, you should clear the browser cache to fix this Discord error.

Open Control Panel and disable the proxy server settings. Delete the catalogue entries using the “Winsock reset” command line. Restart the computer, open Chrome and check if you can access the Discord site. Run the internet connection troubleshooter if the connection error persists.

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